Maricopa County morgue ordering cooler trucks due to spiking suicides and drug overdoses; media obfuscates

Who could have predicted the massive human toll of the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated?

The video should be queued to start at 51:06. Phoenix ABC15 “reporter” Nicole Grigg approaches the microphone. It is admirable how calmly Governor Ducey and Dr. Christ handle her hostility.

Bottom line: As had already been explained earlier in the presser, the morgue has a shortage of space due to the spike in suicides and drug overdoses – corona related, to be sure, but not from corona. You typically don’t go to the morgue if you die from flu, obviously. The coroner investigates suspicious deaths. Nasty Nicole knows this, of course, but journalism is dead, so…

Here are some additional gems from Nicole. Because, you know, a good reporter wants the truth to out. We have a crisis of mental health due to unemployment, fear, depression, poverty, etc. This is currently her pinned tweet:


And then there are these:

And of course she retweeted Lying Mayor Kate when she claimed last week that the hospitals were overflowing with dead bodies (note: the hospitals have not even stopped doing elective surgeries, which would be the first step if they were truly overwhelmed). You can read more about Lying Mayor Kate HERE.

But how to negative spin the surging corona discharges from hospitals? AZ has been averaging ~500 corona discharges PER DAY for the last two weeks (note chart).

Body bags, dammit!

4 thoughts on “Maricopa County morgue ordering cooler trucks due to spiking suicides and drug overdoses; media obfuscates”

  1. I will never be elected Governor until I can answer questions from such a shrew in as calm, reasoned and collected a manner as Gov. Ducey.

    I don’t think I have it in me. Kudos to the Governor. He stuck to the facts, while the “reporter” was loading up her questions with heaps of hot steaming politics.

  2. We have an unprecedented, record-shattering, end of days plague… but we went though this refrigerated trucks song & dance ten years ago? For what? Swine flu? I don’t recall shut down the world (or anything at all) for that one.

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