“Clap your hands, all ye nations: Shout unto God with the voice of joy” Ps 46:2

May God bless her and keep her.

It’s 45 seconds. Watch with sound on.


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4 thoughts on ““Clap your hands, all ye nations: Shout unto God with the voice of joy” Ps 46:2”

  1. Yes, God bless her! We are seeing this more and more, black Americans saying NO to Marxism and YES to America! They were there all the time, black conservatives, but like many Americans, prefer to not throw themselves into any spotlights. In these days however, when black Americans are told what to think and what to feel and what to say and what to vote, it seems to have hit maximum capacity, and freedom and liberty is breaking through. There are probably many more white, black, brown, every color, Americans who love this country and want to defend her. They know America is anything but a racist nation and the Marxists are the problem, and that we need to push back, now. God be with us as we do. It is hard to be a white conservative, it is very hard to be a black conservative. Just look at Justice Clarence Thomas.

  2. Beverlyn Beatty is the absolute BEST!!!

    And she is SUCH a Godly woman. Pray for her…she is under withering attack by the demonic forces and the left (but I repeat myself).

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