Can someone skilled in basic arithmetic help me out with this one?

Here are today’s Arizona charts, right off their own website.

You’ve heard about the soaring infections and hospitalizations? The first chart shows the number of new hospitalizations per day.

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 16.25.31

The peak was June 15, at 99 new corona admissions. You can see the rate has dropped since then; let’s say an average of 35 new corona admissions per day over the past three weeks.

But what about the total hospital numbers; aren’t we running out of beds? Keep in mind, every patient is being tested for corona, no matter what they are being admitted for. Most corona victims aren’t sick. Elective surgeries started back up six weeks ago, there was a huge backlog, and they haven’t stopped. Here are the total corona inpatient numbers:

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 16.24.22

We see the numbers ticking up, more or less in line with that average of 35 new admissions per day, right? Small discrepancies are okay, because this chart is a live look each day, while the first chart plots the data back to the admission date, not the date it was reported. So all this seems to jive, right?

Not so fast.

Do you want to see a really steep spike? Check out the discharge numbers:

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 16.27.18

We are now averaging over 400 discharges PER DAY in the last week.

So if we average 35 new admissions per day…

And we subtract 400 discharges per day…

Why are the hospitalizations going up?


7 thoughts on “Can someone skilled in basic arithmetic help me out with this one?”

  1. I did the same digging in the City of San Antonio site. 130 deaths total out of 2.2 million people. The RN’s I know at hospitals say they are coding every upper respiratory as Covid, most of whom are going home with medication. I called the hospitals myself on the night I got an amber alert telling us to stay home because the hospitals were at capacity. Turned out to be a total fabrication. Counting the days until Trump is elected and all of this nonsense is stopped.

    1. Angela, Trump already is the president. Do you think that his re-election will change anything? Don’t get me wrong: I want Trump to be re-elected and I want to see the Dems lose the House and the any veto-proof majority. That aside, I don’t understand why Trump isn’t calling B.S. on this whole thing, firing Fauci and launching a federal investigation into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  2. I doubt things will get better (in the sense of all this silliness ending) with a Trump re-election. There is no reason to believe these shenanigans will end rather than increase with a second term. Honestly, it is more likely that Covidamania would be memory holed faster with a Biden presidency, as disastrous as that would be on several other fronts.

  3. Also depends on how that stat defines “discharge”. If you are not admitted to a bed, technically you are not discharged because you have never been admitted. If you walk in to the ER, get tested and are positive, but no symptoms, never admitted and told to go home and quarantine for two weeks, that is not a “discharge” as commonly referred to in the HC industry but that stat may count it as one.

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