City of Fraternal Charity extends lockdown to August 1st… because?

Philadelphia, my native place. Everyone was finally gearing up for a broader opening, “Green Phase,” with restaurants opening their dining rooms, gyms opening, etc, scheduled for today. Then on Tuesday the city health commish said, “We have a spike! We can’t open until August 1st.”

Don’t get me wrong, there are going to be “spikes,” because now all “suspected” cases are being counted in the actuals. Not only that, but now that contact tracing is kicking in, you get counted as “suspected” even if you have no symptoms, have never been tested, but simply were in the same room with a “probable” case. You do understand where this is going, right? Oh, did I mention that most everyone who really does have the corona really has few or no symptoms, that it is a weak cold virus for the most part. Oh, and that thing about the CDC admitting tens of millions more people have already had it and didn’t know it. So expect them to continue to focus on case counts, because the real problem for the scammers from here on out will be the plummeting death counts.

As for Philly, you’re not going to believe the justification for further lockdown. Here is the data from the city’s own website. Draw your own conclusions. First up are test results; negatives in blue, positives in orange. Next are hospitalizations, and lastly deaths. Let me know if your eagle eye spots any trends.

2 thoughts on “City of Fraternal Charity extends lockdown to August 1st… because?”

  1. It’s important to note the scale on these charts. Here are some observations:

    1. At the height of this, back in April, a little over 500 positive cases were identified. Double the amount were negative. The total pool would have been ~1,500 people. Philadelphia’s city population is 1.5M. And then with the burbs, population is +4M.

    2. Out of all the 500 positive cases, 140 (probably did not) require hospitalization. So 2/3 of the positive cases apparently healed on their own. Just like Tom and Rita Hanks! Healthy people with healthy immune systems. Imagine that!

    3. At most during the peak, about 55 people died and then there was a huge drop off. If you live in New York and think you may need hospitalization one day, you may want to move to metro Philly.

    4. Now look at all those charts starting at the month of May. I’m sure the change from cold to Spring had nothing to do with the shifts.

    5. And then look at June when the warm weather kicked in and thousands of rioters terrorized and destroyed the city while For the most part, not wearing masks, and certainly not social distancing. No. Spike. At. All.

    I live in Philly. It’s my favorite place in the world but we are under siege. It’s bad enough that the governor of Pennsylvania is a former escort at planned parenthood and his state health czar is a tranny sex pervert. But, the city government is now 100% controlled by so-called progressives including at least two city council members who are proud democratic socialists. Then there’s the DA who used to be a pro-bono attorney for blm and is openly hostile to the police. Police officers here are rapidly looking to shift to suburban towns and who can blame them? The mayor and city council wasted no time freezing funding to the police, succumbing to the demands of the rioters (who continue to protest daily).

    I love this city but I’m afraid it has passed the turning point. Once upon a time Philadelphians didn’t ask what neighborhood you lived but rather “what is your parish.” Now people like Larry Krasner (the DA) easily sail into office and get re-elected by the useful idiots. I don’t see a positive future here but the rest of the country sadly isn’t looking so great either.

    Please pray for the a Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. It’s the only thing that can turn this mess around.

    Oh and f-you governor wolf and mayor Kenney, I WILL NOT wear a mask while I’m walking around outside. Come get me rat bastards.

  2. Those graphs are even more deceptive because they are not equally scaled. If you put them all on the “tested” scale, you would barely register the death count.

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