If you haven’t already considered where to draw the line…

Via Briggs::

Did somebody say conspiracy theory? Covi-pass comes close. I’m not saying it’s mark-of-the-beast or anything. But there is no earthly reason for this, no scientific justification, no sane explanation.

Putting all your health info on a chip a private company can control? And which you need to “return to work”? What could go wrong?

Arizona bars, gyms, movie theaters, etc all closed down again last night by state mandate. Lawsuits have already been filed this morning. I will have more to write on the hospitalizations and whatnot later.

But the only thing I see people in a panic over is if they spot someone without a chin diaper. That part has gotten really bad. Every business now has signage up at the entrance. You will be accosted if you disobey. More to come on this topic, as well.

5 thoughts on “If you haven’t already considered where to draw the line…”

  1. On top of the already already overly stressful mask situation, the Karens are out en force. Masks should be a choice, not a mandate. Ever since the anti-smoking movement, people feel empowered to admonish absolute strangers. Anywhere, anytime. Rude, intrusive, and arrogant.

  2. I’ve had to sign in like that for a visit at my doctor’s office for almost two years now I think. I don’t know how it works but I definitely don’t like it. There’s no alternative as I recall.

  3. Mayo Clinic Hospital AZ is now requiring cancer patients to get tested for covid in order to get treatment. I guarantee covi-pass is next on the horizon.

  4. We need to share info on establishments that aren’t enforcing, or towns that haven’t passed a mandate. For example, my understanding is that Cave Creek has no such mandate.

    My tobacconist in Anthem grudgingly served me yesterday after I (very politely) declined his courtesy mask. He then refused to say another word to me or look me in the eye. I don’t do shaming. Needless to say, I’m lin the market for a new tobacconist.

    Point is, we’re going to need to start banding together & identifying where the friendlies are. I’m cool with taking a stand, but I’m not up for a confrontation every time I leave the damn house. I’ll drive further and spend more money if it means dealing with an actual American who knows what time it is.

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