My 98 year old grandma beat the corona. Beat it like a rented mule.

98 years old, bedridden in a nursing home for the past six years. Diagnosed 15 May. Tested positive for antibodies 19 June. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Half of all the residents ended up contracting it, and most survived, probably because they weren’t all forced on vents the second they were diagnosed.

~500 total residents, 244 positive for corona. Only 12 remaining active cases, 232 outcomes.

60 deaths. Roughly 75% survival rate, inside a petri dish. Oh, and in the same time period last year, they had 40 deaths. So only 20 more deaths than would have been expected in the past three months. Those that did die probably had three or more serious underlying conditions.

The things you can learn from an honest facility with no agenda. Imagine how much FedGov money they lost by not forcing death by vent on all those patients.

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The more you know…

4 thoughts on “My 98 year old grandma beat the corona. Beat it like a rented mule.”

  1. No one is forcing people onto vents. Ridiculous accusation. People go on vents only if their ability to oxygenate on their own is not life sustaining. I am glad to hear that so many patients did well without hospitalization; I am actually not surprised. I am an MD.

    1. Your statement is full of hubris, quite honestly. Are you omniscient? Do you have eyes everywhere? It is truly arrogant to declare your opinion that this is “ridiculous” when you have zero idea if it is or not. To say “no one is forcing people onto vents” is actually what is ridiculous. Were you in Elmhurst Hospital in New York City? Because reports coming out of there, by very credible sources (former military nurses) say that that is exactly what happened, and worse. People were put right on the vent, no intermediate oxygen or pressurized oxygen, just right to vent. People were treated by residents, who sometimes ordered lethal doses of weird medicines not appropriate for Covid in doses so high the nurses called them out. Patients had 8 drip-lines and were totally snowed by what they were receiving. Did you see that?? Were you there? They all knew it was because Elmhurst was getting $29,000 for every diagnosed Covid patient, and they were putting Covid’s in with Non-Covids, knowing they would ultimately come down with Covid!
      A 36 year old man came in talking, was good, then they put him on a vent and snowed him, he died with nurses fighting over his living body, because they put a DNR order on him when he and his family said they wanted him resuscitated. They refused to try to save him! The nurse cried just thinking about him.
      So your statement that “people go on vents only if their ability to oxygenate on their own is not life sustaining” has been reported as absolutely false. If you are an MD, you should be horrified, and you should be finding out more about what happened so when it comes to your hospital or clinic, you will be ready. There are videos of nurses giving all the details on this. If you go to YouTube and put in search words such as Covid nurses in New York, etc., you should find it. Listen to the testimony, of the nurses saying they have seen horrifying things.
      One last thing, people were put on vents when their O2 sats were inexplicably low, in the 80’s and even 70’s, but there was no congestion. It is likely hemoglobin was low but these people were sitting up, talking on the phone, and didn’t realize their O2 sats were low, but they would be put on vents, and as you know, 60 to 80% of people who go on vents, die.

  2. I don’t fear Covid god, not even a molecule of it.

    I give it permission to infect me, or not. I don’t care.

    I will treat it like any other virus I’ve ever had.

    What kind of life is it, to fear death so much? “Grandma” is of tougher stock.

    It always amazes me, the fear of people, willing to give up everything … including Holy Mass itself … for safety. I have learned to hate safety.

    “Live free or die”! “Give me liberty or give me death“! I’m with those guys. The shelter in place people, the face mask people, the burn it al to the ground – just let me live people have nothing that interests me.

    I’m with this guy. “Arrows that will blot out the sun? Ok. We’ll fight in the shade” ….

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