“We aren’t testing at this time, but you’ll be listed as Covid.” They gave me an inhaler and sent me home.

More testimony from the combox. As you read these examples, keep in mind how tiny this blog is. Two or three comments here, with similar scam stories, extrapolates to tens of thousands of similar stories in the general population.

 kono says:

On March 12, ARSH 2020 I decided to quit taking my thyroid meds cold turkey after 30+ years. A month into it the side effects became horrific, most notably a shortness of breath. Being a pack a day smoker for 45 years, refusing to wear a mask and going into Detroit almost daily (to my ICKSP parish) I was certain I’d gotten the virus. So off to the hospital I go….after first receiving Extreme Unction. (14 April)

I go into the make shift covid tent and there are four nurses with nothing to do, looking at their phones. They take my vitals and everything is perfect. BP, oxygen level, temp, heart rate…perfect. The nurse even says she can’t believe I’m a smoker. I ask if they’re going to test me for the virus and she said no, we’re not testing at this time, but that I’d be listed as a covid. They give me a script for an inhaler and tell me to come back if I get worse. I’m relieved I’m not being admitted and ask if any of them are Catholic, the main nurse working with me says yes. I give her a Miraculous Medal (the other 3 want one too…praise God). I thank them and leave feeling relieved.

Why wasn’t I admitted? I’m pretty certain it’s because I don’t have insurance and I make just a wee bit too much money to qualify for Medicaid! Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph!

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