This moment of prayer is officially condemned by the antichurch

4 thoughts on “This moment of prayer is officially condemned by the antichurch”

  1. Infuriating that the non-essential bishop Winton would do this. Same for that sickening, evil little pansy James Martin who also issued a similar tweet yesterday. May God Bless President Trump and draw him home to Holy Mother Church. Likewise, may He destroy the anti-church and freemasonry which at this point, are one in the same.

  2. Everyday we read about more repulsive actions by our feminized, homosexual oriented, and socialistic Bishops. This is utterly disgusting as it undermines Christ and His teaching. I think this is another example of Our Lady’s prophesies coming true and another sign of the End Times.

  3. Anybody know what’s happened to Aqua?…haven’t seen him around anywhere for a while…sure do miss his ‘voice’.

  4. American President Donald Trump and Melania pray in the Luminous Mysteries Chapel, which contains a first-class relic of Saint John Paul II.
    The President is in great trouble: he has been caught up in the pandemic fraud, and now leftists are setting fire to his country and wanting to make him a murderer of the American people. A really big trouble! Humanly, there is no way out of this hopeless situation. Only intervention from above can put an end to this mess. POTUS seeks help in the best possible place: JP2 has the nickname ‘De labore Solis’ because his pontificate is associated with the formation and arrival of the Second Comforter, Paraclete. The Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary announce Paraclete, whom JP2 called at the Victory Square in Warsaw on June 2, 1979. So President Trump prayed in front of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa exactly on the 41st anniversary of the JP2 prayer in Warsaw. An excellent portent!

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