The Big Lie is a proven winner, even though everyone learned about it in school

Or maybe everyone did NOT learn it in school. Anyone under 25 seems to have an astonishing denial of history, yet it is not limited to Gen Z. We’ve had at least 150 years of conditioning to reorient the human mind into accepting that reality is whatever the mind decides it to be. Rationality becomes the exercise of bending reality to conform to the intellect, instead of forming the intellect to correspond to reality. See how that works? This is modernism and the modern age, at its essence; denial of reality and the setting up of an anti-reality. The anti-reality becomes an idol to be worshipped.

From “Aethelfrith” in the combox:


My family, especially my mother who calls me every day, will. Not. Give. Up. their strong attachment to this VirusRegime. My oldest living cousin, a healthcare worker who can verify the low hospital populations in the Bay Area, is still clinging to the VirusFearPorn even with the facts STARING HIM IN THE FACE!!!

I expressed my fear of going to stores and Costco, not because of the virus, but because of the masking rules. No matter how many times I explain that the “experts” warned us that the masks provide no protective value, I just keep getting told to SUBMIT. To ratify the Big Lie. “Just wear the mask when you go outside!” my mother says.

This has been going on for well over a month. Even with all of the cognitive dissonance, they love and adore Holy Mother Virus, even as I have repeatedly explained, and they can see for themselves, that the VirusRegime has made them afraid of each other.

God, save Thy people and bless Thy inheritance.

Saint Phillip Neri, pray for us.

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  1. Thank you for the nod, Mark.

    It’s hard not to get angry over the current state of affairs, yet here we are. As an additional note, as much as my mom is enthralled, she is really a sweet person–a saint-to-be, even, provided she gives up a few errors.

    She recounted how she was paying visits to friends who were themselves totally captured by the fear, who would not let her in their house. Her sister-in-law would not let her sister visit their brother (who is not long for this world due to life long neurological issues) even though they have been in isolation for two months. TWO MONTHS–well past asymptomatic period floated by v.1.0 of the Narrative.

    Sunday’s Gospel was really appropriate because it captures how lost people are right now (“They will kill you and think they do service to God”, paraphrased). The man-on-the-street who is acting viciously does so out of fear, not real hatred. I pray that the truth of all this will be revealed in due time. Maybe Lent should last the rest of the calendar year.

  2. There is air of unreality about Mass and the world at large since the Virus: lockdowns, social distancing, masks. We have in our demeanor become strangers, even potential enemies, to one another. To me it is all very negative, unnecessary, and harmful in many ways. Our parish opened for daily Mass one week ago with all the Virus safety protocols and all so very unnatural. It is difficult to feel spiritually uplifted in such surroundings.

    The only lesson I learned from this absurd over-reaction, to what amounts to seasonal flu, was that we must do all in our power to make sure it never happens again.

  3. I know I should be talking about Mass, but the following is what has my dander up.

    My daughter treated me to a “mani-pedi” the other day, after our local nail salon opened back up.
    After we were seated, the manager came up and asked us if we had masks. If not, she would sell them to us for a dollar each.

    I declared that we did not need masks. She declared it was the “law.” I told her it most certainly was not the law (this is Texas). She insisted it was now “store policy.”

    Mind you, I had not worn a mask during this whole Plannedemic. I looked at my daughter who was desperately unhappy. What a dilemma.

    I had some masks in the car on which I had carefully written such things as “Face Burka” and “Land of the Free?” but had never worn. I put the mask on and bitched the whole time.

    I told the manager I would never frequent her salon again. I told her she was enforcing a form of submission that Americans should not conform to. At one point I asked the workers if they were Chinese. They said no. I asked them why they were kowtowing to the Chinese Wuflu.

    No answer.

    They were in a terrible hurry to get us out of the salon. We decided not to get manicures. I’m sitting here staring at my pedicured toes and I’m so angry I stayed for that! Afterwards, my daughter said she would have been fine just walking out.

    What a terrible thing our own government has done to us. They have kowtowed (from Mandarin Chinese for prostrating oneself in submission) to the Wuflu, to the Chinese/Communist-spread virus.

    I’m disgusted. I’m done. The fury I feel for what they have done to us is deep and abiding.

  4. IMHO, in order to understand the “big picture” of our current world, one would need to turn off the TV, computer and phone and sit down with Alexander Solzhenitzen’s “The Gulag Archipelago”, his Templeton Address in 1983, “Masters of Deceit” by Hoover, “The Naked Communist” by Skousen, “I Found God in Soviet Russia” by Noble and dozens, if not hundreds of books that give first-hand accounts of the barbarity of communism. There is no substitute for hard work if you desire to know the enemy and communism is our enemy, no matter how they try to hide this fact and pound the mantra of “Nazi” without end. Why did Our Lady mention the errors of Russia to the children of Fatima in 1917? Was it that important?

  5. A very good rebuttal to the face mask advocates is this… By wearing a face mask, you are creating a pool of your own, wet breath and are breathing that in and out. What happens when wet air is contained without proper ventilation? (I.e. a shower where the bathroom door stays closed during and after, and there’s no fan or window). Answer = Bacteria. So by wearing a mask non-stop, you are introducing poorly-filtered bacteria into your body.

    In addition, the influx of aforementioned bacteria, WEAKENS the immune system. Why? Because you aren’t getting natural filtration. Let’s go back to our shower analogy. You walk into a bathroom with mildew all over the floor and walls because there was no ventilation after those hot showers… You go inside, close the door and stand there for a couple hours… you are not going to come out healthier than you were when you went in.

    And lastly, wearing a mask non-stop is again, limiting filtered air into your lungs. Eventually, this will affect your ability to breathe normally, especially if you are elderly, overweight or have a condition like asthma.

    Wearing a mask makes sense if you are allergic to grass/pollen and have to do yard work. Makes sense if you’re a surgeon and can’t risk your nose hairs or buggers falling into a opened up patient. These are temporary situations. It does not make healthy sense to wear these non-stop and especially for the poor fools I see every day jogging.

    Dear Lord, please bring on the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!

    1. James,
      The problem, as shown in my original comment and elsewhere, is that they are no longer operating on reason nor using the faculty of intellect to measure the Narrative against reality. They have accepted Holy Virus into their heart and are listening to Virus Spirit to guide their thoughts and actions.

      1. I know. The fear porn that the Gates globalists have waged via their bitches in the media has sadly been very effective. Keep telling the truth and show positivity. I get lots of angry glares daily for having the audacity to walk around in the breezy Spring air without my veil of submission. I just smile and say hello to them.

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