Some encouraging scenes amidst the decline and fall of the republic

Just when you think you’re the one being gaslighted, there is a glimmer of hope. Check out this poor melty snowflake TV reporter, who is downright alarmed that people are totally pissed off with the fake news media. People know that CoronaCold by Gates of Hell is simply the new climate change on fleek, and they’ve had enough. Folks, this is LONG ISLAND for crying out loud: (turn sound on, potty mouth warning)

37 million people out of work. Long hot summer approaching. Commissars better start to pivot.

Things are happening, even in communist states:

King Wolf in PA won’t budge, though, and the polls aren’t good.

Well, our Arizona “stay at home order” officially expires at midnight tonight. In practice, it never existed. No one stayed home. All the stores have been packed for the last two months. All the parks and golf courses packed. It seems to me there was intentional non-enforcement at the direction of the governor.

Now that we have opened back up, including restaurants and gyms, the media is freaking out over the self enforcement of social distancing. They are going around filming “violators.” They are absolutely trashing the governor for “opening too early.”

“You’re exposing everyone, and killing grandma. It’s a ravaging virus. A KILLER. We have to flatten the curve and slow the spread! How dare you let people outside!”

The majority of deaths have been nursing homes, as is the case in most states.. We have a total population of 8,000,000 and an under 65 death count of 133. And remember, this is including suspected, “probable,” unconfirmed cases, corona “related,” fell and cracked your head open while suspected of corona type deaths.

One disturbing thing I’ve seen is that people aren’t coming out to the restaurants, which have been open since Monday. I’m not sure if they are jobless, broke, or scared, or a combination. But it’s Friday, so I’m headed out in a couple hours to see what’s what.


8 thoughts on “Some encouraging scenes amidst the decline and fall of the republic”

  1. I’m planning to break out of this prison called California and make a visit to AZ this summer. (Went to school in Tucson so I’m used to the heat). Would love to grab a beer with you Mark!

  2. Are restaurant employees required to wear masks and gloves? That would be a deterrent for me to not want to go to one.

  3. Covid-19 hoax is nothing more than a chance for Democrats to implement Communism. It is being noted more and more. Maybe that’s why Trump seemed to go along with this nonsense.

  4. The whole thing is a demonstration of Democrat (in)competence. They know how to make something out of nothing. All it takes is a compliant MSM to create a panic and go along with manufactured “truth”.

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