You think the masks are stupid? Next up: Goggles!

I must say, all this haute couture is going to make for some hideous tan lines this summer.

The following is brought to you by one of the primary sponsors of Event 201, Johns Hopkins:

Scientists have claimed the coronavirus can enter the body through the eyes after finding they contain a protein used by the infection to bind to cells. The coronavirus latches onto ACE-2 receptors, known as the ‘gateway’ into cells inside body. A team led by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have now found the eyes produce ACE-2, making them a target for the virus.

…Viral particles can be found in tears that ‘could result in transmission to other individuals’. 

‘Infection of ocular surface cells could lead to the eye as being an important carrier, with ocular virus shedding constituting a significant mechanism for infection of other individuals,’ they wrote. ‘This highlights the importance of safety practices including face masks and ocular contact precautions in preventing the spread of COVID-19 disease.’

6 thoughts on “You think the masks are stupid? Next up: Goggles!”

  1. I would not at all be surprised if goggles hysteria are on next week’s agenda. After all, it is Spring pollen season and there are lots of people walking around with burning eyes and involuntary tearing – perfect opportunity to whip up hysteria and convince them they’re COVID-19 carriers.

    Hey, on a somewhat related topic… has anyone seen Bill and Melinda Gates wear a face mask or rubber gloves in any of their now countless media interviews since all this started? I have not.

  2. masks are here to stay. invest in fabric companies especially those having technology making membranes that do not allow vapor to enter. Also, it will become a giant fashion clothing

    1. Once we hit consistent 90/90*, I expect them all to go. There are still a few younger Karens who were them for now.

      *90+ degrees / 90+ humidity, which generally persists from early June through October.

      1. Yep. Also, my daughter sent me a photo of a lady who had worn a mask all day, and then broke out in a terrible rash on her face.

        The store workers I talk to are disgusted at having to wear masks.

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