Room Service: Free weed and booze for San Fran homeless!

Ahemmmm… “guests” …

CoronaCold is the gift that keeps on giving, apparently.

I do have to wonder, if it is “not paid for with taxpayer money,” how exactly does it work? Is this just California Dreamin’? Is the San Fran DPH a revenue-generating enterprise? Are they magic? Because I’m pretty sure the only way they have funding is from taxes. Unless the weed and booze was donated, of course.

Full story:

Also, how do you smoke weed with a mask on?

Oh. Never mind.

6 thoughts on “Room Service: Free weed and booze for San Fran homeless!”

  1. Mark, I know you are busy, but could you do a post defending Ann from Gary North? His critiques of her do raise concerns. I respect you greatly and found you through Ann. I converted in large part by listening and reading Ann after her Rush Limbaugh game. Thank you! God Bless You.

    1. S, can you link to this Gary North? Never heard of him. I too converted through Ann”s writings.

    2. I’d never heard of Gary North before. I am well familiar with the thought of Ann Barnhardt. So I checked the North fellow out.

      He wrote this in 2012: Ann Barnhardt has lost her mind, avoid her like the plague”.

      Then, last month, he wrote an article titled “what kind of Catholic is foul-mouthed Ann Barnhardt?”.

      He doesn’t seem very nice. Or very right. His 2012 article was aghast that she could call the Blessed Obama and his team of Stalinist thugs … Stalinist thugs. Well, we can see all around us how accurate she was on that one. The Stalinist Putsch is ongoing and bloody well would have worked, still might, taken out our President, our Constitutional government, if it weren’t for our intrepid President. These Stalinist thugs are just now being outed and taken down. Everything she said about them, in their “glory days ” in power, which Gary North seemed to enjoy somehow, turned out to all be true. We didn’t know until now how true.

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