No masks required: WHO now says SWEDEN did it right!

The virus is not a hoax. The virus is real, and highly contagious. We are probably a few weeks away from finding out that tens of millions of people in the U.S. have already had it, and we are building toward that big beautiful herd immunity that Dr. Fauci so dreads.

The virus is also very mild in most people. Here in AZ, only 76 people under the age of 65 have died. Most of them probably had an underlying health issue, because that is what the general data tells us. The data also tells us that even that number is wildly inflated. The reality is probably single digit deaths, if they are counted correctly. Population of AZ is 8MM.

I went to the doctor today for blood work. He has a lab tech on-site. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I don’t own a mask so… let’s see what happens.

Turns out that no masks are required. This is an office with multiple confirmed cases of Covid. Not only are the patients not required to wear masks, even the girls in the office weren’t wearing them. The only person I encountered who was wearing one was the phlebotomist, which is understandable. She is working a half meter from your face.

Are you starting to understand the confluence of hype, hoax, and tyranny?

Well, we are now to the point where the WHO is flopping to Sweden:

Dr. Mike Ryan, the executive director of the World Health Organization’s Emergencies Program, says: “I think if we are to reach a new normal, I think in many ways Sweden represents a future model — if we wish to get back to a society in which we don’t have lockdowns.”

The Swedish ambassador to the U.S., Karin Ulrika Olofsdotter, says: “We could reach herd immunity in the capital” of Stockholm as early as sometime in May. That would dramatically limit spread of the virus.

A month ago, we first wrote about Sweden’s approach, which we said “relies more on calibrated precautions and isolating only the most vulnerable than on imposing a full lockdown.”

Those dirty bastards.

In other news, the quarantine is over. It has been over for several weeks in most places, and in many others it never really happened. Anyone who tries to tell you that we beat Covid by sheltering in place is a damned dirty liar. Walmarts, grocery stores, and Home Depot packed to the rafters in all 50 states. No one really stayed at home. Not very much, anyway. All we did was destroy the economy and millions of small businesses. Oh and the bailout; what’s another $4T amongst friends?

And now people are just so over it.

Bye-bye shelter-in-place. Hello re-opening. Apple’s Mobility Trends report shows that traffic in the US and other countries like Germany has pretty much doubled in the past three weeks. It had been down up to 72%. And location data provider Foursquare says that gas and fast food visits are back to pre-COVID-19 levels…

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  1. “The funeral industry does not believe in the deadly effect of the coronavirus epidemic in Poland. The number of funerals has been falling in recent weeks. In some regions of the country, up to 40 percent,” – reports Wirtualna Polska.

    – We are very careful about deaths of people with the presence of COVID-19 as the main cause of death. In the vast majority of cases, the deceased had the so-called accompanying diseases. The number of funerals in some parts of the country in March fell by up to 40 percent. – said the president of the Polish Chamber of Funeral Industry Robert Czyżak.

    According to interlocutor, the current situation may result from the fact that most planned operations were canceled in hospitals, which reduced the number of deaths, including from fewer road accidents. The third, probably the most important factor is lower mortality among “drug eaters.” In his opinion, “with limited access to doctors (only tele-counsels work) Poles with a tendency to abuse drugs, are poisoned with pills to a lesser extent.”

    – Think about how many people get sick in their immediate surroundings, and how many of them get sick? In our poviat [= county] seven people got sick, two are healers, and the others are in good condition. Not a single person died due to coronavirus. While three people are dead because of the seasonal flu. There is no pandemic in our place – said Czyżak.

    In Poland, around 400,000 die every year (about 1100 per day). 110,000 people die of cancer and 180,000 die of cardiovascular disease. We will know the true picture of mortality during the epidemic in a few months. The data of the Central Statistical Office on the causes for the deaths of Poles during the epidemic will be included in the analyzes that the office plans to publish only at the beginning of 2022.


  2. I can’t accept this yet. The anecdotal evidence and data do not yet convince me it is anything but a contagious, unpredictable, weirdly deadly virus, leaving one alone yet able to pass it, to someone else who dies from it within a few days or weeks. I have a relative who’s friend volunteered to work outside NYC, and who said she saw so much, that all the medical people are going to need therapy to handle it.
    How does anyone explain the massive blood clots that are giving even young people strokes? The hypoxia that makes people turn blue, even when they don’t feel that badly and think they are alright, only to suddenly die in minutes from respiratory failure or cardiac arrest? The people who came in with O2 saturation (how much oxygen in the blood) far below the normal 99 to 95 range? People sitting up talking on cell phones who’s O2 sats were in the 80’s, 70’s, but weren’t gasping for air? These people may have been intubated but it wasn’t congestion, it was hypoxia, but why is a virus giving people such inflammation their blood vessels don’t work, or their hemoglobin is tanked? This is not how a virus works, by anything we know, does it? And now children in Europe and in NYC are developing Kawasaki Disease, a blood disease.
    All the way along, from Wuhan to the world, everyone who has encountered it has reacted with alarm. The people who have seen it have indicated it is terrible. We know we have tyrants in our midst, and they will take advantage of any opportunity, but I fear we have become so determined not to be played, that we are being foolish, and are going to take risks with something that, if we are wrong, could quickly return to overwhelm us.
    I’m just saying, it makes more sense to be extremely cautious, continue with quarantine depending on the NUMBERS in your area, but knowing it only takes one infected person as a super-spreader, to infect a community. But wear a mask in a building, use disinfectant routinely, and practice social distancing.
    What’s the harm? We do this and please God, it all goes away and life returns to whatever weird version of “normal” you can call it these days. But we had better not be endangering absolutely everyone by being so desperate to go back to normal life that we take risks that might cause a lot of problems within weeks.

      1. You know, that use of someone’s name as a derogatory insult has already gotten old. Maybe it’s because it’s my sister’s name and I hate to think of her name ill-used. It’s pretty crummy when all of a sudden your name becomes synonymous with the unpleasant characteristics people like to assign to people who hold annoying traits they don’t happen to ascribe to themselves, or believe they do. Your insult seems uncharacteristic for you, but what do I know. We’ve become a snarky, venomous culture, and that includes Catholics.
        Look, nobody has a lock on truth these days, and until we see absolute, incontrovertible proof this is not what it seemed to be, we will be extremely cautious, and I encourage others to be as well. If we get this wrong, it’s our arses, all of us, not just the ones who decided to throw caution to the wind but everybody.
        We all use mockery of those who hear others and follow like sheep, then turn around the mock the people who don’t follow US like sheep! That is almost funny.

      2. That’s the thing – do we need incontrovertible proof that it is perfectly safe to go outside even if it destroys what’s left of our civilization, or do we need incontrovertible proof that it’s just the flu bro and bidniz as usual unless everyone starts dropping like flies, or something in between? It may have been justifiable when the profits of doom were claiming mountains of carcasses. When the mountains turned out not to be even anthills, reassessment is what a rational society would do. Seems Sweden, at least on this issue, was the only rational society. But our profits of doom got a taste of power, and once you go tyrant, you never go back.

        Of course, just like all those rich liberals who claim there is not enough taxation but never seem willing to overpay their own taxes, no one is stopping you from hiding out in your home until that incontrovertible proof materializes. Good luck with that.

        The harm, by the way, is 30 million unemployed and counting, supply chain disruptions that will lead to shortages, and increase of distrust in an already frayed thread of social capital.

      3. If we get this wrong, it’s our arses, all of us, not just the ones who decided to throw caution to the wind but everybody

        That works both ways. If we get this wrong, and turns out we destroyed our country because of a bad cold, it’s all our arses, not just those who decided to throw caution to the wind and shut down the country. Just ask the Ghostbusters what happens when you shut down a grid without considering the consequences.

    1. The anecdotal evidence and data do not yet convince me

      And that is part of the problem. There is absolutely no reliable data, anywhere. Where the “data” providers are not outright lying (“upcoding” every death as COVID19), they simply do not have the full equation – i.e., they do not know the actual real world numbers. It is all a guess. They do not know how many people are actually infected, and probably do not want to know because it would show the IFR to be extremely low, on the order of a fraction of a percent. If I tell you 30,000 people died from X, but you have no idea how many people were infected with X, you have no clue how “deadly” X is. It is simply impossible to know. The latest data, even with cooked numbers, shows the IFR is less than 1%. In reality, it is highly likely to be far lower. So you want to trust the people who have (a) lied to you or (b) have been spectacularly wrong or (c) both?

      But hey, can’t let a good crisis go to waste.

      1. c matt – my big concern is that we have set a precedent that if a virus is determined to cross a threshold … undefined, at the discretion of the Chief Executive … then America is willing to leave our a Constitutional framework, cancel our economy, aka our Way Of Life and give up all freedom to a Dictator. It is a practical equation: Constitutional Republic until we feel unsafe, then cancel it.

        The Dictator today is Trump, relatively benign (compared to truly dangerous politicians), though he did lead us into the greatest depression in history. The dictator tomorrow might be Hillary, Bernie, Biden, Stalin jr.

        Our Constitution is supposed to protect us from this type of internal malfunction and illegal power grab. Balance of Powers is supposed to keep us a Republic. But it is as if they burned it with a match and the American public applauded its passing. The “competing interests” seem united, unfortunately, in support for dictatorship.

        That shutdown order may well have been the modern *crossing of the Rubicon* from which there is no going back.

      2. [This is meant in reply to Aqua, but I am not sure it will appear below his/her comment, so here goes:]

        Our Constitution is supposed to protect us from this type of internal malfunction

        No, it never really was “supposed to.” The Constitution is merely a piece of paper (or velum, maybe?), and was never going to protect anything. It was an articulation of the ideals of the society to which it applied, and that society ultimately is the source of protection. That society, if it ever existed or ever could, is long gone.

      3. c matt, I have to disagree with you on that one. As one who has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign *and domestic* (we frequently forget the *domestic enemy within*) and on behalf of all politicians who swear a similar oath – which is the only thing that give them the legitimate power to govern us – it is more than just a piece of paper. America is a Constitutional Republic. Unmoored from the Constitution, all of its hard won Amendments and the Oaths before God that connect citizens and those who serve to it, we rapidly (overnight) devolve into tyranny, anarchy.

        The “ideals” of our society are expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers. The Constitution do not contain “ideals“ but “legal authorizing code“. We submit, not to the person, but the Office whom various persons occupy with Constitutional limits set on their power to rule.

        I have always considered the Constitution – America’s body; the Declaration and Federalist Papers her soul. You can kill America by destroying its body. You can render America evil by destroying its soul.

        Either way, America as we know her in her structures, balance of power, Federalist government relationships …. depends upon universal social acceptance of Constitutional structural rule and the logic and spirit of the Declaration and Federalist Papers to guide her.

        I sense that many don’t care about such things as much as they should. And so America is ripe for overthrow by Green New Deal Communists who very much believe in tyranny and fascist social control …. and HATE America and all she stands for.

  3. Never again. We can not let this happen again.

    My concern is that the premise is in place now for a mandatory vaccine this fall, proof required in order to participate in the economy, compliance driven more by your terrified neighbors than law enforcement.

    “You want to avoid mass sickness, death, economic devastation? Support the Microsoft Technology vaccine program with subcutaneous microbot monitoring technology with public safety and convenience features never dreamed of before. Or … if you don’t … you are a mass murdering, selfish bast***d.”

    I hope our all consuming focus in the future is on individual liberty and the hatred of government-corporate fascist tyranny. Flu season is coming. Never again.

    I stand with this guy (ex-Marine, God bless him).

  4. What a guy. He did a great job. I feel badly for the Americans just trying to defend their Constitutional rights, and I feel badly for the officers just trying to do their job. Common sense needs to prevail. Americans will defend and keep our Constitutional rights. It is a tragedy if our political leaders believe they are our masters and somehow control whether or not we have them. We DO, and they shall not be taken.

    1. Kate R: I appreciate your comments.

      We are not America, once we have lost connection to our Constitution. We are a Constitutional Republic. All military and political leaders take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States – not a name or an ideology or a political Party. The Constitution.

      A politician does not get to propose a brilliant political program that everyone loves if it violates the Constitution.

      A police chief does not get to order his police go crack a few protester heads because they irritate him and are not playing well on social media.

      A general does not get to massacre a village of civilians because he’s fed up with combat and terror attacks.

      A president or Governor does not get to suspend government because he perceives time is of the essence and policy debate is cumbersome.

      A police officer who is ordered to arrest a mother for letting her child play next door is obligated to disobey the order. Police officers ordered to stop 1A protest and peaceful assembly are obligated to disobey.

      When I was in the military, we talked about the Mai Lai massacre and how not even the General of the Army had authority to give an order to kill innocent civilian men, women and children In their homes. A Private, so ordered, was obligated to disobey a General or he would face criminal charges for his obedience.

      That was the Marine’s message.

      Not even the President of the United States has authority to violate the Constitution. He takes an oath to defend it. His immense power derives from it and is also limited by it. And we as citizens are duty bound to insist on that from our leaders.

    2. If you feel sorry for the officers just doing their job, you should also feel sorry for the Nazi brownshirts who, after all, were just trying to do their jobs.

      Just trying to do my job is not a “trample over everyone’s rights” card.

    1. I notice this video has been removed by satanic google YouTube for being too accurate. These NWO people mean business.

      If I remember correctly, it was Plandemic. I’m watching it tonight on Vimeo. Check it out while you can. Here’s part 1.

      1. I am able to view Plandemic on other platforms, can’t link to it in this site.

        I highly recommend you find a way to view that 25 minute documentary featuring Judy Mikovitz. She also has a book, Plague of Corruption.

        Trump has to do something about this. The Doctors and Big Pharma led by Bill Gates and Toni Fauci are killing us.

        I find Dr. Judy Mikovits credible. She was right on AIDS. She is right on Corona fraud. I am very skeptical of Trump right now, unless he acts against Fauci and Birx and Redfield who have now reached the pinnacle of their careers advancing this fraud over decades imposing it on us in this manufactured crisis.

        One of the takeaways of most interest: sheltering in place, wearing a mask, excessive washing of hands actually decreases your natural immunity and opens you to entrance of disease; the vaccines they provide have animal and fetal sources that deliver the diseases your own body has been trained not to fight – a two pronged attack against us, lower our defenses and introduce the pathogen. And then suppress the treatments (hydroxychloroquine) that can save us.

        And there stands Trump, behind these people for six straight weeks.

      2. Anecdotal for certain, but . . . a work colleague of mine would get the flu shot every year, compulsively washes and sterilizes his hands, and nearly every year would get at least three strong bouts of sickness. I have never gotten a flu shot, wash normally (after bathroom, before meals, etc.) and have probably had three colds in the past decade requiring missed work. Oh, and he’s >15 years younger.

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