AZ Gov. Ducey extends lock down, threatens violators with six months in jail

Yes, he did, on live TV. During the Q&A, just after the 42 minute mark.

The question was about small business owners who decide to open early, as there is a strong push for this, despite the order. I suppose it would also apply to patrons: $2500 fine and six months in jail. He also threatened to revoke liquor licenses, which is effectively a death warrant for a restaurant.

Let’s review the current situation in Arizona: 76 people under the age of 65 have died, in a state with a population of 8MM people. The illness mostly affects vulnerable elderly in nursing homes.

Covid death curve is past peak:

Covid ER and inpatient curve in steep decline:

Total Covid hospitalization curve peaked March 29-April 5:

Covid cases requiring ICU is fairly flat and way below capacity: (Total ICU beds in AZ = 2210)

Percentage of ventilators in use is low:

Now remember, the Arizona statute which enumerates the necessary conditions for a health emergency to be declared is A.R.S 36-787, paragraph A:

A. During a state of emergency or state of war emergency declared by the governor in which there is an occurrence or imminent threat of an illness or health condition caused by bioterrorism, an epidemic or pandemic disease or a highly fatal infectious agent or biological toxin and that poses a substantial risk of a significant number of human fatalities or incidents of permanent or long-term disability, the department shall coordinate all matters pertaining to the public health emergency response of the state. 

The original emergency declaration was made based on the models that suggested 60,000 people could die in AZ, so the criteria for “imminent threat” was indeed met at that time. But now we have hard data. The data provided by the state shows that there is no “imminent threat that poses a substantial risk of a significant loss of human fatalities.” Doesn’t that make the state of emergency unlawful? If not, why not?

I’ve posed these questions to the AZ Office of the Attorney General this afternoon.

Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “AZ Gov. Ducey extends lock down, threatens violators with six months in jail”

  1. Could the Americans who live in Michigan be called in as support services for the Americans who live in Arizona? Somebody needs a tutorial.

  2. At this point, the citizens of AZ need to get a Federal Injunction against him for violating their civil rights. It can take a day or two, with an adept attorney who knows how to file. You can also charge him criminally with kidnapping and raketeering.

  3. It would be an honor to go to jail for a just cause.

    Then sue the pants off this guy and the house he lives in.

    We live in a nation in which consent is required to govern. That’s just how it works. It is a Constitutional Republic, powers derived *FROM THE PEOPLE*.

    As for me, in relation to people like him and my own “Governor”, Consent Withdrawn”. This is tyranny.

    In my State, they came within one vote (!) of releasing the Green River Killer (worst mass murderer in Wa history) to save him from Covid infection. To be replaced in prison with people like you, and me – paid taxes, served in the military, raised a family, lived by the Laplace etc, etc. “Stay inside! Or six months In jail, pal”. That is tyrannical and that is insane. Intolerable.

  4. “ … Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government …”

    – Declaration of Indpendence

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