Today is “peak resource crisis day” in AZ, according to the hoax model… but guess what?

Today is the day! Peak resources being used to fight superbug! Dead Arizonans predicted to be stacked into refrigerated semi-trailers due to overflowing morgues. Today is the day we were supposed to be short tens of thousands of hospital beds… short by ten or fifteen whole hospitals, in fact. Thousands needing ICU treatment that would not be available, and hundreds and hundreds dying because of ventilators that didn’t exist.

Oops, actually nope.

When will the truth become so obvious that they actually take down these ridiculous graphs?

I can assure you, people staying at home has nothing to do with this being a nothingburger. No one is staying at home. Maybe they did for a week or two back in March, but not in April. Not at all. The streets, sidewalks, parks, everything is packed.

What were the original model projections? Well, the original model said we would be SHORT 13,000 hospital beds and SHORT 1500 ICU beds.

But we learned another bombshell today as Dr. Cara Christ, the top medical official in the Arizona Republic, quietly published her mea culpa at her “blog” on the website. It turns out that she was relying not only on the two national hoax models, but also some local shenanigans from the state universities, and the local lying was even worse than the feds:

“The initial data we received 2 weeks ago from our Arizona team showed an estimated need for hospitalization of 15,000 individuals and 7,000 ICU beds needed. The recently updated version included newer data, and the model shifted. The most recent baseline estimates a peak need for 600 hospital beds and 300 ICU beds around May 22.”

“AND THE MODEL SHIFTED.” How about, the model was revealed to be a Marxist plot to install communism on the republic? Excuse me. If you are trusting a team who, in two week’s time, revised their forecast on hospital beds from 15,000 down to 600, and ICU beds from 7000 down to 300… why the hell are you still employing these people?

Also in Dr. Christ’s testimony today comes this:

“Last week, our federal partners from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shared the modeling they had built for Arizona based on projection formulas developed by the Johns Hopkins University. This federal model takes into account the current data from the state as well as the mitigation strategies Arizona has put into place. While we are still pending approval from our federal partners to publicly share this data, this model is updated regularly and is the tool the federal government is using when determining resource allocations on a national level.”

Excuse me. You have closed nearly every business in the state, we have massive unemployment, and you are blocking people from receiving healthcare, because you deemed their healthcare “non-essential.” And now you are telling me FedGov/CDC/Johns Hopkins WON’T LET YOU RELEASE THEIR FUDGED DATA? Why ever would that be?

Here is the link to the full post by Dr. Christ:

3 thoughts on “Today is “peak resource crisis day” in AZ, according to the hoax model… but guess what?”

  1. Holy Cow. This is nuts! When will these well paid liars(CDC, government “leaders”, etc.) ever ever face accountability??

    This is the prime minister of the government in Warsaw. Pay attention to his clothes: brown* organizational outfit. What organization? In the background a police van, I think. He explains to Poles why husband and wife must walk 2 meters apart on the street: to facilitate the work of the police. Until now, the government was supposed to make life easier for citizens, now citizens are to make life easier for the government and its police.

    Hospitals and medical practices in Poland have become completely empty: people are afraid of getting infected with coronavirus or being forced to isolate. Even if they have a serious illness, they prefer to stay and die peacefully at home.

  3. Here is your answer on why the models are preferred to real data:

    “[The model] is the tool the federal government is using when determining resource allocations on a national level.”

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