Habemus Papam! Happy Anniversary!

19 April 2005. I will never forget the very moment it happened, as I watched it, nor the disbelief on the face of Fr. Neuhaus on EWTN as it happened.

I can’t seem to find that clip, but enjoy this one instead.

Pray for Pope Benedict, still reigning.

4 thoughts on “Habemus Papam! Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Thanks for posting that video. Sniff Sniff. I remember that moment and where I was at that moment so clearly. I was a somewhat naive convert working at a Catholic University and everyone, students, staff and professors were all out in the hallways glued to the TV screens around campus waiting with bated breath to see who it would be.
    When Cardinal Ratzinger was named, I instinctively let out a joyous whoop, momentarily oblivious to everyone around me groaning and grumbling and mumbling, all with angry or sad faces. Wow, what an enlightening that was for me. My naivete definitely started to crumble that day.
    How I miss him, even if he didn’t turn out to be as firm and traditional as I’d hoped. Still…..

  2. Second Sunday of Easter
    19th April MMXX Anno Domini

    Time to–

    Pop the champagne, folks! (And not the cheap stuff.) Viva il Papa! Viva Benedetto!

    May all Catholic men–despite the overarching sadness of the times and the Evil force imposed on and arrayed against Pope Benedict–raise a glass today in his honor, as he continues to exercise, by his own admission, the “irrevocable” and “forever” Petrine ministry of prayer, contemplation, and suffering for his flock, we his children, and Holy Mother Church!

    To . . .

    The Once and Future Pope!

      1. Our King Alfred lost from fame /in I know not what mean trade or name /has still some song to sing.

        Of course the Lord is our King but as He was, so also His servants are; as He is, so also we pray His servants shall be.

        I tell you naught for your comfort,/ yea, naught for your desire/ save that the sky grows darker yet/ and the sea rises higher.

        Night shall be thrice night over you/ and Heaven an iron cope;/ do you have joy without a cause,/ yea, faith without a hope?

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