22,000,000 now out of work; Governors Cuomo and Murphy say your life is cancelled, get used to it

I am watching the Gov. Cuomo press conference, where he is explaining how no one is going to be allowed to return to work without being tested, 18.5 million more tests are needed in NY, and he is now assembling a “tracing army” to hunt you down.

Then I read how the NJ governor cannot foresee ever getting our lives back.

TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) — As social distancing measures continue amid the coronavirus outbreak, many people are wondering when things will get back to normal.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says he does not see that happening anytime soon. “People talk about a new normal, I think that’s a reality,” Murphy said. “The notion that we’re going to go back, let’s turn the clock back to three months ago, I just don’t see it.” During his press briefing Wednesday, Murphy described a new normal restaurant might be at 50% capacity, with a temperature check at the door, servers wearing masks and gloves, surfaces being wiped down hyper-aggressively, and tables far apart. If they become widely available, Murphy said he could see customers taking a rapid saliva test


He referenced a Harvard study that determined the world may need to continue social distancing practices until 2022 in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic unless hospital capacity is increased or an effective vaccine is developed.

While the governor said he loves greeting with a big handshake, a kiss, hugs, and high fives, Murphy said all are postponed for the foreseeable future. “I would love nothing more…I just don’t see- I take my cues from the health experts and I’ll continue to – I don’t see a normal, even if it were to take place, a normal gathering in the foreseeable future. I don’t see it,” Murphy said.


Meanwhile, in Michigan, a ray of sunshine on a snowy day:

5 thoughts on “22,000,000 now out of work; Governors Cuomo and Murphy say your life is cancelled, get used to it”

  1. Anybody else think that the powers that be are setting up Andrew the baby killer Cuomo to enter the presidential race?

      1. Also, TPTB seem to be OK with Biden as the Dem nominee. It’s a no lose proposition – if Trump wins, it was likely he was going to be unbeatable anyway, and let him own the economic collapse. He has been pretty well stymied (assuming he really cares anyway) so four more years of that won’t matter. If Biden wins, he will do TPTB’s bidding because he is too stupid to do anything on his own – someone needs to tell him to tie his shoes, if not tie them for him.

    1. Some day – but I don’t think this round. Still too close to the actual event, and most people are aware of the complete worthlessness of the actions taken and therefore can’t be glossed over, yet. But give it to 2024, and Cuomo will be spun as the man who saved the nation from Wuhan flu – I mean, CoVid19 – while Trump did nothing.

      In the mean time, I am enjoying a sunny 77 degree day with the pit smoking chicken and ribs as I down a Dunkel. Could be worse.

  2. Must be something in the water up northeast. Our “lockdown” has basically meant less congested freeways, easier parking, and wear a mask/don’t wear a mask at your own volition. Nervous about long term employment, but for the most part an extended forced vacation of sorts.

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