Doing the death-guess limbo: Fake models go down AGAIN, third time in a week

On the single highest day of reported new deaths so far (which they now admit many are coded wrongly, intentionally), the “experts” took their fake models down again.

Remember, this started out at 1.7MM – 2.2MM dead. Your current imprisonment (16 March) was based on those numbers. Then after everyone was locked down, they began to revise. Then on 29 March, Fauci spewed his 100K – 200K fake guess, which was reported on Drudge in big red letters (not as a 90% retreat, but as a big scary number).

Now we are down to what looks like somewhere between 32K – 127K. The low end of this range might actually turn out to be accurate. Which would make CoronaCold less deadly than most seasonal flus, especially when we know they had to cook the books to even get close to the 95% reduced actual deaths.

They destroyed our country for this. Will they be held accountable, even a little?

No, they will applaud themselves. They saved us, you see. It was the forced isolation except everyone can go shopping, and get fast food, and to the liquor stores and pot dispensaries, and Home Depot, and pretty much wherever else. We stopped this deadly killer in its tracks, muh POLICY.

4 thoughts on “Doing the death-guess limbo: Fake models go down AGAIN, third time in a week”

  1. Yet people still buy it. All of my family and two-thirds of my coworkers are in an absolute tizzy because the talking box told them they were going to DIE if they stepped foot outside. I would say I can hardly believe it but I’ve come to expect it.

  2. Not everyone is buying this. Those who don’t are keeping quiet for fear of ridicule, angry outbursts, violence, and getting fired. But there are far more people out here than you know who are madder than hell. Not everyone is stupid and weak.

    1. I would disagree, all of us are stupid and weak. What we are stupid and / or weak about varies. But perhaps you are right, I tend to be far too direct and expect others to be likewise when I already know they are not. That is part of my personal stupidity. Just a part, though.

    2. I’ve made it clear to my family that this virus is the mother of all Reichstag fires and it doesn’t matter if it’s just a chest cold or the second coming of the Spanish flu.

      They have accepted antiJesus into their heart and have mastered the new moral theology to the extent that they’re all anti-Alphonsus Liguoris.

      No wonder, since we all live on the Left coast and I’ve got several cousins working for Big Tech, one is a parishioner in the Church of Gay (Methodists) and another is an aspiring journalist who was interviewed on NPR.

      One cousin is a high level ER doctor who was breaking down in years. While we were Zoom chatting (doubtlessly giving the CCP sweet Intel) my thought to myself was “Given the empty hospitals, if we weren’t in the grips of a panic-demic, is she seeing the same number of patients? Would her reaction be the same?”

      And we’re still locked out of our churches. This fight hasn’t even begun.

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