Fauci: Models say the darndest things, thou wilst be my prisoner until 2022, and let’s hope we don’t achieve herd immunity

They are going to do everything in their power to ensure the tyranny is never-ending. They are saying it right to your face. Have you at least written to your congressman and senators?

Following is from last night’s presser:

Jonathan Karl: (41:08)
About getting back to normal. You said you wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible. Will we truly get back to normal in this country before there’s an actual vaccine that’s available to everybody? How do you start lifting the restrictions?

Dr. Anthony Fauci: (41:23)
Yeah, well, Jon if back to normal means acting like there never was a coronavirus problem, I don’t think that’s going to happen until we do have a situation where you can completely protect the population (Ed. 18 MONTHS FOR A VACCINE)...But you’re absolutely right. If you want to get to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen in the sense of the fact that the threat is there…

Later on, after Pence made his comments, came this unreal exchange:

Dr. Fauci: (01:56:28)
There’s going to be another issue that’s going to be important and it has to do with somewhat of a comparison. For example, with influenza, we go through multiple cycles of influenza. There’s always a degree of background immunity in the population. I mean that will ultimately happen if we get a situation where we get back to normal. Now, I hope we don’t have so many people infected that we actually have that herd immunity. (Ed. DID HE SERIOUSLY JUST SAY THIS OUT LOUD?) But I think it would have to be different than it is right now. So again, remember when you say normalcy, I mean we could give back normally, economically and otherwise without necessarily saying we’re going to forget about the virus. We have to pay attention to this because we’ve had a very bad experience with this virus.

Speaker 29: (01:57:15)
…where we are with the numbers, because we saw that horrible number today, more than 10,000 deaths now in the US. Are we on track for the those best case scenario numbers that you had laid out, the 100,000 or are we potentially coming in lower than that at this point given some of what you’re seeing?

Dr. Birx: (01:57:44)
It just gives me an opportunity to thank and respect the modelers who have really worked on this because there’s a large number of them have worked very hard and had done a lot of predictions and what we did is we did predictions of predictions. We like to integrate data and so that’s where you come up with these numbers.

Dr. Fauci: (01:59:00)
I’m glad you asked that question because I’ve said it a couple of times here. I want to say it again. Repetition is good… is that models are good. They help us to make projections. But as you get data in, you modify your model. And I’ve always said data always trumps models, always.

Dr. Fauci: (01:59:22)
…I am optimistic, always cautiously optimistic, that if we do what I’ve been talking about over the past few minutes, we can make that number go down. I don’t accept every day that we’re going to have to have 100 to 200,000 deaths. I think we can really bring that down no matter what a model says, because when the data comes in, they’ll start to saying, “Maybe you are essentially overshooting the model.” And I think that’s where we can go…

The thing that you can’t see in the transcript is the glibness with which Birx and Fauci deliver their remarks. This is a game to them. You should see the smirks. They hate you, As for all this joblessness and these wrecked businesses… “Oh well, we modeled.”

They are such lying scum, and they are destroying our country.

13 thoughts on “Fauci: Models say the darndest things, thou wilst be my prisoner until 2022, and let’s hope we don’t achieve herd immunity”

  1. Some of the more tinfoil-y sides of the ‘Net (I am of course talking about Q Anon) think that is is all a play by Trump to make Fauci and Birx to be hate sinks so that when “The Storm” arrives, the two of them will be fired/in jail/executed for treason by public outcry.

    It’s wishful thinking, of course, and speaks as poorly of Trump as it does the NWO-types; if he wanted to crush the Deep State, why would Trump just do so outright?

    I do think that a popular uprising against the globalists is possible, but things must first get so bad that the people would rather get killed then become livestock.

    1. Q is not tinfoil hat conspiracy, Sir. Do your research! Regarding Trump’s M.O., if you were paying attention over the past three years, you would have noticed exactly how he invites his enemies close, exposes them and eliminates them!

      1. The real Question about the Q movement is cui bono? Q has exposed so much real evil, moved so many previously unthinkable topics to the public discourse, and provided significant numbers of insider proofs. The Q movement does not benefit the Prince of this World or his minions. It exposes much of what they have been doing and shines light in dark places. How can it then be a ploy by the Enemy? But perhaps it is.

        Honestly I think the most interesting tidbit to come out of Q recently was that apparently someone believes there were 2 possible timelines. One is the “chastisement” timeline where fire falls from the sky and wipes out 90+% of Mankind – c.f. Akita. The other is the “mercy” timeline, where a “Great Awakening” of some kind occurs – c.f. the Illumination of Conscience, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. Supposedly the election of Trump vs. Hilary was a turning point or signpost that we are in the “mercy” rather than “chastisement” timeline, or at least that it is now possible.

        Now it may be wishful thinking – who wants to imagine living or actually live in post-apocolyptopia – but this little nugget actually has become a useful little tool for my personal understanding of Catholic prophecy. Prophecy is a dodgy thing, one where the only guarantee of veracity occurs after the prophetic fulfillment. Further, the actual prophetic visions are unavailable to us – instead we are forced to rely mostly on second- and third-hand accounts with multiple layers of intervening interpretation and interpolations AND the Father of Lies is always, always doing his best to distort and throttle the message God is sending.

        Back on point, it seems to me that we can reasonably sort the relevant messages of the authentic prophets into two piles that roughly correspond to these two timelines. If we are really in the “mercy”, or rather the “Triumph” timeline, perhaps many of the worst interpretations of the Catholic prophecies concerning the “Chastisement” timeline can be set aside… without any stain on the credibility of the prophet who predicted the “Chastisement”. Because the “Chastisement” Timeline was a possibility then, but thanks to the intercession of the Blessed Mother and the mercy of Our Lord it has for now been averted.

        I may be very wrong but there you have it. Also I believe Q because I can’t imagine the Prince being behind the exposure of his Cabal or their pedovoric “worship”.

      2. I’m in the camp that says Q is real, but that doesn’t mean they’re good.

        Broadly speaking, Q and the Q movement speak in vaguely Christian-sounding rhetoric, even quoting New Testament to push their agenda. However if you read between the lines, you’ll find that a lot of what they spout is Masonic or Illuminist, with references to Theosophy. Socially speaking, they are for “America” (the great Freemasonic empire) and are pro free thought (atheism), union of all races, cultures, languages and religions. A rightist Rousseau, if you will.

        New Agers and UFO cultists are really into Q, which stinks to high heaven.

        A source on this is here. https://youtu.be/uig3HWNMg5I (Note: the girl in the video is an unchurched Christian and holds other bizarre beliefs–but it’s a given that everyone outside the mainstream will not have complete information).

      3. @Aethelfrith you’re not wrong. Some of the stuff Q has alluded to, or that the greater Q community has taken from Q’s statements, is, questionable? Difficult to digest? But I keep coming back to the fact, that, like Trump, the right people hate Q.

        If Q is a servant of the Prince of this World, and if he really is a freemason he would be, what profit to him to expose his master’s other servants in such a manner? Far more likely, at least in my mind, that Q is a CivNat American. And while CivNat Americanism can have freemasonic tendancies it can also be interpreted in a very Catholic manner – focused on subsidiarity and the unity of a credal, rather than racial, nation.

      4. I hope you’re right, Uriel. Time will tell. At best, I hope there will be a reprieve which will lead to non-Christians converting and Christians/Catholics sharpening their swords.

        My only prayer is that I get an opportunity to make a good Confession before I die. I am still too carnal.

    1. I duly recognize this is an anonymous quote, rendered suspicious due to medical privacy ethics.

      So not, strictly speaking, “fact”.

      Still, I doubt what goes into the general population goes into his own family.

  2. Regardless if Trump is for us or against us….We need an imperfect council NOW! We need Bergoglio OUT and the restoration of the PUBLIC Holy Sacrifice of the Mass NOW! The cardinals/bishops do not need to wait on Trump, Putin or any other government official.

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