Most excellent resource for Latin Mass live streams:

A great example of something positive coming out of this ordeal, that we would not have otherwise had. God is good! Thank you, SuperNerd!

I encourage you to offer any support you can for this resource to: “SuperNerd Media” 10940 Parallel Pkwy #K303, Kansas City, KS, 66109

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  1. Thank you, Mark, for that resource. No one reading here should ever go back to the Vatican II, Novus Ordo False Church. Never.

    I just read this from Br. Bugnolo, FromRome. It shook me to the core. I wrote the following for LesFemmes The Truth blog (have had many discussions with Mary Ann Kreitzer on the topic). I cut and pasted the same response to her, here for your readers. I think it is true: time is very, very short – to make and *INTERIOR* choice. This or that. No more fence sitting. Those on the fence will receive the Mark of the Beast. You won’t see it. The physical Bill Gates/Jorgé Bergóglio Mark comes later. The spiritual Mark – you won’t see it, but it will be imprinted in your soul (!). Choose ye this day!


    If I may, I feel compelled to pass on this warning from Br. Bugnolo, FromRome blog. Don Alessandro Minutella, lifelong devotee to the Blessed Mother, has a warning to us, interiorly revealed to him from her.

    One Week, is all the time that is left. April 12, 2020. Easter. A decision must be made by then to remain or leave the false Church. Time is very, very short. And then, the Mark – which is now not just a theoretical thing. It will be spiritual first; physical second. The Mark is coming and we must decide – False Church or True Church; Vatican II ecumenical NWO Church or Traditional Latin Mass Church; Pope Benedict XVI or Pope Bergóglio.

    It must be specifically and fully decided by every one of us, low to high with full knowledge of every implication and willingness to persevere to the end.

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