More signs: Antipope Bergoglio and Pachamama, together again?

This was quite the dystopian scene, wasn’t it?

But did anyone else notice the potted plants and torches, arrayed before St. Peter’s? Was this another Pachamama party?

It looks like they’ve got Him surrounded.

Don’t worry. God is in control.

7 thoughts on “More signs: Antipope Bergoglio and Pachamama, together again?”

  1. Antipope Francis and Apostasia Pachamama, together again.

    Great title Mark.

    Antipope Bergoglio practically singlehandedly plunges the world into a Mass blackout–never before seen in history, not even during the Black Death, yet nothing to see here, folks.

    It’s precisely like the miracle of the man born blind, only in converse.

  2. This ghostly scenery like from Batman movies: evening, monumental architecture, cast iron cauldron with glowing coals, cemetery bowls with burning tallow used Jorge the Apostate to demonstrate his victory over the Roman Catholic church. He started his professional career as a bouncer at a nightclub in Buenos Aires. And so he ends his life as a bouncer in Rome. Churches have been deserted almost all over the inhabited land, there are no more faithful in them. It wasn’t even necessary to call the police – it was enough to do wild panic in the media about the lethal threat of an imaginary brand pandemic* virus.
    The Crucifix from San Marcello’s church and Salus Populi Romani from Santa Maria Maggiore, images made famous during plagues, were brought by the Apostate to the threshold of St. Peter’s Basilica, so that Satan could publicly insult God: “Well, where is your church?” Our Lord and Our Lady were to look at a completely empty square once crowded with pilgrims. All they could see were police cars with howling sirens behind iron fence and the Phantom of the Vatican in solemn white and gold robes** for the hour of Satan’s triumph on the fifth Friday of Lent!
    *To sell panic, it must have a brand, because it is difficult to stuff old regular flu on the market, that’s why the ‘Coronavirus’ and actually the crown of Satan.
    **Golden sun embroidered on the cope rocked on the celebrant’s rump – no comment.

    1. Agreed, Myron. It’s all a mockery by Antipope Bergoglio. The scourging of the Church.

      Looking to Mary, the Immaculate Heart, and her triumph. As written in today’s Little Office for matins:

      “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies.”

  3. Someone on Twitter had posted this link after questioning the pots of fire above the green plants.
    “Fire Ceremonies: Full & Dark Moon”

    Perhaps why they had the church bells and sirens going off?
    “Open to the Sky We begin our fire ceremonies by opening Sacred Space in a setting open to the sky, surrounded by nature, and welcoming to the elements and wildlife who choose to join us. We call to the four directions, East, West, South and North. We call to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and to the heavens and cosmos, and, with song, drums, bells, and rattles we invite our ancestors, our lineage, our spirit animals, the elements and luminous ones to join and assist us in sending our prayers to the fire.”

    New moon was March 24. Bergoglio’s eerie “prayer ceremony” was March 27.
    “Dark Moon Fire Ceremonies: These are held within three days from the dark moon.”

    1. Charmaine asks: “…why they had the church bells and sirens going off?”

      The bells ring and (possibly) the sirens howl when the corpse is removed from the church. Whose body? The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, the Militant Church, gave up the ghost on Roman noon October 27, 2019, when Jorge the Apostate sacrificed (this clay pot with weed) to the demon Pachamama. God does not share the altar with Satan! Five months later, on March 27, 2020, the Apostate performed this mocking funeral ceremony.
      The Militant Church did indeed die, the daily Sacrifice ceased. This is evidenced by empty churches = scattered bones, separated faithful = decaying tissue. Parishioners locked in the graves of their homes turned into zombies in latex gloves and surgical masks, because they are dealing with corpses in a state of progressive decay.

  4. The last two photos say it all. Antipope Bergoglio sits on his throne, at a distance, with his back turned towards Our Lord crucified on the cross. Meanwhile, pachamama bitch demons sit up there staring down Our Lord. This was a total, sacrilegious publicity stunt by Bergoglio. Pure evil.

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