Sum ting wong? Wuhappened to you work?

3.3MM people out of work in one week. Pray for them, seriously.

Oh but don’t worry, $2.2T created out of thin air will fix everything. Government will take care of you. This is like the Ground Hog Day of Christmas mornings for Marxists. Government/MSM invents problem, government inflicts maximum damage to citizens/economy with Martial Law Lite, government miraculously “solves” the “problem” a few weeks from now, thanks be to Martial Law Lite, while government prints money at a criminal rate which our great grandchildren won’t be able to fix. Government saves the peoples, pays the peoples, enslaves the peoples.

So now we know the vector for the errors of Russia spreading to the whole world: A “health crisis.”

Also, we are delighted that you are enjoying Martial Law Lite. Especially the thing where neighbors are ratting our neighbors for going on a walk. Virtue signaling now means all joggers are murderers, by definition.

Fact: CoronaCold manifests as only MILD SYMPTOMS in 95% of patients who become inflected. It is barely a cold, in 95% of people.

Fact: CoronaCold has killed 22,000 in the entire world. Do you know how many people die from the regular seasonal flu every year? Answer: 500,000 to 650,000 people die every year around the world from the boring not newsy seasonal flu that every year we don’t destroy the world economy over.

Hopefully your local diocese is still providing the sacraments as best they can, especially Baptism and Confession. If you are in Newark, you need to move:

12 thoughts on “Sum ting wong? Wuhappened to you work?”

  1. Thanks Mark. Posts like this help me to pray more and worry less.

    Our Lady Conceived without Original, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

  2. Since our priests and/or parish staff have lots of time on their hands right now, I don’t see why they can’t for a couple of hours each day, man a check-in process at the doors of the churches. Limit the amount of people in the church to 5, 10, whatever. If the supermarkets, pharmacies and take-out restaurants can do it, so can our churches.

    It is absolutely criminal and diabolical for priests to deny the Sacraments at this time.

  3. well said bravo…three…. two….one TRAD INC descends upon you with venom and disgust…see Canon 212.

  4. The “scientist” (read secularist priest) who started this mania with apocalyptic predictions of 2.2 million dead Americans and advocated an 18 month economic *shutdown* and home confinement has changed his predictions.

    “Sorry. Never mind. Not 2,200,000 dead. Just “20,000”. Actually only 10,000 directly caused by Corona. My bad.”

    The panic narrative changes, once the actual facts are revealed. Oops. We killed our economy (jobs, savings, retirement funds, homes) …… for this?

    I really believe this is the next phase of the global warming apocalypse mania. How do you get everyone on the planet to submit to global central control? Create a global emergency in which everyone is, at the same time, threatened and afraid. Not parts of the world, but all fear – and thus all are willing to submit to authority (global) that can protect them.

    “The planet will burn to a crisp and then drown unless we cancel commerce and transportation, kill off the excess humanity and revert to a globalist communal agrarian society – to get our temp averages down”.

    “We will all suffer and die from asphyxiation unless we cancel commerce, transportation, social interaction and Catholic Mass – to kill the virus will take one and a half years of home confinement and globalist communal agrarian society”.

    In both cases: you are a murderer, a mass murderer if you disagree with the panic orthodoxy.

    Normally we would laugh at anyone who would suggest we eliminate air travel to stop “global warming” or home confinement for months to stop a seasonal virus. But … add FEAR to the mixture, Ahh, then mania overrides all, including facts, and we may submit to most anything. But then, when the fear subsides, the facts still remain. “What have we done? Ooops!”

  5. I’ve said that from day one. Thankfully that’s exactly what my ICK parish does.

    I also say the arbitrary number of 10 is bee ess. If two families of 8, 6 couples, and 2 singles come in….That should be considered 10.

      1. This is a tribute to the blathering talking heads of fake news – endless talk, bubbles and lies, driving the spectacle.

        That was the point.

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