Pennsylvania: Gov. Wolf orders all “non-life-sustaining” businesses SHUT DOWN

What if the source of income for half of the country was eliminated overnight? At this pace, we are going to be in that place as a nation in less than a week. Think that might cause some unrest when breadwinners don’t know how they are going to feed their families?

Are we starting to understand that this is a gift that keeps on giving in a world of Marxist governors and mayors all over America? An excuse to seize and wield power over the masses in totalitarian ways. It’s a dream come true for them, and they will follow up by riding in like white knights to save everyone.

HARRISBURG, PA — Gov. Tom Wolf issued a sweeping shutdown order to tens of thousands of “non-life-sustaining” businesses Thursday, decreeing they must close their physical locations by 8 p.m. to slow the spread of the coronavirus or face enforcement by state police and other government agencies. Citing his authority under the state’s disaster declaration law, Wolf, a Democrat, ordered more than 150 types of businesses to close their physical locations, warning that enforcement against violators would begin Saturday.

What if we don’t have a country left after all of this?

Wolf said his order would be enforced by state troopers… The two-term governor had previously said he would not use police for enforcement. Businesses that fail to comply risk citations, fines or license suspensions, and “forfeit their ability to receive any applicable disaster relief and/or may be subject to other appropriate administrative action,” Wolf’s office said in a statement. Criminal prosecution is also a possibility, with violators subject to fines or imprisonment, Wolf’s office said.

Businesses under shutdown orders range from coal mines to building contractors to many types of manufacturers, plus professional offices including law firms and accounting offices. Retailers ordered to close include car dealers, clothing stores, furniture stores, florists, office supply stores and lawn and garden stores.

Force as many people out of work as possible. Make them dependent on FedGov. FedGov print money.

This is a small portion of the list. Download the full five pages of economic terrorism: HERE.

There was panic here in Arizona this morning after California went into lockdown last night. Lines at grocery stores an hour long to check out, I’ve been told. Yesterday there were no lines at all. The only things shut down here, so far, are casinos, schools, and bars. Restaurants are take out only, and many are struggling badly and will have to close.

Just wait until all the positive and false positive test results start coming back, and the number of confirmed cases starts doubling every day. The MSM are going to pee their pants. There is going to be real panic and real animal behavior. The over/under is Wednesday of next week. Imma take the under.

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  1. This is a coup. They couldn’t take Trump down politically. So they are going to burn America to the ground, and then hope for the best out of the ashes.

    The cold civil war is growing warmer.

    1. Martin Armstrong’s computer has been predicting major civil conflict in 2020 for a long time. It made no sense to me. Now it does.

      It may be both left and right against the government. Neither can buy clothing or shoes for themselves, or their children, under these restrictions. Or buy or sell a house, or build one. Or buy a car, whether new or used. Or, or, or.

      1. Dunderberg.

        Went in to my favorite neighborhood bistro this morning, normally bustling, busy, noisy, neighbors chatting with each other. All the chairs up on the tables, this morning. To go only. Staff has been dismissed. The owner had a quiver in his voice as we discussed the state of things. He hears the Governor is about to close them up in a few days and eliminate to-go options too.

        He’s cooked. And if he’s cooked (and all the other like him) my livelihood is also cooked (at risk, done for, over).

        In 2009 61,000,000 people were infected with H1N1 (swine flu); 12,500 dead in the U.S. We (America) survived. We didn’t lock down the planet. We didn’t burn up and destroy our economy and kill everyone’s jobs, savings, retirement, homes, future. We dealt with it. For some reason, 250 deaths and 19,000 infections (.03% … .0003 of H1N1 infection rate / 2% …. .02 of H1N1 mortality rate) has led America to make the decision to burn everything to the ground … destroy the lives of small business owners who serve us in our communities and their vital contributions.

        And, of course, Bergóglio and the Bishops in union with him have removed the public offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from the entire planet. Which tells me they can’t possibly believe in God, to put Him under a virus; the Corona god over Lord God Almighty who reigns even over the unseen.

        I felt so sad for my Bistro guy. He was obviously frightened – and not of the virus.

        We need to get a grip, and fast. This path is not sustainable.

  2. Pope Benedict’s given name is Joseph Maybe he’ll have a role.

    Also starting Monday Connecticut Democratic Gov Lamont has also closed non essential businesses.

  3. Wednesday of next week is March 25–the Annunciation. In Tollkien’s fiction, it is the day of the destruction of the Ring of Power. Not a coincidence, literarily. Not a coincidence in the real world, either. Ave Maria

    1. Germany was destroyed when it was chopped up and betrayed in 1919. What will happen to not Germany, but Weimerica in 2020?

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