“Wuhan, we have a problem, this does not compute”

A. It is claimed that Coronavirus carriers are both asymptomatic and contagious for the first two to four weeks after contraction; there is no way to know you have it. In addition, most people who do feel sick have such mild symptoms, it doesn’t even occur to them that it could be “flu.” So you need to stay inside and stop killing people. This is the rationale for the lock downs.

B. Wuhan Province has 19 million people packed on top of each other, each of them smoking five packs a day, plus inhaling the pervasive opaque smog (okay, translucent on a good day, I’ll give you that).

C. China stopped Coronavirus at 80,000 infected and 3200 dead. Think they are lying? Go ahead and quadruple those numbers. What do we get… 320K infected across a population of 19MM equals an infection rate of 0.0168… even though all the carriers were walking around (allegedly) spreading the disease for 2-4 weeks BEFORE ANYONE ON THE PLANET KNEW THE VIRUS EXISTED. No controls whatsoever, 0.0168 infection rate, 4% “Death rate.”

If B and C are true, this virus is mild, not very infectious, and not very deadly. And if B and C are true, A cannot also be true.

Yes, there are outliers, some younger healthy people who have come down with severe symptoms. I personally know of someone in Connecticut, two degrees of separation, who has been on a ventilator for the past week. He went from mild to near death in a 12 hour span. He is recovering, and went off the ventilator this morning. There are always outliers.

Meanwhile, Italy is the current darling because their numbers are “spiking,” now 32K infected and 3200 dead. We can’t calculate the infectious rate yet, because the number of cases is still growing, although it has now started to slow. Let’s say the number infected quadruples; 128K in a population of 60MM = 0.00213 infection rate, which is 87% lower than in Wuhan.

Point of comparison: 2009 H1N1 “Swine flu” infected 60MM Americans, fully 20% of the population. Do you even remember it? https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/2009-h1n1-pandemic.html

But why is the “death rate” so much higher in Italy? Perhaps we should be asking if we really know what they are even dying from, because nearly every one of these deaths could have multiple causes, because 99.2% of those people were already sick.

Also, median age of infected is 63 and median age of deaths is 81.


Italy has the second oldest population in the world. We have a contagion that kills old people who were already sick, half of whom already had at least three other serious illnesses. Isn’t this what the regular flu does every year, but in much greater numbers? Is it too much to ask for a little more information before we rend the entire fabric of Western Civilization over the threat of a mild cold?

What I am missing? Did China tell us it was an accidental release of a bioweapon, sorry about that, but watch out? It seems clear to me that if the actions of the past week in the U.S. are indeed warranted, then there is much more to the story than we are being told. How did all the sports leagues and the NCAA know fully a week ago that they needed to cancel everything? How did the airlines know they needed to ground 90% of their long-haul fleet until July, and take that decision in a matter of hours? Why did MGM and Wynn shut down Vegas like a light switch “until further notice?” What were they each told so that they would, literally overnight, unilaterally yet in unison, destroy their product for the sake of the greater good? Where are the facts? There must be some good reason to push tens of millions out of work, wreak havoc on the economy, tank the stock market, bankrupt the airlines, hotels, etc.

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  1. I imposed a “do not talk about the virus” rule on my mother who calls me every day. The deadlier “virus” here is the meme.

    And yes, I do allow for the Wuhanic Plague to be an actual biological superweapon designed to kill billions. What’s important for satan and his minions is the net increase in evil this “outbreak” is causing.

    1. My mother has been so annoying! I just send her statistics of all the hundreds of thousands killed by the common flu this season.

  2. I don’t know what to think Mark. I come here for insight and answers. I don’t see how, without Divine Intervention, we will ever go back to some sort of normalcy. How much of the world is without the public Holy Sacrafice today?

  3. I think a large part of the overreaction of sports leagues and businesses stem from a fear of blood sucking lawyers. The tort situation in this country has been out of control for a long time. As usual, nothing’s done. Billionaire sports team owners and Vegas moguls would rather deal with the quantifiable loss of shutting down ($X/day) rather than take the risk of open season in the courts. JMO.

    1. Right on. The lawyers are leading the narrative on this, together with the epidemiologists – “the specialists”

  4. It seems to me Dr. Fauci convinced Trump that Covid 19 was much more deadly than the flu. But, as you say, with what data. If 15 days turns into 60 or 75 days, there is not a printing press big enough to bale out the small business. 85% will fail. Employment will come back, but slowly. The sports leagues showdown was the event that made the public say OK to the gov’ts suggestions. At this point a large % are scared. The increase in cases with testing coming on line will freak out 20-30%. A large part of the middle class are about to fall into poverty. Most looking to the federal govt to come to the rescue. Interest on our debt is now the 4th largest budget item of the federal govt. Will it become the 1st or 2nd almost overnight? Trump will be blamed and Hillary will ride in to save the world. Lets all pray that I’m an idiot and none of this happens.

  5. Deuteronomy 6. God tells His People, through Moses, (paraphrase) “Do not be afraid of the giants of the land I have given you. Worship me, love me and my Law with all your heart. Take the land before you and fear not the giants and mighty men in your way. I am in your midst. Trust in me. Follow me into battle and you will prevail”.

    If we think God has no power over this virus then we are not Catholic. The early Christians went out among the plague victims, many died in bringing relief and salvation to the suffering, and thereby converted Rome. Mass was not cancelled, then. It grew exponentially.

    The communists in China and the Throne of St. Peter (allies who killed the Church in China) have perpetrated a great fraud upon the world and this nation. America is hanging by a thread and risks economic, social, political implosion. The Mass and the Sacraments have been taken away from the entire nation; Western civilization, presumably the entire Church has gone black. Every Bishop throughout the world has cooperated with the communists and taken our Lord from us.

    I am so angry this morning over the loss of Mass and the Sacraments and the faithlessness of our Shepherds, it literally brought tears to my eyes.

    May God destroy the Communists and their satanic schemes and plans – utterly.

  6. Mark, I agree, a shell game is being played on mortality statistics. It is so similar to the shell game played wiith munus and ministerium. I think the elites know what they are doing ,and that Trump does not understand how they just played him.

    1. I think the opposite. The fact that Trump is going along with this rather than blowing it up suggests that the covid-19 scare is just the public story to cover up something much worse. The real question is, worse for whom… and which of the actions we’ve seen recently are from the good actors, and which the bad.

      We know that this “soft interdict” is definitely from the bad… but may itself be a mercy. Does anyone else think that this is a way to fulfill the taking away of the continual sacrifice… but the fact it is occurring in this manner means that the Lord has prevented the promulgation of an invalid Roman rite?

      1. Uriel, I do agree with your implication that those who have been disobedient to God might now be entrapped in a panic of their own making. But that does not mean that the confection of the Sacraments in the New Rite was invalid. Even though valid, however, I do not think it is pleasing to God, because it is secular and mixed with errors. However all the traddie groups are also stopping the TLM. so the problem is even more diabolic.

      2. @Mark Precisely. The NO, however bad a rite it is – and it is intrinsically disordered – is still valid. The Lord descends and the Sacrament is confected. We even have miracles attesting to this. If the Prince of this World and his many stooges have their way, though…

      3. Uriel,
        Really good points. I believe this is how God works – His mysterious ways.

        Speaking of “invalid rites”, wouldn’t it be a Divine Joke if the Amazon Synod were the mechanism from which the Communist, Jewish Protestant influenced Novus Ordo “rite” were washed away by the cleansing rivers of God’s Grace (the *Amazon* of all Amazon rivers) in response to that and the “Pachamama” Baal abominations?

        They can’t take this back. They canceled all Masses everywhere for nothing; bowed to the will of secular power. They need to repent for that. This Church is currently severely disfigured and bleeding. And I will never see things as before.

    2. Whether Trump and his Administration “knows” or not, Christendom is in the midst of a communist takeover of industry, private lives, conscience … and the Public presentation of Holy Mass … in the name of “global emergency” and the public “good”.

      Global Warming was their first attempt to create a worldwide crisis leading to global totalitarian communist control. That turned out to be a joke that few took seriously.

      Viral “Pandemic” is personal, and we are *letting them* get away with this fraud. Imagine what we will let them do, next time when the Virus is *truly* dangerous, which this one is definitely not.

      “They” (the communists) have weaponized fear via social media manipulation. The few remaining faithful Catholics must recognize this. What they have done to our brethren in China is coming for us all, as I knew it would.

  7. For those who believe that there are “elites” who are secretly pulling strings and doing the work of Satan, I wholeheartedly am in your camp. However, to believe that Trump is not in the “club” is beyond foolishness. One does not attain his status, wealth and power without a price. If you are going to be a conspiracist, then, by all means, realize that the web they weave is much more elusive. Unbridled democracy is just as significant to the rise of socialism, and ultimately Marshall Law, as communism is. And the elites sway public opinion by the inches towards their goals by a tugging and pulling from the left AND right.

    1. No super Trump fan here or any politician, however, I do believe in conversions, even in the most sinful among us, like me.

      I voted Trump first and foremost to keep evil Hilary out and secondly because of all the hatred for him on BOTH sides of the aisle. I’ve got to believe praying for him is the better way than assuming he’s as bad as all the rest.

  8. Hear, hear. By all means, pray for him. We are all sinners and in need of conversion, in one way or another. It is our duty to pray for all those in powerful positions in government and the Church.

    Pro-lifers, however, have been put to sleep and are even defending this man all the while our culture continues to crumble. You can’t be pro-life and pro-homosexual rights, and how many decades do we have to have “conservative and Catholic” justices, before we realize it’s a game?

    1. Democracy is NOT a good thing. Oh yes, I did just say that. We do not have the right government here in the U.S. Democracy, along with socialism and its extremist form (communism) are the children of freemasonry. Freemasonry from day one has existed to destroy the Catholic Church and to get there, they have to destroy the monarchies of the world. Why? Because Christ is King and He set up a monarchy upon the Rock of St. Peter. If we make it to Heaven, we will not be having elections to decide who gets to become a saint and who gets to go back to Purgatory for four more years. No, we will live under an absolute monarchy. So, why should we be under anything different on Earth?

      Now that aside, we all need to pray for President Trump. No one is perfect and yes, he has a past. But, our alternatives consider abortion to be the holiest sacrament. Enough said. I think Trump has come a long way as a person since he was elected president. Please pray for him as well as Vladimir Putin who, despite what the freemasonic media says, is changing Russia for the better (i.e. aligning the Russian constitution with the Orthodox Church).

      Death to freemasonry, Christ the King now and forever!

  9. I am sorry but your calculations are way wrong. I am a doctor and a traditional Catholic. The ordinary flu does not cause ICU bed shortage, this one does.

  10. Italy has less the half of per capita bed in hospitals than Germany. However, according to the official stats (as of March 13), the median age at death of people with COVID19 was A FEW MONTHS shorter than the life expectancy at birth. Meaning: if they had enough ventilators in hospitals, Italians would live probably longer.

    ICU units are overwelmed, sure. and probably this will lower the median age at death. but wouldn’t the answer be increase the ICU units instead of locking down a country, destroying its economy and denying sacraments to 60mil. people?

    That sad, I really hope I can board on a flight bound to Italy in the next couple of days with my family (still to book). I am an Italian living in Canada for work and I am sure I want to be closer to my family for what awaits us. prayers welcome!

  11. Here the press release:

    Median age at death for men with COVID19: 80.3 (life expectancy at birth for men in Italy: 81 years. Difference: 0.7 years less for the infected).
    Median age at death for women with covid19: 84.2 (life expectancy at birth for women in Italy: 85.3. difference: 1.1 years less for the infected).

    Based on the first 800 deaths. I wonder whether they will keep publishing the analysis now that there are a lot more deaths and it could be statistically very relevant to see whether these ridicoous numbers are confirmed.

    As for your questions, Mr Docherty, I have no idea. Let us pray all for each others.

  12. The problem with this bug is that among those infected, 15 to 20% will develop a serious or critical condition. The R nought of this bug is higher than the common flu, meaning it is more contagious. That means more people will get it especially that it is a new virus (obviously bioengineered). So if you expect a low figure of 50% of your population to get it. If you do your math, 50% of 1 million is 500k, 15% of 500k getting serious/critical – meaning needing hospitalization or ICU means 75k patients. How many beds are in your community of 1 million? How many ICU beds do you have in your community? How many ventilators are there? Patients who get critical stay in the hospital for a long long time. Many die, some are tided over. So, yes this virus is true but I have to agree the new world order controlled mainstream media is milking it to the maximum to further their agenda. And our clergy, instead of standing up for the faith and leading the faithful, have become cowards. It is indeed very sad.

    1. None of the statistics you cite are borne out of the real time statistics we have. You are merely repeating the narrative. Please provide citations for a 15-20% critical/death rate and a 50% of population infection rate. We don’t see these numbers anywhere in the world. If you can provide adequate citations, write it up and I will post your entire essay.

      1. Well, Mark, it is up to you to believe it or not. When it hits your community, you will know that it is true. Believe what you believe. As I said it is true but the mainstream media is milking it to their interest to the hilt. But it is true.

        1. Jeffery, thank you for proving my point. No evidence, no data to support destroying our country over this. 93% of cases in Italy classified as Mild. 99.2% of deaths were people already suffering from other illnesses. 37K total infected in a country of 60MM. So yes let’s burn the whole country to the ground over this, by all means.

      2. Jeffrey Tandoc,

        H1N1 caused 65,000,000 infections; 12,500 dead.
        Corona has caused 19,000 infections; 250 dead.

        What the Media is doing is not “milking it” (making the truth seem more than it is). They are “deceiving” us (hiding the truth and presenting the lie) to make a narrative fit their desired outcome.

        There is no reason for these statistics to drive us to burn America to the ground; (Zero Hedge blog now calls this a depression beyond the 1929 Great Depression) confine us in our homes; kill small business and for Bishops to end public offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (deprive us of Jesus and Sacramental Grace).

        The statistics don’t back it up. Italy is the worst, and even they are below their normal flu season statistics.

        Media is lying. It is fake news. They have perfected the dark art. Communists excel at disinformation.

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