Diocese of Phoenix cancels all public Masses

Additional Confession times in open air spaces encouraged. I won’t be making any more commentary or updates about this. The move is in compliance with the recommendation issued during the presidential address today: No groups of more than ten people.

4 thoughts on “Diocese of Phoenix cancels all public Masses”

  1. It really makes you wonder what the REAL reason behind all this production is – and how much is scripted, and how much is taking advantage of a good story? To borrow a quote, the one thing we can be sure is false is the official narrative.

  2. Tonight there were about 12 of us at “private” Mass and Novena to St. Joseph. And there were about 100 at “private” Mass on Sunday. Is this 10 number nation wide? Since I’m out of work, I planned on attending Mass daily. I’ll keep all updated.

  3. The evil elite are no longer using their “boiling a frog” strategy. They’re throwing frogs in already boiling water… and sealing the lid.

    First it was 50, now it’s 25, now it’s 10. The fact that all these rules and regulations are arbitrary and inconsistent certainly points to the influence of diabolical forces.

    Lord, if there are any holy priests left on this Earth, a lot of people could use a bilocation miracle…

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