New prayers added to (after) all FSSP Masses

Pretty much everyone turned up for Mass this morning. No Masses have been cancelled here. No one has been dispensed except the elderly, the infirm, and the vulnerable. Our bishop explained the situation via video press release Friday, along with common sense precautions. All of the above was reiterated from the pulpit today.

The FSSP North American District Superior, Fr. Michael J. Stinson, has ordered the following prayers to be said at the foot of the altar after all Masses, including High Masses.

The priest and the people recited their parts in Latin.

It seems to me that there remains something deeply mysterious about this virus, in terms of its nature, its exposure, and possibly its provocation. How can a pathogen behave quite mildly in the vast majority of those infected, yet be so deadly to anyone already compromised? Is that even true? Is there something we still aren’t being told?

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  1. I’ve been traveling domestically and in Europe for the past month – and I feel just fine. Maybe it’s my excellent anti-social skills combined with a love for citrus fruit and red wine? But, if anyone should be on my deathbed according to the media, it should be me.

    What I find disturbing is how complicit the American people have become, overnight, to all this hysteria. Last week, while on the road, I popped into a supermarket for a demi-liter of wine and was shocked to see since panic buying.

    And today, I attended Mass at an SSPX chapel and here’s what was announced within a very long statement …

    “If there are government rulings regarding canceling or reducing the size of gatherings, we will follow the lawful government orders.”

    Well, I won’t. If I have to be the only person brave enough to leave my prison home and pray outside a barricaded door to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, I’ll do it.

    Death to freemasonry. Christ the King now and forever!

  2. Res ipsa loquitur. The thing speaks for itself if not slaughtered en route.

    Now pass the red.

    Update NYC. Cardinal Ha-Ha, ever-oblivious but attempting to curry favor with a man who detests him, viz antipope Bergoglio, cancels all Masses in like eight counties. A courageous pastor says: “we’ll be offering private Masses (on the regular schedule); and the doors of the Church will be open.”

    300 people at the Old Mass. Confession besides. (This hardened old cynic took advantage of both offering.)

    Update Archdiocese of Newark. All Masses cancelled. By Fats Tobin, card-carrying member of the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church.

    Update Brooklyn Diocese: the only Catholic among them, orders all Masses a go, and dispenses anyone who wishes from the obligation.

    Doors shuttered in NYC, Yonkers, millions of Catholics locked out of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

    “…That out of the hearts of many their thoughts may be laid bare.”

  3. God is fed up with sacrilegious communions (contraception is very prevalent and is a mortal sin and Masses are mostly NO and very few confessions). He is giving stronger and stronger warnings. We are running out of chances. We need Pope Benedict to order all the bishops to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For this we need EVERYONE to be praying the Rosary and to consecrate themselves to Mary, our Blessed Mother.

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