3 thoughts on “If only there were some visible sign that something is very wrong and how can we tell where the antichurch might be?”

  1. It honestly mystifies me as to how anyone can come up with this crap…

    It’s like what God did to the people of Babel… except this time Bergolio had his reading comprehension confused.

    That or there’s some other version of the Bible floating around and Bergolio never noticed, and Scalfari doesn’t have the heart to tell him, so in Bergolio’s mind he’s perfectly orthodox…

    Come Good Friday, he’ll be telling us that the Crucifixion account tells us the problem: where people divide into two camps and don’t want to get along, because Pilate was really Trump and wouldn’t allow the Jews the right to protest against him in public and elect a new representative who matched their ethnicity.

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