Russia Russia Russia OMG CORONOVIRUS!

Deep State gonna Deep State. Is every federal agency overrun with traitorous liars? Mmmmaybe. Take a look at what follows, and ask yourself, if this weren’t intended specifically to incite panic, how would you have written it differently?

Last Monday, 24 February, the CDC posted the following on

“More cases are likely to be identified in the coming days, including more cases in the United States. It’s also likely that person-to-person spread will continue to occur, including in the United States. Widespread transmission of COVID-19 in the United States would translate into large numbers of people needing medical care at the same time. Schools, childcare centers, workplaces, and other places for mass gatherings may experience more absenteeism. Public health and healthcare systems may become overloaded, with elevated rates of hospitalizations and deaths. Other critical infrastructure, such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, and transportation industry may also be affected. Health care providers and hospitals may be overwhelmed. At this time, there is no vaccine to protect against COVID-19 and no medications approved to treat it.”

As of this writing, it’s still posted. HERE

Guess what? Mission Accomplished! Russia, Ukraine, muhImpeachment, never mind, now we have…

Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 08.44.49


Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 08.48.37

Think this is just politics? Everything is fair game?

Have you checked your 401k? The CDC just crashed the S&P 500 by 10% in five days.

Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 08.06.58

How do you think the travel industry is doing with all those flights to Asia either empty or cancelled?

American Airlines has lost a third of its value since 12 February.

Screenshot 2020-02-29 at 08.38.22

I’m on nine flights in the month of March (all domestic), and I can’t wait to see the nonsense at the airports.

The virus qua virus almost certainly poses little risk in the U.S., at least as compared to the normal everyday flu, which will kill THOUSANDS more Americans than COVID-19 ever will. The verbiage in the CDC advisory is borderline hysteria. However, the potential to politically profit from it will tempt the traitors toward intentionally worsening the situation in other ways. Did you see twitter this week?

You do realize how much “stuff” we buy from China, right? You can imagine a scenario where the downstream consequences of this thing are pretty meaningful, right? Who needs an old Access Hollywood tape when there are bare shelves at Wallymart three weeks before the election.

6 thoughts on “Russia Russia Russia OMG CORONOVIRUS!”

  1. I think (hope) soon people are going to catch on to this coronavirus B.S. Do I think something happened in China? Yes, and it’s probably 100x worse than what they’re saying. I’m highly suspicious that a biological factory of some sort had a leak. But, now all of a sudden, in just a couple of weeks, this is a global pandemic spreading across every small , remote village in the world.

    How stupid do these Freemasons think we are? The above screen shot from The NY Times outs this entire scam. Trump’s about to be re-elected by a landslide because the democrats are in a free-fall. So, take advantage of the flu season and call it Trumpvirus. Again, how stupid do these freemasonic scumbags think we are?

  2. A developing scenario leading to November elections? The impending need for a National QUARANTINE will surely come about… postponing the elections until further notice. Yes, Trump will remain in office until a safer time for elections arrive. But… the Swampsters will be quite content by the stalling since Trump did not yet achieve his 2nd term in office. And… the Swamp will have all the more time afforded them to find a way to totally oust Trump. Is Coronavirus real?…. indeed it is most deadly. And precisely to the point that the Swamp Monsters will literally kill however many it may take to accomplish their devilish goals. Expect a National Quarantine come November.

  3. I wonder if this was written before we have heard the news about the first fatality in Colorado, a lady in her 50’s with a pre-existing condition, but that can be anything. And 50’s isn’t 80’s, it’s certainly not elderly.
    Hey I hope with all my heart the naysayers are right, but one fatality already, doesn’t bode well.
    Please God, be with us, amen.

  4. Sounds like something coming out of Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee or one of Nancy Pelosi’s talking points at one her press conferences.

    It’s not “Russia, Russia, Russia” but “China, China, China”!

    The facts are irrefutable: this strain of virus came from the Wuhan district of China and was being reported by the locals as early as Dec 1, but without current knowledge of who patient “zero” was. It, therefore, was probably going around before then in the outlying regions of Wuhan during October/ November with its 2 week incubation period for symptoms to show.

    China ARRESTED those who reported the initial outbreak in Wuhan including an Opthalmologist who was forced to sign documents stating that he was lying. He later died from treating an asymptomatic patient who was a carrier. As he stated, “He got careless.”

    China let the Corona virus spread with no proactive measures until the middle of January as massive amount of traveling was already underway as Chinese citizens were preparing for the 2 week festival of the Lunar New Year in their home provinces. As a result, China had to take draconian measures to stop it’s spread as people were literally dropping dead on the streets.

    Had not President Trump take the advice from those who are in the CDC and in the NIH and others to stop flights from coming into the U.S. from China and to quarantine those U.S. citizens airlifted from China and the stranded cruise ship off the coast of Japan, we would be in a total meltdown as this virus swept through entire communities here in the U.S.

    Case in point. Milan, Italy’s garment industry employs Chinese workers. Initial outbreak was 4 that was reported on February 21. It jumped to over 100 by the end of the weekend and 1 week later, It’s up over 600 with 10 dead. From Italy, it spread to Spain, Greece, UK and Romania. And that was AFTER the regional quarantine.

    In South Korea where there were no travel restrictions from China, they now have a 1000 cases that came from ONE WOMAN.

    The CDC notification is the WORST SCENE SCENARIO BASED ON PROVEN DATA as to how quickly it can spread.

    If the “deep state”, Russia or the Ukraine wants to cause a panic or to sow distrust against the competency or motives of those who are monitoring to contain a community outbreak, then they are being very successful.

    The new cases just reported are not travel related. So, the virus is making its way through the general population. Most people who get this virus will recover. Those who have underlying health issues and the elderly are at high risk.

    Right now, those who are coming into our country from affected regions of Italy and S. Korea will be tested before being allowed to come into the U.S. Anyone who has traveled to Iran 2 weeks prior are not allowed in.

    In the meantime, it’s business as usual. Stay home if you are sick, wash hands frequently, use sanitizer, cover your coughs and sneezes and keep your distance from those who show symptoms of being ill.

    So, with that being said, what does Russia and the Ukraine have anything to do with what appears to me as a very reasonable measured response to what has the potential of making thousands of people sick with the Corona virus here in the U S.?

    Maybe, I should ask Adam Schiff about this.

  5. Mark, no doubt you are right about the Demonrats making political hay of this. But I am afraid you are wrong about it posing little threat to the U.S. The nature of the virus has not been explained well to the public, indeed the MSM was strangely incurious about it until this week. It’s been known since late January that the virus has several features which make it MUCH more dangerous than the flu. Do you think the Communist Party would shut down China’s entire economy (not an exaggeration) if this were an average virus? The worst things about it: it has a long asymptomatic incubation period, during which people are infectious. Unlike the flu, it spreads via droplets AND aerosols — i.e., it hangs in the air a long time. It survives on surfaces for over a week. It has a very high complication rate — 15% get pneumonia, contrast that with the flu’s .01%, which means it has the potential to swamp our medical facilities if it spreads too rapidly.

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