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Original reportage and additional links HERE.

This is an algorithmic translation directly from Antonio Socci’s public Facebook page HERE:


Reliable internal sources at the Vatican rebuild the story. The book “From the Bottom of our Hearts” is clearly of Benedict XVI and the card. Sarah (as they unequivocally demonstrate the letters between the two made notes by Sarah). Everything was decided and agreed by common agreement from the beginning.
The before – when the part in defense of the ecclesiastical celibacy was anticipated – in the Vatican the loose erupted because bergoglio was furious.
In fact that authoritative statement of Benedict xvi prevents him from sitting the ecclesiastical celibacy as he would have planned to do in the next exhortation exhortation. So he himself called mons. Gaenswein, who is secretary of Benedict XVI, but also prefect of the pontifical house of Bergoglio and – furious – ordered him to remove the name of Benedict XVI from the cover of that book (cannot expect to change the texts of the book). Bergoglio demanded a full and total rejection. This is why the first filtered news talked about sources “close to Benedict XVI” according to which benedetto had not written a four-hands book with Sarah, nor approved the cover (i.e. his signature to volume). This though was not true and Benedict XVI could not accept to say false accusing the card implicitly. Sarah to have involved him without his consent. Neither Pope Benedict had any intention of eat what he wrote in defense of celibacy in that volume.
In fact the card. Sarah immediately made notes the letters between them, which showed that the book was wanted by both, and certainly he made notes with the consent of Benedict XVI. To restore the truth.
On the other hand blessed was also found in the need to shelter his secretary from the South American ” feuds since he had received a peremptory order of Bergoglio.
This is how this compromise solution was adopted: in the editions of the book following the first the author of the book will be the card. Sarah “with the contribution of Benedict xvi”. the text of the book in any case remains equal.
With this messy compromise the court Bergogliana can tell the media that “Benedict XVI has withdrawn the signature from the book” (although it is not true) and however in fact the book remains such and which, with the signing of Sarah and the name of Benedict XVI Author of the agreed parts.
A bad story of clerical arrogance that eventually aims to gag Benedict XVI.
However, there is the question of background: if Bergoglio, in his exhortation, gives the celibacy (with the order of the “Viri Probati”) in fact he puts himself in direct contrast with the doctrine of the church reaffirmed these days by Pope Benedict XVI . So it takes responsibility for a serious and pregnant tear.

Antonio Socci




  1. The leftist movement is global and seeks to control both the City of Man (global government – Soros, Clinton, EU, Obama etc) and the City of God (the Catholic Church – the Pope as Dictator to slaves).

    I first noticed their (leftists) method to persuade me and other conservatives and orthodox like me (they already have the leftist likeminded) in the prelude to President Trump’s election. Though personal conversations with liberal (leftist) friends who shared my (then) dislike of Donald John Trump with typical variation on politics, I suddenly had a moment of clarity; literally as if a light bulb was turned on in mid-conversational stream: everything I thought I knew about the man (Trump) and the GOP (vis conservative) politics in general was driven by the central hidden lies of “Fake News”, or, the Ministry of Propaganda, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, “Minitrue” in Newspeak.

    I was a dupe (an increasingly doubting and questioning dupe) for decades. *Everything* they say is a lie. All of it, lies. I was literally shaking my head for days, processing this paradigm shift.

    Since that moment, a few weeks prior to the election, I voted for Trump and have become one of his staunchest defenders. That moment of illumination has been confirmed as accurate over and over again.

    And yes, I see the same pattern repeated in leftist, satanic driven efforts to subsume the Holy Catholic Church into their demonic leftist humanist ideology. They have “stolen a march” on Catholics, unaware of the threat behind their lines of defense.

    Anyone who fails to acknowledge this now is guilty of willful deception. They are like the Never-Trumps who will hold their position whatever the cost because they have pridefully invested too much in a disastrously incorrect opinion at the moment of greatest need. It becomes harder and harder to admit error (“defeat” only from the perspective of pride) with their every public utterance and choice against the good.

    Conservative commentators literally side with leftists on politics just to take down the object of their error and thus their hate.

    I see (previously) orthodox Catholics committing similar error: siding with, defending, explaining away what until a few years ago was unthinkable apostasy.

    Time is not their friend, as it becomes more and more gross, obvious, sulphuric.

    I sincerely hope all Catholics of good-will find the humility necessary to forget all else and focus on the Truth, whatever the cost. The paradigm shift has (perhaps) begun. Everyone must choose a side in this divinely inspired time of moral choice and clarity.

  2. y’know Aqua, I was thinking about this EXACT topic just this morning….most notably the likes of skojec and hillary white. They will never, ever, ever admit they were wrong. I seriously believe they would prefer hellfire to admitting they were wrong.

    1. Susan, I had a response to you on the topic, but WordPress ate it and won’t let me try again.

      Perhaps Mark can fix it for another try (I saved it … this happens to me (!) and I’ve learned to save prior to posting.

      Either way, I sympathize with the tendency toward self-protection. It is natural to our sin nature – pride the elemental sin, something we all struggle with in his “veil”. But, the times need us all to forget the ego and get some clear eyes and a clear conscience. We need everyone singing off the same sheet of music and that is not ever going to happen under this antipope and whoever, whatever comes next while the apostasy yet remains … burning it all to the ground with a will.

  3. Susan, I understand the feeling. I think we have all felt it. I had some level of this myself, prior to the election of Trump (so I’ve been there) seen it as a former Protestant with my family and friends. There is a prideful need to be “right”. It is difficult, after public commitment, to acknowledge error; especially so for those as public as Skojec and White. Forget about the money – irrelevant to them imo. It is a significant level of ongoing, personal commitment to public error on a matter of existential Catholic importance that would be very hard to overcome.

    I *am not*, *am not* (*am not*) comparing them to Judas who stands as a warning to us all. But ….. Why did Judas commit the sin of despair?! Jesus Himself offered Judas forgiveness. At the end, he knew he was wrong but couldn’t admit to Jesus (first) or himself or the public (last) so that death itself was preferable to life.

    Why? Because, everything important he thought he knew in life was wrong. The reason he signed up to be an Apostle; his reading of ancient Scripture and prophecy; the nature of the promised Messiah … all.wrong. And he could not admit that his whole life was wrong and that his relationship to this “man” who “called himself Messiah” was a lie, all along.

    That is the essence of pride. It is the mother of all sin. It is the hardest of sins to recognize; he hardest to admit once you do recognize. Sodomy is easy. Theft, Murder … easy to recognize and admit. Pride? Deadly. Primal. It goes back to Eve, Lucifer before her.

    I cast stones at no one. I only know that this sin is a “mudder”. I hope there is nothing that prevents our brothers and sisters (myself included) from reconciling with Truth, once recognized by.the.light.of Grace!

    1. @Aqua: Exactly, precisely, articulately what my personal boogey man has been: Betrayal from myself for believing sincerely and “omnisciently” that I had “it” (whatever ‘it’ was) right; I’d figured ‘it’ all out (by the grace of God, of course).

      I, too, hope that “there is nothing that prevents our brothers and sisters, [children and friends (and enemies)] from reconciling with Truth, once recognized…” That said, the reality and power of Spiritual Warfare shows itself starkly and all the closer to home, state, nation, and world.

      By the by, I often copy your comments for future reference–the file is labeled “Aqua says”. Your time is well-occupied, but perhaps, as ‘susan’ suggested, you and Mr. Docherty could work out a tag-team effort here at Non Veni Pacem. Thank you.

      1. Islam_Is Islam, that’s really kind of you to say. And it puts into context all of the blocks I’ve ever had and the angry people whose hair I (unintentionally) set on fire.

        Over the years (!) of commenting, thinking, discussing on these public forums I’ve learned a lot about myself and others from a human-nature perspective. I (hopefully) grow spiritually, but also grow in my ability to “listen” without taking offense.

        And, beyond that, there are just some really quality people out there in the Catholic Church. We see each other at the Parish (preferably); we also meet from time to time on a message board (that’s ok too). Someday, through God’s Grace, we’ll meet in that “crowd” before the Throne of God, where all is revealed and made known … and everyone can sing with perfect pitch.

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