Proving once again that this is NOT the Kobayashi Maru test

Antipope doing antipope stuff.

Demonstrating who he really is.


Is this Christ’s Vicar on Earth?

13 thoughts on “Proving once again that this is NOT the Kobayashi Maru test”

  1. Me thinks the brave lady is saying a few words on behalf of her betrayed, suffering Chinese people to their betrayer.

    “Suffer not the little children to come unto me”, says our gentle Lord.

    “Get your filthy hands off me”, says this imposter.

    The mask is off this man. We know who you are. Everyone knows, though not everyone admits.

  2. For let resolve in the New Year to pray for both Pope Benedict and anti-pope Bergoglio. Pope Benedict’s decision to take the Kobayashi Maru test, surely, with God’s help, will make him the ultimate winner.

    A Happy and Blessed 2020 to everyone. It should be very interesting and useful for our salvation, especially when we remember God’s uses the devil to fulfill His plans. Our faith is the basis for our optimism.

  3. Wasn’t there at least one canonized saint who at one time held the title of anti-pope? Maybe we should be careful to not equate the title, anti-pope, with the behavior of the man who holds that title at this time. I mean his anti-pope-ness doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with how he acts and what he says. In fact just as it is important to not associate the divinity of the Papal Office with the humanity of the man who occupies it, it is probably equally important not to associate the significant title of anti-pope with the vileness of the man who is labeled such. There’s enough confusion out there with people wanting him removed because he’s bad and not because he’s an anti-pope. They’d be fine with his anti-pope status if he were good; they would see no need to acknowledge Pope Benedict’s renouncement issues.

  4. Islam_Is Islam, St. Hippolytus was the first antipope, *reconciled* to the second successor of true Pope Callixtus, now Saint with a Feast Day.

    Reconciled. Which also implies *submission*. Unity. “That they may be one, as we, Father, are One”, (John 17: 20-23). Big, big difference.

    The Papacy has now been altered by violence by this man and Pope Benedict XVI. That is the only fact that matters because absent the grace of God, the Holy Office has zero power to govern for Christ.

    Bergoglio’s actions, good or bad, do not determine whether he should stay or go. His actions, rather, determine whether he is or is not Pope; is or is not Catholic.

    Can’t have two Popes in an expanded forever new Papacy.

    Can’t have a Pope promulgating heresy from the Throne.

    Both of these are not just “bad”. They are disqualifying.

    The overthrow of the Holy Office by Masons, Communists, Indifferentist Modernists has been prophesied by Holy Mother Church: compiled at this link. If Bergoglio repents, as Callixtus did, and makes amends for his sins, then he can also be a Saint. Until then, as this list proves, be forewarned.

  5. Heard the new rap song yet, MD? It begins:
    Don’t be a Dope
    Don’t be a Snitch
    Be like da [anti]Pope
    Smack dat B-tch
    Smack dat B-tch

  6. She abused him! We are not a nanny state but a granny state! We need priests to slap them back to work instead of harlequin religion and trump dolls. Retirement should be at ninety minus five years for every natural kid.

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