All Hallows Eve – Vigil of All Saints

Alas, we lost this one in the 1962 “reforms.”
From my trusty 1948 hand missal:

The preparing by a solemn vigil for the celebration of All Saints Day probably dates from the eighth century, when November 1 was fixed for the celebration of the feast. (Imagine the hubris of men who thought nothing of jettisoning something that worked fine for twelve centuries) The fast on this vigil is of universal observance. As on other vigils, Holy Mass is celebrated in purple vestments, and the liturgy throughout is of a penitential character.
Let our life here on earth be lived by us with the help of God’s grace, as a preparation for an eternity happy with God in His Heavenly home.

Collect: O Lord, our God, multiply Thy graces upon us, and grant that joy may follow in the holy praise of those whose glorious festival we anticipate. Through our Lord.

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