Why bother actually blogging when you can just cut and paste from twitter for ten minutes and spend the rest of your day with family?

I mean, it’s getting to the point where you can’t tell the parody accounts apart from the actual Marxists. But it sure is entertaining.
The Bergoglians have been very busy, rushing to defend the demon worship in the Vatican gardens yesterday. One wonders what they will say once the real fireworks start.

Datz Waysist!

Luckily, there is ample visual evidence of what was really going on, because God loves us and wants us to see the truth.

Click on that video. Yes, they are **LITERALLY** bowing to idols. In the middle of the Vatican. With Bergoglio in attendance.
And then today we had this at Mass:

Do click the video, it is indeed stunning.
Also, notice the Amazonian witch goddess idol made it to the altar:
But is any of this really so surprising when the bishop in white thinks all religions are willed by God, and is happy to accept demonic “blessings” from pagan witches? Are you still betting on this guy being the one true pope of the one true faith?

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  1. “Will the real Pope please stand up?”
    A thought came to me in Mass today. We – I – have been unfair to our dear friend Jorge.
    An antipope is a man who pretends to be Pope but isn’t. We’ve made much, here and elsewhere, of the assertion that if Benedict is still Pope, Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio is an antipope. What we have not admitted is the converse – that, if Francis is Pope, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is an antipope. We need to remain fair and balanced, considering the problem from every angle.
    Of course, this revelation isn’t exactly groundbreaking. But if we set aside temporarily the question of which is the real pope, then instead wouldn’t it be helpful to ask, ‘Which man is most likely the antipope?’
    A real headscratcher, that one. A puzzler for the ages.

  2. Yesterday in a reply on this site, I expressed concern that if this sham-synod succeeds, it will lead to potentially millions of souls worldwide falling into jeopardy. Even more disturbing than the dancing witchy woman doing her thing – in a CHURCH – during MASS, are the above Twitter posts. These poor souls are already boarding the cruise of the River Styx. Why? Because Antipope Bergoglio is showing them the way and because he’s “Pope Francis” that means all of this is o.k. and any criticism or authentic Catholic rebuttal is RAAACIST!!!! Dear Lord in your mercy, make this satanic pagan-fest fail!

  3. The Birth of the Antichrist
    The Basilica of Nursia lay in ruins on Oct. 30 *, 2016 on the feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, as established by Pope Pius XI (the Polish bishop as he personally described his ecclesiastical dignity). The only thing left of the noble edifice was the facade, that the guts of the Church, the holy Catholic faith, had already been ripped out by the infernal enemy.
    “Rome will lose faith” … – The Blessed Virgin prophesied this in La Salette in 1846, but then, already at the time of Bl. Pius IX, the church’s freemasonry feverishly worked to ridicule Her messages and make a madwoman with Melanie Calvat.They have done their job: the Saletinian Fathers claim to this day that this is a false prophecy, although the course of events in the Vatican shows their authenticity.
    … “and become the seat of the Antichrist”. It happened: the false prophet Jorge the Apostate, participating, on October 4th, in a pagan ritual, tenderly embraced a figurine of a pregnant „false Hebrew nun”, who on the lawn in the Vatican Gardens gave birth to an incarnate Satan: this wooden boy without a pampers on a blanket. We will soon find out his identity: he is an elderly man, because his grandmother was born on September 29th,1896(!). It happened on feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, to whom the Lord Jesus entrusted with an unimaginably difficult task: “Rebuild my Church.” And what was to be done, the Poverello? (In this context his nickname is the most adequate.) At Christmas AD1223 he erected a rocky manger in Greccio (Lazio). For whom? After all, Jesus Christ the Savior was born 1223 years earlier. So who is this hard cradle for? For the another Comforter, the Paraclete, the Anointed of God who will fight and defeat Antichrist with the breath of his mouth. Where did he come from? Our Mother the Holy Church will give birth to him in the midst of persecution that has never happened before and will not be there later.
    October 7th, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
    * Vigil to Saint Quentin, Martyr – The Eldest Daughter of the Church, i.e. France, still matters and together with the ‘Fifth’ (‘Quintus’) will again light up the darkness of the world.

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