Libs and cinos with another own goal, shifting the antipapacy Overton Window further against their own cause. Yea!

Controlled Opposition, or Dunning-Kruger?
I don’t know, but this is getting really interesting.
Mike Lewis used the word “Antipope” in a headline, as a scare tactic, and the usual suspects clutched pearls. The beautiful thing about it is that he offers proof after proof of exactly what he sets out to refute! You must go read the whole thing. False Base Premise Syndrome in living color. HERE
If this keeps up, ‘#antipope’ will be trending on twitter. And maybe it will force ++Burke to finally take a stand. His letter yesterday with Bishop Schneider is still too weak.


12 thoughts on “Libs and cinos with another own goal, shifting the antipapacy Overton Window further against their own cause. Yea!”

  1. Oh, now they want public proclamations of fealty?
    “After Amoris Laetitia, the time has come for Pope Francis to publicly affirm his support for essential Dogma, contained in 5 simple Dubia questions”.
    First that. He’s supposed to be the leader, Shepherd, Father. He should start. Then we can go from there.

  2. If Francis answered the Dubia orthodox-ly he still wouldn’t be pope. After all the water under the bridge and over the gunwales—we’ve all seen that Antipope Francis the Apostate has been methodically and intentionally flooding the decks, opening the hatches, destroying the bilgepumps and torching the lifeboats for nearly seven years now—would you take this man’s word that all of a sudden mirabili dictu he’s become Catholic?
    As the Romans say: Facta non verba.
    The shifting of the Overton window, however: now that’s highly significant. It means we—primarily gadflies like our host and Miss Bernhardt and believe it or not the valiant Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò even though he doesn’t yet subscribe to the theory—have framed the debate. To frame the question is to choose the terrain to wage the battle.
    Once people start asking at the water cooler and the Sunday coffee & donut social: “Could Francis be an Antipope!” it could be game over for the clerical Homosexual Network Strangling the Church. And their chief.
    Because the facts fit. The theory of Francis as Antipope explains—and explains in the simplest Occam’s Razor manner—the entire phenomenon of purposeful shipwreck we’ve witnessed for the past seven years.

  3. Brother B: He’s not the Pope so he *can’t* answer the Dubia correctly.
    I believe the Divine Protection guarantee works both ways.
    Antipopes, by definition, are not led by Christ. And it’s either one or the other.

    1. That’s an interesting insight. It also implies that, at least for the antipope himself, there’s no way to be mistaken about one’s true status – at least for long. And have we not seen this with Jorge?

  4. The idea of giving “religious submission of intellect and will” to Bergoglio’s teachings makes my skin crawl. I’d be more than happy to profess I don’t submit to this man as the Supreme Pontiff. (Where do I get in line?!)
    About these guys’ choice of words, I can’t say it’s all bad myself. Pressing people to deny that Bergoglio’s an antipope only helps, not hinders, raising the question of whether he really is an antipope.

    1. “ Pressing people to deny that Bergoglio’s an antipope only helps, not hinders, raising the question of whether he really is an antipope.” Yes, that was the whole point of my post. Overton window.

  5. “And maybe it will force ++Burke to finally take a stand.”
    The weight on Burke’s conscience to take a clear and open stand against “Pope” Francis increases by the day. Courage must triumph over prudence. For the salvation of his soul he must do this. Let us pray that he does.

  6. Yes indeed, Mark et alia—
    The Cross-examanation of Cardinal Burke by the Left is a Seismic Shift in the Overton Window. Lord be praised.
    I would also note several other commentators and commend their Yeomen’s Effort in effecting said Seismic Shift—
    Bishop René Gracida our Texican-Mexican Cajun Good Shepherd. In this fine company—the gadfly brigade— are first and foremost Antonio Socci who’s singlehandedly battling across the Pond on the Continent; and also Liz Yore and her fearless reportage on the whitened-sepulchral Network; as well as Fred Martinez and Tancred, all of whom and several deserve a most honorable mention.
    Happy Feast of the Great St Isaac Jogues, Jacques de Brebeuf & Co. From a time When Jesuits were men.

  7. My bet is on Cdl Sarah together with Bp Gracida over Cdl Burke to take the lead in an open stand on the examination of BiP. To rif on the Sound of Music, “How to solve a problem like Bergoglio” is to go back to ground zero, the valid renouncement of the Petrine Ministry being sold as the Big Lie: a Universal and Peaceful Acceptance of a valid renouncement of the Papal Office. As should be examined, the resignation of the munus in accord with Can 332.2 never happened–Pope Benedict’s intentions and motivations aside. Bergoglio’s reign of terror is the Big Lie and that which DISTRACTS from an examination of “ground zero”–the resignation question, “From what did our Holy Father Pope Benedict freely and validly resign in February of 2013?”

    1. To see a man like Cardinal Sarah rise up in defense of Truth would be an awesome, fear (the good kind) inspiring spectacle.
      I agree with you. Defense will come from where it is least expected. When it comes it will blow wickedness away.

  8. “Taking @cardinalrlburke’s statements to their logical conclusion, @mfjlewis fears, ‘The clear implication … is that he thinks Francis hasn’t taught anything magisterial because he doesn’t believe Francis is pope.'”
    The logic of mfjlewis is is incontestable!!! Christ gave the Keys of the Kingdom to Peter whereby He will bind in heaven what Peter binds on earth and will unbind in heaven what Peter loosens on earth. But Christ CANNOT and WILL NOT bind in heaven what He has either not taught or has taught against nor WILL He unbind in heaven what what He has taught. Yet, Francis is, as it were, challenging Christ to bind precisely what Christ cannot bind in heaven by binding on earth, through official Acts whereby he supposedly legalizes that which is against what Christ taught must be believed or what Christ taught was immoral (whether it be an Apostolic Exhortation or the inclusion of immoral actions in the AAS). The conclusion is that Francis CANNOT BE POPE, and Cardinal Burke, in holding that the Papal Acts of Francis are not magisterial, i.e., official teachings and legitimate actions, must admit that Francis is NOT Pope. In other words, to say that Francis is Pope and then deny that he can make make his ACTS Magisterial (Official) is a contradiction in terms.

  9. Ah, cool, pure logic.
    Once you understand Truth, in all its logical, mathematical, revelatory precision … there is no man, challenge or obstacle on earth that can cause one to doubt his choices, decisions, path.
    Martyrs willingly went to the stake because they had Truth, as you describe it here. St. John Cardinal Fisher willingly offered his head to the axe, because he had clarity of Truth in his soul.
    And also grace. To be a martyr requires much grace to apply what we know, to what we must do.
    To those not so blessed it is a trauma and a trial. I pray for knowledge, illumination, grace. May those in authority who believe be likewise bountifully blessed.
    Thank you Fr Dbelland, for this. Not always easy to see, but God always provides a way.

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