“Pseudo-schismatic Christian paths, which will not end well”

If you call Bergoglio true pope, are you preparing to be excommunicated? You should be.

He spoke about another ideology he calls “rigorist,” which he told reporters is “the ideology of an antiseptic morality” that takes no account of the real lives of the faithful and the obligation of pastors to guide them away from sin and toward living the Gospel.
“There are many schools of rigidity within the Catholic Church today which are not in schism, but are pseudo-schismatic Christian paths, which will not end well,” he said. HERE

Taking the prize for negative levels of introspection:

“When ideology takes the place of doctrine, he said, there is the danger of a split in the Christian community.”

I mean, he is pure ideology, nothing else. And yes, he is the one causing schism. So I guess he gets a point for that one, even though (trigger warning – soccer reference ahead) it’s an own goal?
And finally, a Double Whopper with Cheese:

The pope cited those who say, “The pope is too communist” because of his criticism of unbridled capitalism and its negative impact on the poor. “The social things I say are the same things John Paul II said. The very same. I copy him.”

I’m no JPII fanboy, but the man did fight a lifelong battle against Communism, and largely won. Bergoglio slanders him here, either using him to lie to prove that he himself is not Communist, or lying about things JPII never said. Take your pick.
And oh by the way, maybe it’s just the translation, but did you catch the modifier? “The pope is too Communist…” Yes, we all wish you were just a little less Communist, old boy. Just dial it back a wee bit and we are totes BFFs.
As if it were okay for a true pope to be even 1% Communist.
Oh, and Magister reports that Bergoglio already approved Deacons simulating the Mass, as in, Abomination of Desolation. HERE

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  1. “I’m no JPII fanboy, but the man did fight a lifelong battle against Communism, and largely won.”
    This is very far off the mark. Communism isn’t defeated. Not even close. It’s on the march. We’re all wallowing in the errors of Russia which have been spread and it’s getting worse. Marxism is continuing to destroy the west and the world and it isn’t slowing down. And it won’t, either.
    There is only one means to finish it off, and our Lord sent His mother to tell us what needed to be done at Fatima. She was ignored, including by mr. ‘Totus Tuus’ himself, JPII.
    Has Russia converted to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church? No. Has there been a period of peace? Not even close. Mohammedans on the march, sodomites on the march, Christians being persecuted and martyred around the world, babies being slaughtered in the womb, the Church infested with heretics and sodomites…
    Russia was never consecrated as our Lord commanded through His mother. And so the errors continue to spread, and the peace has not been granted. And nothing will change for the better – nothing – until the instructions at Fatima are finally obeyed.
    Ronald Reagan fought a lifelong battle against communism. But his means were limited. Even as president his arsenal was temporal, economic, rhetorical, political. The Catholic Pope is the one who had the real “nuke,” handed to him by our Lady. They didn’t have the guts or the will to use it, including JPII.

    1. It is often darkest before the dawn. I see a grand fight in progress. The filth in the Church is fully exposed. Let us pray for a thorough cleansing that gives us the Mustard Seed Church…smaller but “bringing the good into the world,” to quote BXVI.

      1. That brings to mind a quip that a friend of my deceased husband used to say, “It’s always darkest before it’s completely black.” A little morgue humor there. To be sure we look to the East and to the dawn.

    2. I agree with you.
      JP II, in union with all the Bishops of the world, was ordered by God through Mary to consecrate Russia to the Sacred Hearts Of Mary and Jesus – each in their own Cathedral in solemn public ceremony.
      This order was ignored by the Pope and all the Bishops of the world. He chose different words and different form, not in unity with the Bishops of the world.
      The time was late, but the BVM offered us a way out and redemption. The Fathers failed. Judgement comes. Thanks be to God. Glory be to God. Only God’s glory and honor matter. Our judgement is certain and necessary. Pray, pray, pray.

      1. And the ‘deacon Masses’? Has anyone even begun to number the heresies involved in such things? Perhaps in 2013 I would have thought it was only a rumor that Bergoglio would sanction such things, but there’s no way I think an honest and informed Catholic could think that way now.

    1. I read a book whose background premise was America was taken over by Muslims, it’s Constitution replaced by Shariah. How was finally America conquered by the Muslims? No one cared. Media and political elites converted first, to keep power. The rest of America just shrugged their shoulders. Whatever, man.
      You have identified the mechanism of change (revolution). The agents of change care. No one else does.
      Female Priests? Homo marriage? Whatever.

      1. Vatican II turned most Catholics into Protestants, i.e, Christians in name only. And they would think it was about time married deacons said Mass given the priest shortage and all. Female priests might raise a few eyebrows. We have become the Church of Anything Goes. We have had our own Protestant Reformation–a silent schism.

      2. Michael, I am reminded of the centuries in which Catholics gave up everything to defend the Church in crusade after crusade. These were the days in which Cathedrals were built, Dogma was established, revealed, expanded and Christendom was formed, Muslims defeated at Lepanto etc. Catholic Liturgy, the Sacramental life, sanctification and holiness were the air we breathed. All society was oriented facing East toward the rising Sun.
        Lose the Faith, lose the Liturgy. Lose the Liturgy, lose Christ. Lose Christ, lose holiness and Gospel salvation. And into the void another Angel Of Light enters. We breath another kind of air. We forget what pure air smells like, sulphur is the new normal. Old Cathedrals collapse. New churches are functional boxes facing inward. We aspire to the spirit and soul of the world: entertainment to pass the time; luxuries to make the time bearable; state of the art hospitals to extend our time; a quick euthanized death when time can no longer be enjoyed. All society, oriented facing in.
        The Crusaders gave up everything to defend Holy Mother Church, Our Lady, Our Lord.
        Now? Slack jaw incomprehension. “The Pope is carrying a shaman stang stick? Huh.” “Our Priest is a woman? Yeah.” “The Pope just places a beach ball on the Holy Altar Of God? Funny!” “We have two Popes now? Cool.”
        Jorgé Bergoglió is precisely who we deserve. For not caring. For not rising up and slapping such sacrilegious fools in the face.

      3. Mark,
        Your articles and the comments they inspire are one of the few places I still go on the internet. I’ve largely turned the rest of it off.
        I get what I need to know here and a few other places (Canon 212 does the heavy lifting). Thanks for what you do, keeping the flame alive.

    2. Mr. Dowd, I am a product of Vatican II and I am motivated by the betrayal with which Our Lord’s Vineyard has been devastated. Indeed I am not silent; not with my NO pastor or with my eerily Bergoglio-like bishop. Are you silent, Mr. Dowd? People listen when I ask questions. I ask questions knowing that the pastor and bishop will likely tend to answer with a Modernist-leaning answer. I then ask a follow-up question like, “Would you mind more fully explaining based on what the Church teaches because in CCC ____ it says,” “____________________ . How does that connect with what you just said?” I am still allowed to ask questions and the others in the audience listen and ask me questions after the talks. I am not silent. I am respectfully quizzical, willing to be informed, and willing to inform.

      1. Islam_Is Islam: That is a template of how it should be done. Nice!
        I have a daughter in TX doing much the same thing. It is spreading as eyes are opened. Started with her and her very cool husband. Serious people listen and act.

  2. Bergoglio is the one who has abandoned the Catholic faith.
    Bergoglio had already betrayed the Catholic Church and God in Argentina.
    Bergoglio is the schismatic who separates himself from Catholic doctrine and from the Holy Trinity. The schism consists in joining Bergoglio in his rebellion against God and not in separating ourselves from him, in order to remain faithful to Christ and faithful to the Catholic Doctrine.
    Those who believe the great deception that Bergoglio is pope has placed a heretic over the Magisterium of the Church who has decreed invalidates and voids the elevation of a heretic.
    The Message of Our lady of La Salette: “Several will abandon the faith, and a great number of priests and members of religious orders will break away from the true religion; among these people there will even be bishops”.
    Bishop Athanasius Schneider warned that there is an inverted schism of bishops who are joining Bergoglio and at the same time are separating themselves from Catholic doctrine. Monsignor Athanasius Schneider: “There are priests and bishops who EVILY contradict the TRUTH OF GOD, and who by their pronouncements and actions are separating themselves from THE TRUTH OF THE CHURCH.”

    1. @Iaicosunidosencristo: Thank you for the citation of Abp Schneider regarding the bishops who are separating themselves from the truth of the Church.

  3. HE is the one that has separated himself from the Church of Christ! Bergoglio is an ‘out and PROUD’ Apostate. FULL. STOP.

  4. MD: “If you call Bergoglio true pope, are you preparing to be excommunicated?”
    Absolutely! But instead of scaring me, the whole idea makes laugh. I’m much in the spirit of Mark and Barnhardt (“Go ahead, Bergoglio. Make my day!”), and I don’t see how I couldn’t be if I believe Bergoglio’s an antipope.
    What I take seriously in the meantime is that many priests might deny me Holy Communion if they knew I denied FiP, since they might see me as schismatic. So to protect myself, I tend not to disclose my views to any priests. In my experience, people tend to lose all sense once they learn you’re a BiPper.

      1. MD: “Someone who believes FiP is BOUND to accept their own excommunication as true and valid.”
        Agree completely. It underscores Barnhardt’s point that, once we accept the FiP premise, only more problems will ensue, and having to consider oneself truly excommunicated, if Bergoglio ‘excommunicates’ you, would certainly be one of those problems of granting the FiP premise.

    1. NB: I mean to respond to the idea of _denying_ FiP, which could as well bring about its own excommunication from Francis Church.

  5. Islam_Is Islam says:
    September 11, 2019 at 5:17 pm
    “Mr. Dowd, I am a product of Vatican II….. Are you silent, Mr. Dowd? ”
    Congratulations on all of your efforts to bring light into darkness directly with your pastor, etc.
    My wife and I used to do what you do in the 1970’s and when raising our kids, fighting the Catholic School, pastor, etc. We gave up on that and started our own Catholic School and later my wife started a Orthodox Catechism program in a public school after hours with 100 kids. Later on myself and 5-6 other guys founded the Everest Academy https://everestcatholic.org/ Currently my efforts are confined to making comments on conservative Catholic sites, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc. I do get involved from time to time to sending Traditional material to the pastor and the priests from time to time but never received a response. I reduced my contributions to the parish and Bishop’s fund by 90% after send a note to the pastor, who again didn’t respond.
    We all do what we can do. God Bless you and your efforts.

    1. THANK YOU, Mr Dowd. And your wife. If I may be so bold to suggest that it is precisely because of your efforts and others’ like yours that Grace was/is poured out on me and others like me. I am drawn to think of and bask in that infinite ocean of Grace that Jesus gained for us and that each member of the body has the opportunity to cooperate with and add to. Your courage and outspoken-ness paves the way for mine. THANK YOU!!!!
      I can report that my pastor’s recent response during in a discussion about Capital Punishment was, “In all my years of being a priest, I have not seen the split so visible.” That was in reply to me saying, “I do absolutely 100% trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding Jesus’ Church. I just have reasonable and grave doubts that Bergoglio is even on board Jesus’ Church.”
      Mr. Dowd, do be encouraged, my pastor neither rebuked be nor has he refused me Holy Communion. He is thinking and doing what he knows at this time to be good for his sheep. He recently asked for a link to the transcript of the exorcists and demons from the 1970’s during a session with Anna Michelle, aka Emily Rose. In that transcript it is clear that the demons (under pain of authority to tell the truth) say that the rosary is a weapon, that communion rails need to go back, that priests must dress like priests, that communion in the hand is what Lucifer wants as well as Mass facing the people. My pastor is training to be an exorcist and admits that his formation to the priesthood lacked in training about not only this charism but also training in spiritual direction. His eyes are being opened and he is willing to be informed BUT unless spoken to face-to-face, he has mostly been silent.
      Do be encouraged, Mr. Dowd. Thank you for taking up the yeoman’s work in the 70’s and going forward as you have.

  6. “I was ex-communicated by the anti-pope false prophet forerunner of the Anti-Christ . . . and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

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