“A situation never before seen in the Church’s history”

Tell me more about how all of this is no big deal, this too shall pass, we’ve had lots of heretic popes, he hasn’t done anything SUPERbad yet, the catechism doesn’t have any magisterial weight, and we even had Alexander VI with seven children and twenty concubines. Besides, the question of Benedict’s abdication is a matter of infallible certainty, you know, yet we cannot possibly know what infallibility really is nor how it works nor what Christ really meant in Matt 16:19 nor Matt 18:18, and anyhoo nearly the entire Church was Arian at one point, so shut up.
I’m sorry, no. We have a Marxist/Globalist/non-Catholic usurper in white, a not dead not retired pope in white, and all of the filthy heretics being finally exposed – nay – exposing themselves, willingly. Prophesies being fulfilled left and right. Amazonian time bomb set to explode one month from today. If only I had a dime for every time I’ve written these words: The current situation is entirely unprecedented in the history of the Church. 
And guess what? The foremost living expert on Church history agrees.
Thank you, Cardinal Brandmüller.

“Some points of the synod’s Instrumentum laboris seem not only in dissonance with respect to the authentic teaching of the Church, but even contrary to it. The nebulous formulations of the Instrumentum, as well as the proposed creation of new ecclesial ministries for women and, especially, the proposed priestly ordination of the so-called viri probati arouse strong suspicion that even priestly celibacy will be called into question,” the cardinal wrote.
“We must face serious challenges to the integrity of the Deposit of the Faith, the sacramental and hierarchical structure of the Church and its Apostolic Tradition. With all this has been created a situation never before seen in the Church’s history, not even during the Arian crisis of the fourth and fifth century,” Brandmüller added.

Read the rest, as well as Cardinal Burke’s contribution, HERE
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6 thoughts on ““A situation never before seen in the Church’s history””

  1. Well said Mark–a perfectly accurate summary of the Church’s catastrophic situation. The Barque of Peter is sailing the hurricane waters of Vatican II captained by a devil inspired madman who claims he’s the Pope.

  2. Vigil, Birthday of Our Lady
    Your eloquent analogy, Mr. Dowd, was used some short years ago. You may recall, Pope Benedict himself in 2017 in his eulogy of Joachim Cardinal Meisner (read at the requiem Mass by the eerily ubiquitous Archbishop Gänswein) painted the picture of the storm-tossed Barque of St Peter, tossed by the stormwaters and gales of relativism, fed by prelates “under the dictatorship of the Spiritus Mundi.” Whoa. Let’s study on that for a moment.
    Benedict thanked the Lord that Cardinal Meisner was not like this, and prayed for more prelates in that mold. Of which sadly that prayer has to date gone unanswered except perhaps by the gallant Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.
    In any case, it occurred to this dumb sheep that monomaniacal Bergoglio, Antipope Francis, is playing the part of Ahab in this scenario, chasing at the same time adoring the Spiritus Mundi–be it the Spirit of the Age, or the Spirit of the World, or the Spirit of the Devil–and attempting to drive Holy Mother Church into its depths and thus utterly destroy Her. Benedict warned explicitly at the requiem that the Church was taking on water and was in danger of being swamped by these tides.
    Benedict thus has foreseen this attempt, and gives voice in this warning. Whom is he speaking of if not the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church (Remember the 300-page Dossier of December 2012 precipitating his faux resignation! Thus permitting the faux conclave and the Faux Pope), of which Antipope Francis is the undisputed, open, brazen head, chief and protector. Bergoglio’s monomania, however, is not explicable solely through this lens, but is rather clearly the utter destruction of Holy Mother Church–nothing other than this, and nothing less.
    First Fatima Saturday, however, so not to worry. “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”
    New York, New York
    September 7, 2019

    1. Thanks brotherbeowulf–
      I had no idea Benedict used some of the words I did–but he didn’t reference Vatican II which he stoutly defends and the devilish Bergoglio whom he praises. He beats around the bush. He equivocates. Hopefully, he has second thoughts about Vat II and is fearful for his life about our “Pope”.

  3. Perhaps the dam is cracking, only to burst after the upcoming synod? I’m not holding my breath, but I can’t imagine this will remain the same for much longer. And the SSPX? Is there really not one priest of the Society whose gone BiP? I haven’t heard of a single one yet.

  4. If I see mention of, or a picture of, that lightning strike, again, I shall scream. Lightning strikes are not meaningful. I will make an exception for one, if it occurs out of a clear blue sky, during a Wednesday audience, and it hits the proper target.

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