The Bride of Christ, caught in adultery?

Wait for the punchline.

The Lord is purifying his Bride and converting all of us to himself. He is letting us be put to the test in order to make us realize that without him we are simply dust. He is rescuing us from hypocrisy, from the spirituality of appearances. He is breathing forth his Spirit in order to restore the beauty of his Bride, caught in adultery.
“Pope” Francis, letter to priests, 4 August 2019. HERE

Except they got the translation wrong. Here is the Italian:

sorpresa in flagrante adulterio.

Caught in flagrant adultery; caught in the very act. We even use the term “in flagrante” in English.
This is sick. Is the Bride of Christ the Whore of Babylon?
Although I wonder, maybe he is just referring to the Cardinaliate as adulterers for calling a faux conclave in March of 2013, in violation of Canon 359, because they had no authority to do so while the See was still occupied? The analogy works, because they abandoned their true pope, ran off with a fake pope, and they continue their sordid affair to this day, every one of them in silence.
Alas, no, I don’t think that’s it.

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  1. And Rorate’s response? “Francis is Inspiring Many Good Priests and Bishops.” That’s the headline at least. But the body of the post baffles the mind even more.
    It’s said that “many good priests” are questioning “the frequent odd pronouncements of the Pope [sic] and of his closest advisers” in the “traditional way” — which is “by silently going on with their missionary work.”
    How on earth can a Catholic justify that?

  2. Can you imagine the fires of hell that await Bergoglio if he does not get over himself, show humility for once in his life, renounce satanism and seriously repent? By this point, it should be glaringly obvious to even the most lukewarm Catholics that antipope Jorge Bergoglio is at minimum, a blaspheming heretic and in all likelihood, a forerunner to the anti-Christ. As if his daily verbal blasphemies aren’t enough, just google a picture of him in front of the Blessed Sacrament: No reverence. No genuflection. No adoration. Nothing but pure hatred in his eyes as he glares at Our Lord in the monstrance. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart can’t come soon enough!

  3. BLASPHEMY!!! The Bride of Christ will never be an adulteress. How evil and vile and despicable! AND that Trad,Inc will take this kind of flagrant twisted thinking and word-smithing from the man they claim for their Holy Father is insanely corrupt! He sounds like Rev Sun Myung Moon who tied all his True Parents “spiritual” rhetoric to something sexual.
    Good catch on the analogy, Mark, but the fake bride running off with a fake pope might be a little off together since that would be fake adultery. The reality is that with the unnecessary fake conclave they’ve actually contracted a spiritual and physical marriage made in Hell. The Anti-Church with its Anti-Pope Francis and red-hatted attendants is faithful to Lucifer and the vow that they all shout together is, “Non serviam!”
    The Bride of Christ will never ever be unfaithful to the Bride Groom. What wicked and intolerable blasphemy to suggest such a thing.

  4. “He is letting us be put to the test…”
    Didn’t he say something about changing the Our Father because God doesn’t lead us to temptation?

    1. @Steven Cass: No, no, no. You have to go back to the original Greek (or was it Aramaic?) to get the REAL and truly TRUE meaning about that “being led into temptation thing”. Anyway, being ‘put to the test’ is not in the least the same as being led into temptation. ‘Putting’ is much different than ‘leading’ because ‘putting’ means you don’t have a choice while ‘leading’ means you can choose NOT to follow. Oh, wait….. Yeah, I see that mean old God MADE them do it. He PUT them to the test. IT”S ALL GOD”S FAULT! Yeah, that’s it.

  5. Its ok…
    as we knew, the Church (the REAL one) can not fail in faith…
    otherwise, the CONCILIAR church (the “thing” born at the cv2), has been in the bed with heretics, cismatics, atheism, sons of mahoma, etc.

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