Barnhardt Podcast #89 and the implicit desire to be officially excommunicated from the antichurch

We finally did a podcast! I am told it could become a regular thing.
My favorite part was an intense exchange between 22:00 – 27:00, wherein we take turns extolling the “good guys’ in the hierarchy, particularly within the Cardinaliate, to finally MAN UP and declare Bergoglio to be an antipope, declare him to have never been pope, and declare his entire faux pontificate expunged. Aggressive offense, not “prevent defense,” needs to be the gameplan. They all need to reflect on the probable outcome of their Particular Judgment should they continue to sit back and let an antipope and likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist to rape the Bride of Christ.
But oh, the fear of reprisals, the fear of losing the red hat, the fear of schism, casualties, etc… and then Ann launches into the logical progression of this:
(I’m paraphrasing) “They should WANT to be punished; they should WANT to be declared in schism; they should WANT to be EXCOMMUNICATED — by an antipope — and likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist. Who wouldn’t want that? We are all at risk of that. I hope it comes in the mail, with a wax seal. Take that puppy straight away to get matted and framed within an inch of its life, and hang it over the fireplace. When I die, put it in my coffin; place it over my heart. Can you imagine showing up at your Particular Judgment and pulling out a piece of paper proving that you defended the One True Faith with such sacred fleekness that you got tossed out of the antichurch by the likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist?”
Not to be glib, dear cardinals, but think about this rationally. Antipope is not an office, it’s a criminal status. We are talking about ontological reality here. He holds no juridical power.  At most, Bergoglio is a cardinal without a bishopric. But he has almost certainly incurred latae sententiae excommunication (from the True Church, obvi) for a wide variety of misdeeds. So what are you afraid of, red martyrdom? You do know that’s why you wear red, right?
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Barnhardt Podcast #089: Wacky Wabbit Holes

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In this special episode, Ann is joined by Mark Docherty of the NonVeniPacem blog. As expected, the conversation turned out to be 80 minutes of awkward silences punctuated by deep dives into the mysteries of the Church of Rome. Trigger warning: Ann uses the racist epithet “cracker”, and both Mark and Ann state that Bruce Jenner is, in fact, a man.
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5 thoughts on “Barnhardt Podcast #89 and the implicit desire to be officially excommunicated from the antichurch”

  1. I found it helpful and humorous at times. Yes a repeat performance in the future is called for. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Mark and Ann. A very pleasurable 80 minutes. Perhaps the “recognize and resist” crowd will invite you two to their round table. Really, think about it….could be a win, win. Mark and Ann get excommunicated by anti-pope and y’all can feel better about them being kicked out of a “recognize and resist” “church”. This could be beautiful!

  3. Been listening to the podcast and enjoying it. Have been listening to Ann’s for a while, and you have a great “radio” voice! You should definitely make it a regular thing. One technical observation: it just may be my phone, but the sound on your end seemed like you were doing it on a speaker phone?

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