The Church Visible: God gave you sensory perception and a rational intellect, and He expects you to use them

Watch what is happening at 0:23 and 0:36 of this video:

What are those Cardinals doing? What is the ontological reality of what you are witnessing?
If you have attained the rank of Cardinal, do you genuflect to another Cardinal?
“Oh, but he’s the Pope Emeritus, we have to show respect!”
Oh really? Would that be respect of the man, or respect of the Office? Because when you genuflect before the actual pope, you are reverencing the Office, not the man. But since “Pope Emeritus” is not an Office, then are you reverencing the man? Which is it?
“Oh, well, he’s the Emeritus, see, so we are reverencing the Office he used to hold, out of respect, you know, but he totally does not hold it now, not even a weensy bit.”
Um, no. If you believe Bergoglio is pope, then it’s impossible for you to reverence the Office by genuflecting in front of a guy who no longer holds any of it, because that Office would belong 100% to Bergoglio. Your genuflection in front of totally not the pope Ratzinger would be reverencing man qua man. Because, according to you, HE HOLDS NO OFFICE. Again, we are dealing here with a question of ontological reality; did you study Aquinas for even one day in seminary?
“Oh but Papa Benedict just wanted to make it easier for future frail popes to retire bless his heart so he gave birth to this new thing that all the cool kids were into back in Germany in the 60s like an amazing bolt from heaven for which the Immaculate Conception was a proxy HERE so that they could retire in style and keep the white and keep the ring and keep the residency and keep the papal title and keep the form of address and keep bringing all the shiny new Cardinals in front of him to receive HIS APOSTOLIC BLESSING.”
Dude. Think about what you are saying. They corral all the new red hats, stuff them onto buses, take them to receive the Apostolic Blessing of Pope Benedict XVI, and they put it all on TeeVee. Why? Why would they do this?
Because God is not a jerk, that’s why. God invented this thing called the Church Visible, and He promised us we would always have it, and He promised He would never leave us. Then he stitched you together in your mother’s womb, atom by atom, building your eyes, and your ears, and your brain.  All men are called to use the latter to find the former.

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      1. Mark Docherty says:
        July 13, 2019 at 1:57 pm
        You do realize that “antipope” is not an office nor a title, right? It’s a criminal state of being. Once BXVI dies or VALIDLY resigns, the See is vacant and a conclave should be convoked. Jorge Bergoglio has nothing to do with it.

        Yeah – and uhm – when the conclave is NOT invoked (because Francis is still accepted as “Pope”) – then what? The Chair is vacant until Francis dies?

        1. What part of “Bergoglio has nothing to do with it” don’t you understand? He has not ever been, is not now, nor will he ever be pope. The chair will be vacant when Benedict dies or validly resigns, and Bergoglio will never be anything but an antipope.

      2. Mark Docherty says:
        July 13, 2019 at 5:59 pm
        What part of “Bergoglio has nothing to do with it” don’t you understand? He has not ever been, is not now, nor will he ever be pope. The chair will be vacant when Benedict dies or validly resigns, and Bergoglio will never be anything but an antipope.

        Actually Bergoglio has everything to do with how long the Chair will be vacant – what part of THAT do YOU not understand?
        So to recap your position: It doesn’t matter HOW LONG the Chair is vacant after BXVI dies – even if it is 10 years – the “Gates of Hell did not prevail” – in your opinion- right?

      3. I don’t understand. What has Bergoglio to do with it? If Benedict dies, the See is vacant until a valid successor is elected whether Bergo lives, dies or dances a cha cha. Whether the other prelates still believe Bergo has anything to do with it and hold off on a conclave is also irrelevant.
        The only thing Bergo has to do with anything is confusion.

    1. And if Bergoglio is still the antipope for another 10 years – then the Chair will be vacant for 10 years?

      1. You do realize that “antipope” is not an office nor a title, right? It’s a criminal state of being. Once BXVI dies or VALIDLY resigns, the See is vacant and a conclave should be convoked. Jorge Bergoglio has nothing to do with it.

    2. LG: I agree the See will be vacant. I also think, as Bishop Emeritus Gracida first pointed out (Abyssus Abyssum), it will be a disaster for the Church if we don’t resolve the improper abdication and failed Papal election *prior* to this Sede Vacante. It will, essentially, lock in for all time the heresy within St. Peter’s Throne.
      Our time grows short.

      1. Accepting that you don’t know me from Adam, or Eve, or a chatbot, I can assure you from posts on 1P5, CM and LSN and private email correspondence that Islam_Is Islam is NOT Ann Barnhardt, though like me is largely supportive of Ann Barnhardt’s position.
        I post occasionally as Paul Jackson on those sites, which use Disqus.

      2. @LazarusGethsemane: To compare me to the intrepid Miss B, I sincerely take as a compliment! However, as much as I agree with her that Benedict is Pope (BiP), I disagree with her assertion that he made any error–even a teensy, tiny oopsy of a mistake. Rather as I have stated elsewhere, I believe that the connection of Abp Ganswein’s mention of the Immaculate Conception to the “difficult yet triumphant decision” that Pope Benedict made does not have to do with the 60s-and-70s-Germans’ discussion of re-making the the Papacy. Rather I suspect that Abp Ganwein’s Benedict-approved comment is more along line of what Duns Scotus said regarding God’s decision to create Our Blessed Mother Immaculate: He saw that it was reasonable, He could do it and He did.
        In other words (keeping in mind the diabolic rot that surrounded and continues to surround him), to resign the exercise of two powers of the Petrine Ministry (the active teaching and governing powers) while retaining not only the exercise of the less active sanctifying power (via contemplation and suffering) but also to retain the Papal Office itself was NO mistake. No indeed. Pope Benedict saw that it was reasonable; he and he alone could do it, and he did.
        The way I see it perhaps having recourse to the virtue of Equity/Epikeia rules out the consideration of error and thus Canon 188.
        Catholic Dictionary
        Term EPIKEIA
        A liberal interpretation of law in instances not provided by the letter of the law. It presupposes sincerity in wanting to observe the law, and interprets the mind of the lawgiver in supplying his presumed intent to include a situation that is not covered by the law. It favors the liberty of the interpreter without contradicting the express will of the lawgiver. (Etym. Greek epieikes reasonable.)
        (Mark, is it possible to write an article on Equity that we might consider this possibility? For some reason the fact that error has no right continues to ring true in regards to the non-applicability of Canon 188 for Pope Benedict’s decision. Thank you.)

  1. Absolutely correct. “Jorge Bergoglio has nothing to do with it.” That’s what the internet “mainstream [so-called] trad-cats” refuse to accept. All they have is a “brand” and a “following” that generates donations and/or advertising revenue from people who can’t abide the (seemingly) horrific conclusions that attend upon realization that Bergoglio is NOT the pope. I’d rather face a hard truth than a convenient lie. It makes all the difference in the world as to how you act in the future.

    1. @Paul Muessig: Well said, “I’d rather face a hard truth than a convenient lie”–totally FROSTY! Perhaps Frost is the virtue that best repels the Amazonian Climate Change heading our way. Lol.

    2. Actually, it is a rather comforting truth – it means all of Bergoglio’s nonsense is not only intrinsically nonsense, but of no official import.

  2. “Remarkably similar” in that you both see Truth clearly and are not afraid to present it publicly. It is what it is no matter who or where you are.
    Truth is bold and a very narrow path. Those on it gravitate to and support each other.
    Lies are ambiguous and occupy an amazon river of possibilities. Those being swept away by it are in competition with each other for access to air on the surface.
    Truth is One. Lies are infinite.

  3. It’s a really interesting point you make here. New Prince of the Church, kneeling before a Priest or retired Cardinal. Why? Why go see him in the first place if he’s retired and disconnected from Office?
    Most will say that “Emeritus” is a mere trifle, a word, a meaningless word. He’s retired, gone, returned, like all four others that retired in 2 millennia prior, and that’s that. Your eyes deceive you. You make too much of what you see”.
    Me: “Buuuttt ….. those others abdicated and weren’t called Emeritus. They *left* the enclosure of St. Peter. They didn’t continue to receive Cardinals and bestow Apostolic Blessings. They returned to their prior state, as expected”.
    Them: “Sure. So did “Professor Ratzinger”. Nothing that you see means anything. He said he retired, so whatever he does next is not relevant. White, black, cities … whatever … Crazy old man I suppose.”
    The first time in 2 millennia that “Emeritus” has ever been attached to the Office of Pope, is 6 years ago. It came from nothing and nowhere. No support from Tradition or Scripture. It *just is* now. It shocks me how easily and *profoundly* “orthodox” Catholics allow the Papacy, our Rock, to be redefined to suit the needs and whims of these Modernists. They will get angry and dispose of everything Bergoglio says or does as Bishop of Rome. But the point of *origin*, the point of departure from Sacred Tradition, they will defend that moment and its evil Expanded Petrine Ministry as if The Faith itself depended on its defense.
    The Pope is the Successor Of St. Peter. There can be only *one St. Peter*, not two or more, on vacation and in conferences in various parts of the world. Christ has one living Vicar on earth, His St. Peter for all time, who either abandons his Lord … or he dies and goes to meet his Lord – at which time God gives His Faithful a new Successor.
    That is how it has always been done, until now. And the sight of two of them is disorienting enough to me that it actually makes me slightly nauseous every time I see them – like two Dads showering affection on their shared wife.

  4. The argument, “when Pope Benedict dies….” is right now moot. Unless God has revealed to you the hour of his death, it’s totally irrelevant. Should we sit back and do/say nothing? No! But we’re talking about God and His Church. Personally, I am confident God will do something, like raise up a Saint or prophet to sort this all out BEFORE Pope Benedict XVI dies. I’m pretty sure He has the power to do so.

  5. Regarding the lenght of an interregnum should Benedict expire before the BergBag,
    It is a little-known canonical fact that upon the death of a pope, the Cardinals have 20 days to convene a conclave. If they do not do so within the 20 days, they lose their vote.
    Only those Cardinals who believe Benedict is pope will be involved in the election of his Successor.

  6. Why did ‘Pope Francis’ renew his Argentian passport under his former title Jorge Bergolio. They have spilt the Papacy, one man holds the office, the other the ministry. There is no other explanation, Benedict is the Pope.

    1. @Mazara: While I agree with you that Benedict is Pope, there was no splitting of the Papacy. Rather Pope Benedict has placed into the public eye the reality that, through no fault of his own, he is unable to exercise the powers of teaching and governing. He retains the Papal Office and Bergoglio has usurped and is exercising powers that are not his to use.
      Aqua had a good analogy on a post from last month about Bergoglio and his crew of mutineers steering the Barque of Peter while Pope Benedict is a prisoner below deck. This is good but I think the actual schism we are living through is better likened to two separate ships: Anti-Pope Francis with his band of mutineers steers the Anti-Barque of Peter while Pope Benedict is at the helm of the true Barque of Peter in the doldrums waiting for the Church Militant to wake up and man the oars.

  7. @pajhk: Hey, Paul! You and yours are in my prayers. I hope that all is well and you are in good voice as you may be singing with the others who are gathered in the streets. May Our Lady continue to protect you under her mantle.

  8. The Last Pontifex, Judas
    The Olive Garden, in which the Lord Jesus was sweating with blood, was also a witness to the treacherous act of Judas the Apostle. Church of Saint Mary at Avenida La Plata 286 (Spanish: ‘Silver Avenue’), Buenos Aires, where Eucharistic Miracles appeared (May 1992, August 1996) is a contemporary edifice (1936) of a certain Jorge Bergoglio. The apostle Judas*, Jesus’ companion and perhaps His peer, assisted the birth of the Church and sold his Head, Jesus Christ, for thirty pieces of silver. The infamous Argentinean in Vatican, also from the society of Jesus – in his spiritual constriction even retained the passport of his native Argentina – is the payment that Benedict XVI, the last successor of Saint Peter the Apostle, received for betrayal of the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, for adultery with the spirit of this world and enabling the crucifixion of the Roman Catholic church. Illusive argentum (silver) of temporality, a mountain of silver on the banks of the Tiber River – man feels betrayal from afar. Poor papa Benedict did not expect such a payment: now he is bound with this Argentine “Living Silver” in the Vatican like Judas with a pile of silver in the courtyard of the Temple of Jerusalem. The merciful Mother of the Church, however, will give, as in Fatima foretold, to the “Bishop in White”, the last Pontifex, an opportunity for repentance and perfect remorse, just as She gave this grace to the first one – Saint Peter the Apostle.
    And where are the cardinals, bishops, when the Roman Catholic Church is in mortal danger? They hid like the first apostles. Only the beloved disciple, John, persevered at Jesus. Who of the apostles persevere at the crucified Church? Messenger the Fire, but will he find faith on earth?
    *Judas Iscariot appears in the New Testament as the 12th, last apostle. Pope Benedict XVI, as the last of the successors of Saint Peter the Apostle, jumped into Judas’ shoes and committed treason. After the Ascension of the Lord, the College of the Apostles was completed by Matthew or ‘God’s Gift’. After the betrayal of Benedict XVI, his place is taken by Messenger the Fire, the another Comforter – the heavenly gift of God the Father and the Son for the last days.

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