Do you have the courage to say these two words: “Bruce Jenner”

How much longer do you think it’s going to be before there are laws, with jail time attached, for so-called “mis-gendering,” “mis-pronouning,” or “trans-hate?” You know I’m not kidding, and you know I’m not wrong. Are we really destined to fight a war over this? Well, if you remember back to last week, Our Lady of Fatima, Sr. Lucia, and Cardinal Caffarra all had something to say on the matter, which I summed up thusly:

In a nutshell, Satan’s battlespace is anti-reality itself. All of these attacks coming at us from all sides are his attempt, since he is incapable of creating anything himself, to replace God’s creation, that is, REALITY, with an anti-reality. HERE

If you think we have hit peak wokeness, think again. Until you start to understand that for the now totally unhinged left, departure from reality IS NOT A BARRIER. In fact not only is it NOT a barrier, departure from reality is A FEATURE, NOT A BUG.
Out this morning on the website of the local ABC affiliate, as it’s lead story, is the headline, “Foster mom heartbroken after transgender son turned away by Payson summer camp.” HERE

PHOENIX — A Valley foster mother says she’s heart broken after her transgender son was told he could not attend a summer camp in Payson despite receiving a scholarship to go.
“I think summer camp is really a place where foster kids can go to simply be kids,” said Amber Checky. The foster mom says her son was supposed to go to Tonto Creek Camp in Payson.
Her nine-year-old transgender foster son was, as most children would be, excited beyond words to attend camp. “My child was looking forward to doing archery and kayaking and hanging out with other kids,” said Checky, who took the boy in when he was seven years old. With the help of Arizona Friends of Foster Care and the families Court Appointed Special Advocate, her foster son received a $400 scholarship to pay for the camp that began on July 14.

So this (lesbian) foster mom took the girl in 2017, when she was seven years old. Now she is “transgender,” and wants to go to a boy’s camp. I wouldn’t doubt she is a tomboy, which is something you grow out of, but no, she’s def trans, says mom.
Let’s have a look at mom’s LinkedIn profile:

CEO & Founder

Company Name OutMentor

Location Phoenix, Arizona Area

Startup – At OutMentor, our mission is to provide lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth and young adults facing adversity with LGBTQ professional mentors that empower youth to learn, lead and thrive.

Well golllly, Sarge. What a coincidence that mom mentored this troubled kid bouncing around the foster care system, starving for affection and approval, grooming her right into a starring role in Trans Wars. Knock me over with a feather. (LinkedIn says she left the OutMentor job in 2015, two years before taking in the girl)

“He was born female identified but feels in his brain and his heart that he is a boy,” said Checky. She says she and her partner have always embraced the person he wants to be, supporting him in every way.
The nine-year-old has become an advocate for the LGBTQ community and has thrived on every front.
He’s educated classmates and teachers about being transgender. Started recycling drives at his small charter school as well as excelled as a student.
But last month, just a few weeks prior to camp, Checky was informed her child would not be allowed to attend.
“We get an email from the chief executive officer saying sorry he’s not able to attend anymore and that the camp staff that they had, that has a degree in this, is no longer able to attend, so they would be refunding us,” said Checky.
The camp at first offered to keep him in a completely separate tent from everyone else attending, something Checky did not feel comfortable with.

Click the link to read the rest. The camp was clearly caught off guard and tried to make it work, confusingly. Trying to deal with Anti-reality can be a real bitch.
John Zmirak had a column back in March, re-posted on Independence Day, titled, “Freedom is the Freedom to say, ‘Bruce Jenner.’ If That is Granted, All Else Follows.” It is a really good piece and I encourage you to click and read it all HERE.

My title takes off from a famous passage in Orwell’s 1984, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows.” Winston Smith doesn’t say it out loud, of course. He scribbles it in his journal. And makes sure that the telescreen which monitors his apartment cannot see him.
But of course, the Inner Party finds out his secret. In fact, when he’s caught and tortured, his inquisitor O’Brien makes it a point to force Winston to deny precisely this point. O’Brien tortures Winston until he’s willing to say that two plus two makes five. But that isn’t enough. An old-fashioned tyrant might settle for that, for mere compliance.
The totalitarian wants more. In fact, he needs it. He needs those whom he dominates to really believe the lies he has fostered. Of which he has first convinced himself. That’s because modern ideologies are something much more and worse than tribal bigotries or misguided political systems. As Eric Voegelin, a refugee from the Nazis, taught us, they are “ersatz religions.” To prosper, they must make the same kinds of demands as real creeds.
They must demand more. Religious faith based on sincere belief in the supernatural taps into profound, deep-seated impulses built into man. We are made, it seems, to believe in and order our lives by something both higher and older than nature. That’s true even of creeds that you and I know to be false, such as Islam. Even they evoke a kind of faith that works in harmony with our natures. It’s simply misdirected.

This is what is meant when we say it was never about tolerance. It was never about acceptance. It was never about celebrating it. It was in the beginning, is now, and forever will be (until we win the war) ABOUT PARTICIPATION. You WILL be made to participate in the madness, or else. They NEED you to believe it the same way they do. What exactly is so puzzling about Revelation 13:16?

We Must Believe Because It Is Absurd

This, my friends, is the future the Left has in mind for us. Whether individual leftists realize it or not. And this is what lies behind the sudden and absolute demands of the Transgender movement. No, I don’t mean that it’s what motivates people who mutilate and poison themselves in pursuit of “gender reassignment.” Those people are mentally ill, as psychiatrists admitted until five minutes ago.
The truth is much more sinister. The left has taken up Transgender ideology not just despite the fact that it’s absurd and contrary to nature. They’ve chosen it because of that. Saying and meaning phrases like “female penis” and “pregnant men” is the absolute equivalent of asserting that two plus two make five — or whatever other number The Atlantic, the Harvard faculty, and the EEOC have most recently said that it makes. They don’t just want you to repeat that, of course. Like O’Brien, they need you to believe it.

Click the link and go read the whole thing. It’s going to get so much worse. Fast and pray.

11 thoughts on “Do you have the courage to say these two words: “Bruce Jenner””

  1. You are so right. I live in rural Texas. In the last week I have had occasion for interaction with two transgender individuals.
    Lovely individuals (I mean that), but the strangeness of trying to figure out if she is a he or he is a she is surreal. In the first instance I figured out she was a he, and in the second he was a she. But it took me about five minutes in the first instance. I had a hard time.
    In the second instance, I saw that this poor woman had cut her breasts off. Her hair was short, short, short. She was dressed as a man. But she had pretty diamond earrings in both ears. It seemed as if she was holding on to a last vestige of her womanhood.
    My heart went out to her. It makes me furious to think that the political climate is such that these individuals are being manipulated by evil…evil in such a degree that they will attempt to destroy the beauty of God’s creation.
    I am convinced that Catholics must gush forth God’s love for these individuals. That is what will defeat the insanity of the Left. How they must desire the love of God, though they know it not.

  2. To the 1984 reference, see what is already happening in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Scotland, under the Scottish Nationalist Party:
    17 year old student first suspended from school for correcting teacher in classroom that there are only two genders, then expelled for posting this recording of his conversation with teacher after he was sent out of classroom.

  3. Pray and fast indeed. My son, a film editor lives in LA and I just today came back from visiting him, his wife and my grandbaby. They are of course quite liberal, but they were surprised when I told them there are now “officially” something like 73 genders or some crap. They were also quite surprised that California law says a 15 year old with SSA who wants counseling to be normal is not allowed to have it.
    In charity, if you could pray for Christopher, as I see glimpses of hope for his conversion.

  4. We are living through The Brave New Camp of 1984.
    It’s like Raspail, Huxley and Orwell were looking at the same thing from three different vantage points, each seeing a particular aspect of it. Raspail, seeing the immigrant invasion which has become a means to gain power over the native populations of (former) Christendom and destroy its culture; Huxley, seeing how pleasure is used to desensitize, destroy the family and atomize the individual who now lives only for pleasure with no higher purpose; and Orwell where the state controls thought through forced acceptance of the absurd as normal. Camp of the Saints, Brave New World, and 1984 should be required reading (and re-reading) for all Christians, though I fear a large percentage wouldn’t get it.

    1. @C Matt: I never heard of Raspail or Camp of the Saints. Thank you for the suggestion to read it.

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