His Humbleness strikes again, cameras at close range a couple of “feet” away

Not just a PR stunt, but a giant middle finger to our Lord, who is “unable” to genuflect at the Consecration nor kneel during Exposition.

Repost below from just a few months ago.

Practicing what you preach: “Better to be an atheist” than a “hater”

Courtesy HERE.  This was at Vespers and Te Deum, 31 December 2018. Of course he’s done this many times before, with ample photographic evidence, and the winningest caption I’ve seen so far is, “Antipope Bergoglio stares down his opponent.”
He helpfully followed it up two days later with a homily about how daily Mass-goers are a bunch of hypocritical haters who would be better off staying home and living as atheists HERE.
Have you ever wondered why they keep putting out the prie dieu when they know he’s never going to use it? Do you ever wonder why he’s not embarrassed standing there in front of it, when it’s such a jarring sight? Do you ever wonder why, in six years, he’s never told them to stop bringing it out?
Because he wants it there, that’s why. It’s there for effect, you see. It’s an enhancement, an accessory. “I should be kneeling, but I won’t bow to you. Non Serviam. And (just to reinforce the point) look at this stupid kneeler they put here for me. How pathetic.”
Remember, the biggest rush he gets is not in the power play itself, but in the getting away with it.
Are you aiding and abetting him? Do you follow this man?


3 thoughts on “His Humbleness strikes again, cameras at close range a couple of “feet” away”

  1. I think he’s angling for the Nobel Peace Prize. 😉
    Did you see the looks of mortification on the faces of the Christians and Catholic bishops from Africa?
    Christians in Muslim lands need our fervent prayers, especially when our Church is being run into the ground by faithless, feckless men. I have little doubt that the Muslims will be emboldened now. What a wicked, evil man is Bergoglio.

  2. It is not possible to put off decision on the validity of Pope Benedict’s resignation and subsequent elevation of his replacement, Jorge Bergoglio, to a privy council 2 centuries from now. Now. We must decide now, while the conflict lives.
    We live today and in our span of time to act we will be judged.
    A: One Pope continues to write Encyclicals exhorting the Faithful to return to God – every word of it orthodox.
    B: The other Pope prostrates at the feet of communist thugs while standing defiantly in the presence of God at the Altar, betrays Bishops in China, degrades the Catholic Faith by elevating earth religions such as Islam, praying Muslim prayers in the Vatican and introduces sodomites into sacrilegious communion with our Holy Lord Jesus Christ.
    God will not allow us to defer decision. Choose he this day whom you will serve. Ignorance is not an excuse. God’s Grace is making the choice blatantly obvious, in the fullness of time.

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