Engage with me in a one minute thought experiment

On 10 February 2013, you suffer an accident and enter into a deep coma.
Today you awoke, miraculously cured.
You know absolutely nothing about what has transpired in the world since the day of your accident, at which time all of the following statements were demonstrably true:
Hillary Clinton is against so-called “gay marriage.” The mere idea of Donald Trump as POTUS is laughable. Also, Donald Trump is not a Russian asset. No one has ever heard of “Fake News.” CNN is a marginally credible news source. The UK is part of the EU. The Philadelphia Eagles have never won a Super Bowl.
All of these things are now demonstrably false, except one, and that is Donald Trump is still not a Russian asset. Well, that’s assuming Brexit is “allowed” to happen. Tell me, which of these things would you be most surprised about? Probably that Donald Trump is POTUS, but I bet the Eagles are also high on the list.
Okay, that was a diversion. On with the thought experiment.
On 10 Feb 2013, Benedict was pope. But what if the first thing you saw upon awakening was this video of another prelate in white, yanking his hand away as the faithful try to reverence the ring, the symbol of the papal OFFICE. HERE  and then I explained to you that yes, shockingly, this really is the guy currently recognized as Christ’s Vicar on Earth.
Watch the video, if you haven’t already. Remember, these people are NOT reverencing the person, they are reverencing the OFFICE. Except he doesn’t hold the OFFICE. You don’t think there is some sort of significance to him doing this so publicly, with the camera literally three feet away from him? Dare I say, even something supernatural, perhaps?
If you have ever done any kind of television work, or done any sort of public speaking that involves cameras, you know that no matter how many times you’ve done it, you are always keenly aware of that camera being right there, almost like a violation of personal space. There is an inescapable and constant awareness of its presence. There is absolutely no way to “forget” you are on camera, and mistakenly get “caught” doing something you didn’t want people to see.
The video is jarring, isn’t it? There is something that makes it very uncomfortable to watch. It’s almost like watching an act of violence, in a sense.
There is another thing to watch for, which was even clearer in a longer version of the video that now I can’t find: He not only yanks away the ring hand, but he also redirects the faithful reverence to his OTHER HAND. The effect is that they are reverencing the man, not the office. Mafia style.
Don Bergoglio, having been informed of the disturbance caused by the video, sent out an underling yesterday to report to the world that this “amused” him. He finds it amusing. Knowing that biggest rush for a diabolical narcissist is not in committing the criminal act, but in the GETTING AWAY WITH IT, how much more obvious could he be making it for us?
Now what if I told you that the guy in the video usurped power via a “conclave” where a group of thugs conspired to rig the “election,” that Benedict is very much still alive, living inside the Vatican, wearing white and called “His Holiness”, because he believes the acceptance of the papacy is “always and forever”, and that he did not resign the papal munus in his abdication speech, but only tried to resign the active ministry, which means the abdication was defective and not properly manifested and likely with substantial error and under grave fear, all of these being violations of canon law, which means the conclave never took place but only appeared to, and then what if I gave you just a generalized rundown of the Bergoglian antipapacy heretical proofset of him NOT enjoying the supernatural protection promised by our Lord in Luke 22:32, and then I threw in the reminder about Matt 24:22.
What would you conclude, based on the evidence which you’ve been presented?
Thus ends today’s thought experiment.
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3 thoughts on “Engage with me in a one minute thought experiment”

  1. I am as upset by the lack of Episcopal response to Bergoglio as I am by Bergoglio himself.
    In the entire Church, worldwide – all the Bishops representing a Billion Catholics – no one, not one, is willing to stick his neck out, stand up like a man and declare the obvious to the face of the imposter on behalf of their risen and very present Lord. I am disgusted by that as much as anything. Bp. Schneider was the last straw for me. Meek as little mice, all of them.
    “If heresy is what the Pope wants for the Church, then such is God’s will. Heresy it will be”.
    That as much as anything indicates to me we now live in the great Apostasy. The vehemence with which Shepherds low to high, and Laymen with a public presence, defend this erupting stream of the indefensible is strong proof to me that these are the days warned about by the Seers.
    I don’t really know what to do with this knowledge, except not follow these blind Shepherds, wherever it is they may be going.

    1. The delicate reasoning by Bishop Schneider was monstrous to me. What has been lost in all the kudos he has received by those who bow down to the idol Bergoglio, is that the bishop actually mentioned having a sex-abusing pope. He goes so far as to say that even if this sex-abusing pope were jailed for his crimes, he would still be pope.
      He suggests the “perennial mind of the Church” makes no provision for deposing a pope for any reason, not even for a molester pope. Now what did our Lord say about those who harm children?
      “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matt. 18:6)
      Yet the effeminate men who lead the Church are content to follow Bergoglio to perdition NO MATTER WHAT. What the Church hierarchy and their deceived followers are doing is elevating a man above the law of God. This is, in a sense, deifying him. This is instituting the Church of Man.
      It is monstrous. It is a grand delusion. It is hellfire.

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