Priests, bishops and cardinals engaged in sodomy and facilitating cover up “must remain a hypothesis unless proven”

So much for the Natural Law, Divine Law, CCC, etc. Homosexuality is now no different than heterosexuality. Got it? And anyway, homosexuality certainly has nothing to do with the abuse crisis, so SHUT UP.
I recommend this highly instructive five minute video below. Diane Montagna from LifeSite asks a very simple question regarding the stark statistics of the homosexual nature of the abuse problem. ++Cupich changes the subject, and then brags that abuse has been nearly eliminated; take a look at whatever is going on with his hands at 2:00. Then Delia Gallagher from CNN gets the follow up on sodomitical prelates as the cause of the cover up network at 3:25, which first ++Cupich says must remain a hypothesis, and then +Scicluna says he’s never investigated a cover up.
I hope this video is shown at someone’s criminal trial in the near future.
They are laughing at us. They are laughing at the victims. This is just a stupid press conference in between parties at Cocco’s.
In other news, the two remaining Dubia cardinals have now declared that, “a decisive act now is urgent and necessary,” regarding the Roman Apostasy. HERE
Any takers in the cardinalate or episcopacy?

5 thoughts on “Priests, bishops and cardinals engaged in sodomy and facilitating cover up “must remain a hypothesis unless proven””

  1. Cupich’s hands…telling lies in front of a worldwide audience is stressful; one particularly clumsy faux pas and you could be toast, like Wuerl, or even burnt toast, like McCarrick.
    Scicluna: “I’ve never investigated a cover-up.”
    OF COURSE, you haven’t. Why would you investigate your friends — or yourself?
    “homosexuality, like heterosexuality, is a human condition: that does not predispose one to sin”
    Ya just blew yer cover, Sicklunatic.
    1) The human condition AS SUCH disposes us to sin, because of that thing called Original Sin that is part of it — which you apparently don’t believe in.
    2) Homosexuality is NOT a human condition, it’s an INhuman condition; it’s contrary to the Natural Law, whereas heterosexuality most certainly isn’t.
    3) Once one falls into habitual sins contrary to the Natural Law, there is an extra, and thick, layer of predisposition to sin added onto original sin. Perverts by nature are much more inclined to commit sins — any kind of sins — than others are. That’s just common sense. Once you’ve twisted your mind to justify one perversion, what would stop you from justifying others?
    Question: If it were true that homosexuality does not predispose to sin, when homosexuality (or SSA), even when not acted on, is by definition an *inclination* to have same-sex relations, the only conclusion possible is that homosexual *acts* ARE NOT sins.
    In this one statement, Sicklunatic reveals that he has nearly zero Catholicism in himself, and that he’s a homosexualist, at least.
    The devil always shows his tail. So do Liberals, because they are of his side.

  2. Regarding, “I hope this video is shown at someone’s criminal trial in the near future.”, I agree with you.
    This is most certainly criminal! They are definitely not acting as Catholic leaders. In fact, they are so obviously engrossed in their evil world, that they are oblivious as to just how ridiculous and blatantly proposterous their lying statements are. Or worse… They are too comfortable in their so far protected little evil world, that they think they are untouchable. Either way, they will be shaken to their rotten cores, one day, because God is not mocked!

  3. “must remain a hypothesis unless proven””…yep. And we can trust that these men will look into PPBXVI’s invalid resignation without a massive movement. But shut up says Dr. Taylor Marshall and Steve Skojek because “this must remain a crazy conspiracy unless the Church says otherwise.” I am so disgusted with these two men who are obviously intelligent Catholics.

    1. Steve Skojec admitted on Twitter the other day that IP5 has lost quite a few people for maintaining their position that Francis is the pope. Was this the result he and his backers expected with their gamble to mess with the truth? It does give me hope that Catholics can think for themselves and not be swayed by those in the trad-servative media who, seemingly, want to shove Antipope Bergoglio down our throats at all costs.

  4. Two dubia cardinals, after the fruitless roll-call from 2016, in the current open letter [no date and no place of issue!] they take responsibility of themselves and burden the other prelates. In order to act masculine, as befits the shepherds and cardinals, one thing remains for them: to inflict on Bergoglio and his court an Anathema! – according to the old good ‘Pontifcale Romanum’ (Clement VIII PP), of course.

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