Practicing what you preach: “Better to be an atheist” than a “hater”

Courtesy HERE.  This was at Vespers and Te Deum, 31 December 2018. Of course he’s done this many times before, with ample photographic evidence, and the winningest caption I’ve seen so far is, “Antipope Bergoglio stares down his opponent.”
He helpfully followed it up two days later with a homily about how daily Mass-goers are a bunch of hypocritical haters who would be better off staying home and living as atheists HERE.
Have you ever wondered why they keep putting out the prie dieu when they know he’s never going to use it? Do you ever wonder why he’s not embarrassed standing there in front of it, when it’s such a jarring sight? Do you ever wonder why, in six years, he’s never told them to stop bringing it out?
Because he wants it there, that’s why. It’s there for effect, you see. It’s an enhancement, an accessory. “I should be kneeling, but I won’t bow to you. Non Serviam. And (just to reinforce the point) look at this stupid kneeler they put here for me. How pathetic.”
Remember, the biggest rush he gets is not in the power play itself, but in the getting away with it.
Are you aiding and abetting him? Do you follow this man?

17 thoughts on “Practicing what you preach: “Better to be an atheist” than a “hater””

  1. On two separate occasions he was brought to his knees before Miraculous Icon’s of the Blessed Virgin, he stumbled brfore them.

  2. If among the thousands of bishops, not to mention the hundred cardinals, there is no one who would issue an anathema against this monster, they are as much worth as their Jorge in black boots.

      1. Don’t see much reason to question its veracity (its attribution, perhaps). But we see evidence of its veracity on a daily, if not hourly basis.

    1. As long as he is regarded as Pope, no one who submits to him can or will anathematise him.
      “The First See is judged by no one”.
      The only way he could be condemned is if he is *already* not the pope. The whole Church, all the Bishops and Cardinals combined, have absolutely zero authority to condemn or depose a reigning Pope.

      1. Saint Teresa of Avila
        “Cursed fidelity that goes so far as to violate God’s law! This is a perverse habit of the world “(Book of Life).

      2. The church was founded by the Master of spiritual life, the Lord Jesus Christ, and not by a lawyer. For lack of trust in the Holy Spirit’s guiding, the church hierarchy created canon law, which, in order to help in governing the church, actually paralyzed it. As a result, the bishops lost the shepherd’s instinct and, caring for their (material) security, look with indifference as wolves kill the sheep

      3. That’s dangerously close to heresy and blasphemy there, saying that the Church created Canon Law against God’s will and due to a lack of trust in the guidance of the Holy Ghost. But you are a layman and so there’s leeway. The Church teaches the exact opposite, so you should better inform yourself by reading pre-Vatican II Popes and approved theologians.
        “Whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven”.
        “Go into all the world and teach all nations whatsoever I have commanded you, and baptise them”.
        The Church has to make universal laws so the Faithful know how to keep the Commandments, believe what God has revealed, and receive valid sacraments worthily and have eternal life. Good thing that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has all the authority to do so, and that whatever Canon Law is bound on earth is also bound and approved in Heaven.
        Be confident and happy that the Church can only lead souls to eternal life and not damnation!

      4. [Luke 11, 52] ‘Woe to you lawyers, for you have taken away the key of knowledge: you yourselves have not entered in, and those that were entering in, you have hindered.’
        And what about the popes of post-Vatican II and their famous theologians?
        And what about, for example, changing the ends of the holy matrimony of Canon Law 1917′ in the Canon Law 1983′?
        And what about the death penalty?
        To keep God’s commandments, you must know Canon Law?!
        Where does Jorge Bergoglio lead souls?!

      1. The confusion we see today in the Roman Catholic church is not a crisis but a breakthrough. The breakthrough of this rank, as the departure of Noah’s Ark, the exit of Israel from Egypt under Moses, the exit of the Christ Church from Judaism. What is this contemporary breakthrough about? Of the many called, the elect ones will be introduced by the Paraclete and the Apocalyptic Woman to the Kingdom of God here on earth! We experience the great tribulation right now [Matt. 24, 21]. The pressure will increase further to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  3. I’m thinking certain current leading figures of today’s Church are hoping there won’t be a remake of Dante’s Inferno anytime soon……

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