What if Rahner and Küng were the *so called* Voice of Reason in the 1960s Church, and there was a much more radical voice?

What if that much more radical voice were Johannes Neumann?
What if Neumann were very closely tied with Joseph Ratzinger in Munich in 1967-69?
What ideas did these men share, and how might it impact the Church? Did it have anything to do with the structure of the Petrine Ministry, and if its Ontological Nature could change?
Go ahead and do some research, folks. Things are about to become a lot more clear.

6 thoughts on “What if Rahner and Küng were the *so called* Voice of Reason in the 1960s Church, and there was a much more radical voice?”

  1. Merry Christmas brother. Looking forward to developerments here.
    You Oakes Ann & S. Armaticus seem to be the only dawgs following this trail.
    Thank You!

  2. They used to fear heresy above all. They diligently watched and waited and treated the first signs. The Body was healthy as pathogens were strictly removed. In our more civilized (reprobate) age we scratch our heads in wonder at burning another man (woman) for heresy. So intolerant. So violent. So … unmerciful.
    But we see now where this goes. Untreated heresy is a cancer on the soul of the person; cancer on the soul of the Church Body if it spreads out and infects others, or all.
    And here we are, with the heretical cancer moving quickly now throughout the Body to displace and kill all the healthy cells and replace them with the cancerous cells. We know our Body is infected. Yet we ignore the inner reality. The outer shell seems fine. Tick, tock, as the killing deformity inside steadily spreads. Two Popes. The active Pope a fountain of heresy.
    And we all cry out, “woe is me, how long oh Lord until you act”! His response, as always, “If you love me, defend me, repent, eliminate all evil from your midst, especially the holy places”.
    The ’60’s were a vomit storm of heresy in the Church and revolution throughout the world. No one, save Archbishop Marcel Levebvre, to this very day has done anything to make things right. He saw it clearly and acted bravely upon what he knew, in Faith. His apostolate is and will be blessed. God bless the SSPX. Their Priests are admirable faithful remnants from a distant past. The others? Tick Tock.

    1. And Viganò.
      I was thinking of printing up some bumper stickers:
      Viganò for Pope. Because the Pope Ought To Be Catholic.

  3. We may not have to worry about a divided papacy for all that much longer. Have you noticed how rapidly Bergoglio is losing weight? The flesh on his face is beginning to hang, and his clothing is loose and doesn’t fit well. Not long ago he looked like a white whale. Look at his most recent photos.

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