MUST READ: Contraception, the Rise of the Sodomites, and You

In light of the ongoing sexcapades in the Church and in the midst of this hideous Gay Fam Yoot synod, I am compelled to re-post an essay I wrote back in July, with slight re-working. It got very little traction at the time, as the McCarrick case was dominating all the clicks. I re-post it now because the subject is so very important, and I see virtually nobody else writing about it. Please take special note of the paragraph in all bold type near the end. It contains several vital links that will help you understand the subject, and what is at stake.
There is a Part Two to this which I still haven’t published, but hope to do so in the coming days.

Contraception, the Rise of the Sodomites, and You

If you use or support contraception, you also support sodomy, and many other things you don’t realize. This is very important, so let me repeat: If you use or support contraception, even if only within the confines of a real marriage between a man and woman, even out of good “conscience” and “responsibility”, then you must support sodomy, without exception, because to arrive at a different conclusion would be in violation of the Law of Non-contradiction. Or rather, your illogical false premise can only lead logically, rationally, and necessarily to this outcome. Once you separate and remove the procreative nature of the marital act, attempting to render it a merely unitive act, you entirely destroy its natural end, and pervert it into the realm of any other non-procreative sexual act, all of which are mortally sinful. In other words, the contracepting spouses are engaged in an act that is closer in nature to sodomy than it is to the natural marital act.
Now how much of a coincidence is it, do you think, that we just happen to be experiencing in real time, the convergence of AL, the ecclesiastical approval of adultery, the blessing of second “unions”,  even and already same-sex “unions”, the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the youth synod, and the disgusting revelations about Cardinal McCarrick, which let me assure you, there is still so much more that is going to come out. Once the brood of vipers start flipping on each other, you’re going to see pink dominoes start falling straight away, and my guess is we’re going to find, in graphic detail, levels of depravity that will make Randy Engel’s The Rite of Sodomy look like a tea party. Learn quickly and well the connection between contraception and sodomy, because everyone is going to be forced to choose a side.  With at least 95% of married Catholics choosing contraception, every one of them is going to side with the anti-church. They will go with the sodomites before they give up their contraception. Don’t be one of them.
I’m breaking this essay into two parts, because I want to address two specific areas distinctly (and because I know that 2500 words is about the limit of tolerable intake). This first post will deal with coming to grips with the intrinsic evil of contraception, and how its near universal acceptance today is one of the foremost causes of the decline and fall of western civilization. Part Two will deal specifically with what is going on in the Church in 2018, the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, and its relation to Amoris Laetitia, including how the actual words of HV were diabolically inverted in AL. The bottom line is that when HV is heretically pastoralised, the link between contraception and sodomy is going to be intentionally exploited by the heretic Marxist sodomites, using logical extrapolation. Yes, it’s ironic that the Modernists will use logic and reason when it’s to their benefit, even though they hate logic and reason.
We begin with exploring nature. What is the nature of nature? The root of nature can be found in John 1:3, “All things were made by him, and without him was made nothing that was made.” The natural law is nothing more than observing the nature of things, including things like body parts and human actions, and determining truth through deductive reasoning. Let’s take the “reproductive system”. The name itself is fairly descriptive of of the nature of it, wouldn’t you say? What is it’s purpose? What is it ordered toward? What is it to be used for? Is it not the transmission of life? Do we observe that it is the only system in the human body which is unable to complete its function without a complementary partner? If we forcefully block the very purpose of the organs, if we aren’t at least passively open to the possibility of new life, or if we engage in acts (the ends of which) by their nature cannot possibly generate new life, then we go against nature, and hence we go against God who created nature (cf John 1:3). Any use of the reproductive system whereby the transmission of life is either deliberately thwarted or made physically impossible is mortally sinful.
If you are experiencing symptoms of nausea or cognitive dissonance right about now, go back and read that last paragraph as many times as is necessary to get your head around it. Once you understand this, what becomes obvious first of all is the glaring hypocrisy of anyone who refuses to acknowledge the direct correlation between contracepted marital sex and masturbation/sodomy. Smart, well-intentioned people who are so conditioned by the perverse culture that they can’t even work out simple, rational, linear thought. Or else, they just don’t want to. A massive percentage of the overall population has been dumbed down (yes, even “smart” people can be made dumb) to the point where their brains stop working if presented with evidence that goes against long held beliefs. When confronted with a rational argument grounded in natural law, using simple linear thought, confirmation bias kicks in, and they literally short-circuit — the neurons start firing in the wrong sequence, or don’t fire at all. These people are living, breathing logical fallacies, and they do HARM to the cause.
Not to get sidetracked, but this is exactly why we have a crisis of conscience today. Properly forming your conscience, as demonstrated in the Scholastic tradition, means bringing your mind into conformity with reality through observable phenomena, objective data points, and sound reason. All of post-“Enlightenment” western society has spent the last two hundred years sprinting in the opposite direction. That is, the core tenet of Modernism is that reality should come into conformity with the mind of the individual. Which means there are multiple realities, choose any one you like or else make one up for yourself. Congratulations! You just abrogated the all three laws of rational thought, laws which are the underpinning of reality, thus destroying reality itself.  You can back up a few paragraphs to where we explored nature, and substitute the word “reality” for the word “nature” throughout that paragraph. What we are really talking about at the most basic level is the denial of reality. This leads us down the path towards other uncomfortable truths besides the contraception-sodomy connection. For example, what about so called “transgendersim”? A “transgender” person seeks to literally destroy reality, do they not? They will never succeed, of course, no matter what drugs they take or how they mutilate themselves. Their DNA will never lie, and they will always remain the biological sex they were born with. But if you accept contraception, which is intrinsically a denial of reality, then how can you oppose “transgenderism”, or for that matter any other denial of reality by any other person? You can’t.
The near universal acceptance of contraception, now considered a “human right” or “basic healthcare” in the west, has fundamentally transformed the way people think about the entire moral code. Keep in mind, this essay is only dealing with contraception between lawful husband and wife. I’m not even touching on what it has meant to the embrace of fornication and hook-up culture, abortion, Alfie Evans utilitarianism, and mass murder. Yes folks, it’s all connected – the devaluing of human life is truly the seamless garment of the culture of death.
Less than a hundred years ago, EVERYONE in Christian society understood the evil of contraception. This includes the protestant sects; even as they jettisoned nearly every other doctrine of the faith, they still managed to maintain the ban on contraception into the twentieth century. The Anglicans finally did what Anglicans are famous for doing in 1930, allowing contraception to married couples “provided that this is done in the light of Christian principles.” Yeah, they didn’t hold that foxhole for long, did they. Because once again, when people start thinking they can conform reality to their own ideas, reason is abolished, and the next thing you know, we’re on the express elevator to Hell.
A hundred years later, billions are using contraception. Not only that, but there are many, many people, surely numbered in the millions, striving to live the moral life, for whom contracepted marital sex is the very last habitual sin they have the greatest difficulty overcoming, because as just mentioned, the culture has so conditioned them to believe it just can’t be true that it’s a sin, and they haven’t even bothered to look into WHY the Church teaches what she teaches.
I know you are thinking, “For crying out loud, haven’t we already been “generous enough” with bending to God’s will? Our college savings plan is already hopelessly inadequate…is the Church going to help us with that?”
That was me, twenty years ago.
All the hard teachings have survived in only one place, the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. Do your research; they didn’t survive because they aren’t discernible. You will be amazed to be able to trace every doctrine all the way back to the fathers of the Church, and learn why so many of the issues supposedly up for debate in the modern Church are actually settled doctrine and can never change. One by one, you will begin to understand – not through blind faith but by the use of reason – how and why each of your favorite sins is wrong, even contraception as being responsible, and that you can no longer claim the rules are outdated or any such thing. The truth is so beautiful, it’s impossible to deny once you’ve seen it. And although it can be found purely through reason, it takes faith to live it out. Eventually, it comes down to totally subordinating your will to God’s will.
It would be good for you to investigate some outside sources on all of this, first and foremost Aquinas.  You have a lot to learn from the Angelic Doctor regarding human nature, the nature of sin, and dissecting the gravity of various sinful behaviors in accord with whether the sin goes with nature or goes against nature. I am going to link to three articles that are very informative and will greatly help you conform your mind to reality. The link for Aquinas is HERE.. Then make sure you brush up on Natural Law and the use of reason, and where they necessarily lead HERE..  Lastly, there is much to be said for the work of Elizabeth Anscombe in this area. This link lays out several of her proofs along with other Catholic philosophers of the last century HERE.. Already knowing that less than 10% of readers will click on any of the links, nevertheless I implore you to do so.
In part two of this essay, we will move on to the actual text of Humanae Vitae, and how it not only lays out the proper teaching, but also specifically refutes the errors being “suggested” as a way to get around the truth. Surprise surprise, these are the same errors being dredged up fifty years later toward the same end. What is about to transpire at the highest levels in the Church is exactly the same diabolical inversion of truth that they enshrined in Amoris Laetitia. Instead of an outright abrogation of HV, there will be a “reinterpretation” of HV through the “lens” of AL. They are going to look at unambiguous teaching and claim the words mean the opposite of what they clearly mean. Because another core tenet of Modernism is exactly that: Words mean what we say they mean.
I will leave you with a direct quote from Msgr. Pierangelo Sequeri, the new Dean of the recently destroyed John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family, currently “studying” the matter at hand:


Mons. Sequeri: “Vorrei andare oltre l’idea di unire i due fini (detto con linguaggio curiale: unitivo e procreativo). Oggi è un’ingenuità voler a tutti i costi includere nell’amore la fecondità, la generatività.” (12.07 – 13.53) 

“I would like to go beyond the idea of uniting the two ends (in curial language: unitive and procreative.) Nowadays it is a naivety to want, at all costs, to include fecundity, generativity in love.”


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  1. Contraception says to your children, actual and potential, “I care more about getting myself off than you. I don’t want you.”
    Contraception is a parent/“lover” saying, “I don’t love you,” to the child and to the partner. Same with extramarital sex. Who would want to bring a child into a home without both parents? Or abandon their child?

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