Warlock George and the Prophets of Doom

“The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom, and his tongue shall speak judgement. The law of his God is in his heart, and his steps shall not be supplanted.” Gradual, Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, cf Psalm 36:30-31

“May the Spirit grant us the grace to be synodal Fathers anointed with the gift of dreaming and of hoping. We will then, in turn, be able to anoint our young people with the gift of prophecy and vision; may the Spirit give us the grace to be a memory that is diligent, living and effective, that does not allow itself from one generation to the next to be extinguished or crushed by the prophets of doom and misfortune, by our own shortcomings, mistakes and sins. Rather may it be a memory capable of enkindling our hearts and of discerning the ways of the Spirit.”
“Hope challenges us, moves us and shatters that conformism which says, ‘it’s always been done like this’. Hope asks us to get up and look directly into the eyes of young people and see their situations. This same hope asks us to make efforts to reverse situations of uncertainty, exclusion and violence, to which our young people are exposed. Having been formed by so many choices taken in the past, young people now call us to join them in facing the present with greater commitment and to work against whatever prevents their lives from growing in a dignified way. They ask us not to leave them alone in the hands of so many pedlars of death who oppress their lives and darken their vision.”

“We are a sign of a Church that listens and journeys. The attitude of listening cannot be limited to the words we will exchange during the work of the Synod. The path of preparation for this moment has highlighted a Church that needs to listen, including those young people who often do not feel understood by the Church in their originality and therefore not accepted for who they really are, and sometimes even rejected. This Synod has the opportunity, the task and the duty to be a sign of a Church that really listens, that allows herself to be questioned by the experiences of those she meets, and who does not always have a ready-made answer. A Church that does not listen shows herself closed to newness, closed to God’s surprises, and cannot be credible, especially for the young who will inevitably turn away rather than approach.”

“Do not let yourselves be tempted, therefore, by the prophets of doom, do not spend your energy on keeping score of failures and holding on to reproaches, keep your gaze fixed on the good that often makes no sound; it is neither a topic for blogs, nor front page news…”
Methinks the blogger prophets of doom are on the radar. You know how else you can tell? Because the stat counter shows which countries the traffic is coming from. And while Italy consistently ranks #1 among non-native English countries, what’s really interesting is when you get hits from within the Vatican itself.. yep, it’s a different country, so it shows up as Vatican City, not Italy.

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