This isn’t just tone-deaf, this is an intentional middle finger to all Catholics

These men in the photo below are in a meeting to discuss sexual abuse within the presbyterate and episcopacy. In particular, the raping of boys.
This isn’t Project Veritas sneaking into a Planned Parenthood convention and taking secret video of people laughing about selling baby parts. These men knew they were being photographed. The Vatican itself chose to make this photo a public record of the meeting.
Laughs all around.
I thought my anger had reached its zenith. I was wrong.

7 thoughts on “This isn’t just tone-deaf, this is an intentional middle finger to all Catholics”

  1. In a meeting to discuss sexual abuse, how could there possibly be anything to laugh about? This is a sign of our decadent times and evidence of the infiltration of Evil into the Church, apparently even at the highest levels.

  2. Are you forgetting? – According to Bergoglio, a real Christians is always filled with joy.
    It makes me think of Jesus in the garden of olives Father, why have You forsaken me?
    It makes me think of my brother, abandoned by his wife with a secret lover of 19 years, half a year less than the marriage. She took the children, and explained: I am a Catholic too, but not a backward one, I have a right to be happy.
    Only joy. Anything less will be proof of rigidity and hypocrisy.

  3. Even during a long enough meeting discussing serious topics there couldn’t be a moment of brevity, but seriously – this is the photo you release?!?!? They are evil, and they are flaunting it. Or as formerly sane pundit might put – Evil and Enjoying It.

  4. And in order to dispel any doubt, the Ratzingerian “Gorgeous George” Gänswein is standing, smirking approvingly, by the window.
    #notholy #notmyfather #bergogliomustgo

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