Tour de force: Father John Lankeit destroys pervchurch

The video should autostart at the twenty minute mark. The homily is 25 minutes long. There were several points where I wanted to stand up and shout, “Yes. This. EXACTLY THIS.” At the end, I really had to resist not standing up and clapping. I’m sort of regretting that I didn’t.
Before you decide you don’t have 25 minutes to watch, how about giving him three minutes, and then decide.
The setting here is Novus Ordo 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Gospel is the final passage of the Bread of Life discourse of John 6: The flock abandons Jesus because of hard truths, disappointment, and embarrassment.


3 thoughts on “Tour de force: Father John Lankeit destroys pervchurch”

  1. He’s getting there….when he learns how to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and dispenses celebrating the novus ordo mass (the rite of Modernism, fabricated by Modernists) then he will probably have arrived. Until then he’s a “conservative” novus ordo priest (i.e. Modernist) and part of the problem. Of course, he would not have arrived at the point of being the rector of the Cathedral without being a company man, so the chances of this are unlikely.
    “Conservative” novus ordoism is merely the weak/slow-motion form of Modernism, the weak counterweight to the aggressive “liberal” form of Modernism that has made use of its “conservative” antagonist to arrive at the Modern synthesis that characterized the situation of the Church under JPII and Benedict. It is incapable of bringing about the Restoration of all things in Christ. The “conservatives” build enough confidence among the people in the pews to cause them to believe that if the pendulum swings back just enough under the next pope so that everything is just nice and conservative, then everything will be just fine.
    They have the “Benedictine” altar layout. Nice. What’s up with the weird cross?

    1. The truth of your comments doesn’t negate the truth of his homily. You’ve got it exactly right, of course, about the “Conservative” position, and the best news of the current situation is that this position has now become untenable. what we can now clearly see is that the only two paths are Tradition or apostasy.

  2. God can speak through whoever He wills. There are many faithful priests in Novus Ordo, such as Fr Lankeit and many others. They are not to blame for the breakdown of the Church since VatII.
    The Church is always will be a hierarchy and it was prophesied by our Lady re corruption in the Church. It does not change that it is God’s Church, despite the evil’s of man that have infiltrated. He will make it right in time. We do not jump ship because many are corrupt. Praise God for FSSP Latin Mass and other Novus Ordo priests that are moving toward more Latin. Although one cannot learn Latin overnight. It will take years for many NO to make a transition. Conservative Catholics must also be cautious of not giving in to the demon in the critical spirit and self-righteousness. A real danger as well.

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