The Pace of Events, Mary’s Glorious Assumption, and You

I write to you tonight while sitting in a hotel room in my native place, Pennsylvania, with a view of the golden dome of the Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul in Philadelphia.
I’ve been busy. Has anything happened the past couple days? Weeks? Months? Are you getting anxious, feeling like somethings about to break wide open, and not knowing how to prepare?
Well, there’s no shortage of “prepper” posts on this site, both spiritual and material. Have at it.
But might I simply suggest, on this Feast of the Assumption, to meditate on the Fruit of this, the Fourth Glorious Mystery of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary:
A holy and well provided death.
That doesn’t mean surrender, it doesn’t mean hopelessness (God forbid). In fact, it’s an act of faith that is grounded in fortitude and hope. We already know who wins the final battle; we just need to make sure we stay on the winning side. Get on (irony alert) the right side of history, and pray for your Mother to keep you there, until your own particular judgment.
Prepare, and stay battle ready. It’s going to get a lot, lot worse.

3 thoughts on “The Pace of Events, Mary’s Glorious Assumption, and You”

  1. Thank you for these needed words in the dismal times we are experiencing.I feel we are on the cusp of something significant. Time now to grow in fortitude and faith.

    1. Good evening!
      I’m sitting here in the quiet and serenity of Our Lady if Lourdes Church….waiting for the 7:00 pm Mass.
      How can you post something at 9:39 pm when it’s not even 7:00?
      Is this like a forward to the past moment?

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