Fake pope kisses real pope’s Fisherman’s Ring. Also, Leftists gonna Leftist.

I have written previously about Pope Benedict’s decision to retain the Fisherman’s Ring after his faux abdication HERE. At the end of every pontificate, without exception, the ring is smashed… with a special silver hammer that is made for this exact purpose and this purpose only. Several writers described the procedure in the days following the Declaratio. Then Benedict came out and corrected them. Oh no, dear friends, he’s keeping it. Huge red flag, along with retaining the form of address “His Holiness,” and all the other papal vesture, you know, because no other clothes were available.
The occasion itself is also very interesting. Did you know that antipope Bergoglio has always brought his newly minted cardinals in front of Pope Benedict for his blessing? After the first consistory, which Benedict attended in person, Benedict receives the new cardinals at his residence/monastery, where he imparts the his blessing. Could it be any more obvious that he’s not really retired?
2018.06.28 Concistoro CPF

Anyhoo, there’s a lot going on in the world, boys and girls. Some pretty big  SCOTUS wins, the biggest being Kennedy’s retirement. The last few days have seen the Left, with now yet another thing to lose their minds over, descending further into chaos, hypocrisy, and hate. Their only acceptable immigration policy is now we must let everyone in. Most of the bishops are with them. I tried to explain to a liberal friend this week that a sovereign nation has both the right and the duty to regulate immigration. She said that doesn’t matter because these people need us. I said, well we have a formal process for that, and it starts by presenting yourself at a legal border crossing, instead of sneaking in and getting caught. That’s when the shouting started.
It’s going to be a long hot summer, folks. Be prepared.
If you want a glimpse into how far the divide is yet to go, check out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28 year old Latina Democrat in Queens who just beat out the 56 year white guy Democrat Joe Crowley, one of the most powerful congressmen in the House. Her campaign was openly racist, basically claiming she was the better choice because she wasn’t white. She won with virtually zero campaign spending, running on a platform of a federally mandated jobs guarantee, and the abolishment of ICE. Sounds like a pure socialist utopia.
At least the ICE guys would be guaranteed a job in another agency, right?
While Ocasio-Cortez has no chance of being beaten in the General, other Dems in other districts will be hurt as the party turns harder and harder left. That’s a good thing, although this is such a powder keg, I hate to think about what might happen if some sort of trigger event takes place. What I do know, because they write it on twitter using their reals names, is that the left wants you dead. Not silenced, dead. They think you deserve death. it’s right there out in the open.

7 thoughts on “Fake pope kisses real pope’s Fisherman’s Ring. Also, Leftists gonna Leftist.”

  1. Would the real pope please stand up?
    Do you think, in his blackened and shriveled heart of hearts, Bergoglio the Pretender knows – he is not the Pope?
    Excita, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni!

  2. “….the left wants you dead. Not silenced, dead. They think you deserve death. it’s right there out in the open.”
    And then they will stand over our bloody, butchered corpses with the blood-drenched machete in their hands (especially those in the ‘media’), screaming (over their drool) about how we made them do it, and how very VERY much we deserved it, and how very, very, VERY much better off society is without those haters.
    They’re as easy to read as an open book…..watch below from the old movie “The Bad Seed” to see the psychology…..the left; psychopaths…..bad seed, bad root, bad stem, bad flower, bad fruit….just, bad.

    1. BTW….from 3:10 to the end is the super-secret video recording of hillary and comey’s private meeting.

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